Black Clover: Does Yami Die?

Black Clover: Does Yami Die?

As far as Black Clover characters go, Yami Sukehiro is definitely one of the more interesting and popular ones. A member of the famous Yami clan, he was shipwrecked in the Clover Kingdom and became one of its best and most respected warriors. He is the first captain of the Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights and a former member of the Grey Deer squad. Yami has had some major battles over the years, some of which we’ve seen in both the manga and the anime, while some have yet to appear in the latter. But is Yami still alive in Black Clover? This article is going to reveal whether Yami Sukehiro dies on the pages of Black Clover.

Yami is an exceptional character, and although he has had numerous near-death experiences, he is still alive and well on the pages of the Black Clover manga. Yami came the closest to death during his fight with Lucifero, where he ended up being pierced through the torso, but he survived and was saved by his friends and allies, as was confirmed after the battle. We don’t know whether he will survive the story, but he is alive and well at the moment.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Yami Sukehiro’s fate after the tough fight he had against Lucifero. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details, so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers about the current events in the Black Clover manga.

Does Yami die in Black Clover?

In order to fully comprehend why Yami Sukehiro is such a badass character and a character that a lot of fans see dead from time to time, allow us to tell you about his “humble” beginnings in the story. Yami was born in a foreign country that he refers to as the Land of the Rising Sun. During his childhood, he was constantly fishing since his father instilled it in him when he was little.

One day Yami went fishing and found a big wave that destroyed his boat and sank it. When Yami woke up, he arrived at the coast of the Clover Kingdom. Many people discriminated against him for being from another country and considered him dangerous. At the age of 15, Yami received his Grimoire, and many wondered how it was possible for him to obtain one, being a foreigner, and they made fun of him, saying that his magic was garbage, but when they saw that Yami was able to control Dark Magic, they were scared.

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Yami was wandering for a while on the coast until one day, he met Julius Novachrono, who approached him excitedly, asking him if he could see his magic, to which he said no; then Julius proposed to join his Order of Magic Knights, but he refused. Julius proposed to invite him to eat and that he would pay, Yami accepted, making Julius surprised. Yami later joined the Order of Julius, where he met William Vangeance. At some point, Julius was named Wizard King, and Yami, along with William, was named holy captains, and both began to lead their own Order of Magic Knights.

Yami was calmly smoking when Asta bumped into him, getting annoyed, although he later gets annoyed thinking Asta was a rookie. As he is about to teach him a lesson, he is interrupted by Finral and goes to the stands as the exam begins. Later, after seeing Asta’s power, Finral wonders if he created the sword with Creation Magic, something he doesn’t really know because he didn’t show magic power during the tests. Yami denies this and reveals that he has used magic and takes an interest in the young man.

Yami thinks Yuno ought to join Black Bull like the other captains. Later, when it’s Asta’s time, he first walks to the side but then gets up from his seat, claiming that he’s not surprised because Asta doesn’t have magic and that his physical prowess, however remarkable, seems suspect. Asta asserts further that possessing magical skills is essential to being a magical knight.

Asta gets a bit traumatized, and he jumps into the arena to face each other and keeps saying the same thing to him, though it doesn’t seem to work on Asta, who says that he will be a Wizard King no matter what anyone else says. This causes the others to laugh at him, but Yami laughs at what he says and thinks it’s interesting, so he proposes that he join Black Bull to prove to everyone that they were wrong, who accepts. After leaving the bathroom, Asta goes to Yami’s side, who seems to be in a bad mood.

Finral is thrown by Yami into the space he creates to infiltrate the base. Yami welcomes him to the base when he arrives. The next evening, Yami saw Noelle’s power had gone out of control while she was smoking, so she went outside to investigate. Realizing what had happened, he throws Asta in the direction of the wild magic, canceling it with his sword. The next day, Yami gives Asta and Noelle the task of going boar hunting in Soshi Village. The real explanation is that they may now do whatever they want because he lost a bet to an elderly man. They are congratulated by Yami after doing the task, and she then shows them the star Julius Novachrono had given them, giving them a star total of -30.

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As you can see, Yami Sukehiro was never a gimmick character, and that is why we said his beginnings were “humble” instead of humble. He built a reputation of being a badass, and everything he had done from that point onward was simply building on the idea of him being a total badass and a powerful fighter. This is why fans often saw Yami as a character that was likely to die, and the closest he came to die so far was his fight against Lucifero, which we are going to tell you about in the rest of this article.

Death Thrust

Moris further alters the ritual and the tree to enable him to proceed without the Dark Triad now that they have been vanquished. The increased stress rips Yami and William apart. As Black Bull’s base prepares to smash through the lock and enter the underground chamber, Yami stirs. They choose the name Black Bulls in honor of Yami after defeating Moris. Yami hears the Black Bulls calling his name as they speak to him in his dreams and as he awakens. He giggles and inquires if they all have the same opinion of him, which they fervently affirm before he reiterates it.

Moris’ final magic and life are used by Lucifero to speed up the process and open the second gate before he can get to Yami. The corpses of the demons from the first two levels are then combined by Lucifero into one stern, terrible body, drawing Yami and William’s coffins to it. Together, the Black Bulls turn the base into the Ultra Giant Bull, who tries to grab the coffins and remove them, but the monster thwarts their efforts by injuring the base’s arms. The monster is then sliced by Asta’s and Liebe’s Infinite Slash Equinox, who also manage to kill Yami and William while destroying their coffins.

