Black Frieza vs. Gohan Beast: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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The most surprising detail that fans of the Dragon Ball manga were able to see was the arrival of Black Frieza during the conclusion of the Granolah the Survivor Saga, as we were able to see him killing Gas in an instant. Nevertheless, we all know that Gohan Beast is probably the strongest character we have seen in the anime form of Dragon Ball, as he made quick work of Cell Max. So, in a fight between Black Frieza and Gohan Beast, who would win?

Black Frieza is most likely going to defeat Gohan Beast. That’s because Gohan Beast is likely at the level of Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta. However, Black Frieza knocked them both out with a single punch to their guts, as it is possible that he would do the same to Gohan Beast.

Gohan Beast is indeed strong and is likely at a level that would allow him to defeat Broly or even contend with the most powerful forms of both Goku and Vegeta in the manga. But Black Frieza showed up and simply outclassed everyone else, as it is clear that this villain has reached a power level that makes him the ultimate threat in Universe 7. That said, let’s look at this battle closer.

Power Level

We cannot simply scale power level in terms of numbers in Dragon Ball because this has been thrown away a while back due to how outrageous the power levels have become. Nevertheless, we can scale through comparison, and that is how we are going to see how strong Black Frieza is. He became so strong after training in a different dimension for ten years that he made quick work of Gas, who was supposedly the strongest mortal in Universe 7. To be far stronger than the strongest, Frieza’s power level might be ridiculously high at this point.

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Gohan Beast’s power level is also quite immeasurable, especially after he simply tanked and shrugged off Cell Max’s strongest punch. As such, considering that Akira Toriyama hinted that not even Broly could beat Cell Max, we are of the opinion that Gohan Beast is far stronger than Broly and might be at the level of Ultra Instinct Goku or Ultra Ego Vegeta. This means that Gohan Beast is on an extremely high power level right now.

While it might be true that Gohan Beast is extremely powerful and could contend with Goku and Vegeta in their strongest form, let’s not forget that Black Frieza is on an even higher tier compared to those characters.

Black Frieza 1, Gohan Beast 0

Techniques and Abilities

One of the things that Black Frieza has been known for is his vast array of offensive techniques and abilities that allow him to instantly kill his opponents. He is well-known for powerful Death Beams that allow him to easily pierce through his opponents and kill them. Frieza is already known for being able to use Death Saucers that could slice through his opponents. And while he can also use psychic abilities to his advantage, his signature move is his Death Ball, which is the attack he uses to destroy planets.

death ball

Gohan Beast isn’t as well-rounded as his father in terms of the techniques that he possesses, but he is a good blend of Goku and Piccolo. On top of the fact that he has the staple Kamehameha attack, Gohan also possesses most of Piccolo’s offensive moves, such as Masenko and Special Beam Cannon. Gohan is also an expert martial artist that may not be at the level of Goku but is still strong enough to the point that he can defeat any opponent with his physical attacks alone.


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While Gohan Beast is indeed very capable of performing a lot of different attacks, we all know that Black Frieza’s array of offensive moves is quite vast. As such, he takes this round simply because he has a lot of different ways to kill his opponents.

Black Frieza 2, Gohan Beast 0


When Frieza was born, he was already a genius in the sense that he was born with