The base extends a plant arm to catch Yami as he falls. Black Bulls from the base charge in and gather around their commander. They appreciate his praise and are happy to see him still alive. The monster, however, emerges in a half-formed state after Lucifero puts the monster’s fragments together to form a body. He then commands everyone to kneel before him, and the strong gravity causes the base to shatter. In order to save Vanessa and Yami, Rouge defies gravity, but as a result, she weakens. Rouge extricates Gray from the wreckage and fixes the harm done to Yami’s body.

William then gives Yami a special Mistilteinn blade that he has imbued with his World Tree power while Patolli, Langris, and William fly over. As compensation for William’s dealings with the elves, Yami accepts the sword and recommends they share a drink when they get back to the Clover Kingdom. Nacht attempts to give his life to stop Lucifero from harming Asta, but Yami steps in the way and blocks the devil’s blow with a wooden sword, saving his vice-captain in the process.

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Yami is impressed as Zora, and Secre leap into the way of Lucifero’s subsequent attack on Asta after the punch knocks Yami and Nacht backward. Nacht begs for Yami to leave him to perish, but Yami declines, as he needs Nacht to assist the others like Morgen, but also because friends don’t need any reason to keep living. While Yami and Nacht disagree over how childlike Yami’s feelings are, they come together to fight the Devil King after recalling how Morgen had stressed out the similarities that exist between the two of them and had been slightly envious of their affinity.

Yami and Nacht return and come to face the Devil when Lucifero cancels out Zora’s devastating double attack, and Yami is inspired by his team’s example. The captain and vice-captain then use their combined magic to turn into a playground for kids and disappear into the shadows. Nacht makes shadow copies of himself and Yami to swarm Lucifero in combination with Slotos, Plumede, and Dark Magic, enhancing their synergy and enabling Yami to defeat the Devil King with her Dark Cloaked Deep Black Blade.

Despite the fact that he only sustained minor wounds, the Devil still plans to exterminate all people using the full force of his semi-manifest form because he is aware that they are stronger than he is. Lucifero’s gravitational field thickens as he changes. Then Yami, Nacht, Asta, and Yuno join the conflict. They all vanish into the darkness as Yami and Nacht’s sorcery envelops Lucifero once more. The Devil, on the other hand, warps space while plucking off Yami and Nacht’s copies and power.

Lucifero stabs Yami and Nacht

As Asta’s overflowing Anti-Magic dispels the darkness around her as she joins with Liebe, Lucifero cowers by her side. The Devil King then attacks Asta and Liebe, but Yami stops him, causing Yami to suffer a broken left arm. Yuno is thanked by Yami for teleporting her to further danger. Then Yuno appears in front of Lucifero and uses a star to throw a shadow behind the demon. From the shadows, Yami and Nacht appear and start hitting the devil with mirror attacks. Yami and Nacht are struck in the chests by Lucifero, who transforms his upper pair of wings into arms.

As Asta and Liebe complete their Unite, Lucifero’s arms are severed, piercing Yami and Nacht as they tumble to the ground. After Asta and Liebe rip him to pieces and their unit comes to an end, Lucifero leaps back up and slams Asta and Liebe onto the ground. Despite suffering severe injuries themselves, Yami and Nacht help them by bursting from the shadows and defying gravity. As Nacht uses Shadow Hands to lift Asta and lifts the Demon Slayer Sword for another stab at Lucifero, Yami learns that the Devil King is terrified of Asta.

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Finally, as Lucifero tries to escape, Yuno teleports the Devil under the wings of Asta’s sword, defeating the Devil King. Yami and Nacht are knocked to the ground together with Lucifero’s body, including the arms in Yami and Nacht’s chests, as Adrammelech steals Lucifero’s heart. Yuno summons Mimosa to heal her, but she lacks the required magic power. Charlotte approaches Yami and declares her love for him. Rouge eventually frees the other Black Bulls from the ruins of the base, and Charmy feeds Mimosa Sheep Cook the enchanted food.

Then Mimosa uses the strongest power she has to offer to save Nacht and Yami. Because Yami praised her for keeping him alive but didn’t hear what she said, Charlotte collapses. Additionally, Yami chastises Asta for breaking his katana but permits Asta to keep it because he now has a backup. The Black Bulls welcome Nacht back and express their appreciation for his aid. A year and three months later, Yami and the other captains attend a special award ceremony for Asta.


And there you go. Yami was on the verge of death, but he survived, as the epilogue of the epic battle revealed. As we have said above, Yami is built on the idea of a badass fighter who is ready to face even the toughest of opponents, no matter the odds. Lucifero was definitely an opponent above Yami, and although he and Nacht definitely had a chance against him, he ultimately defeated them and almost killed them. Luckily for Yami’s fans and the storyline, Yami survived, as was witnessed in the epilogue of the fight.

Now, at this moment, we cannot say whether Yami is going to die or not before the manga is over. Knowing shonen traditions, Yami is definitely one of the most likely candidates to kick the bucket before the grand finale, but that doesn’t have to be true, and we might actually see him survive. Black Clover is still not that close to being over, so we don’t know how many twists and turns we are going to see before the end, so Yami’s fate might actually surprise us in the end. Whatever happens, we’ll have to wait a bit to see how Yami ends his Black Clover journey.

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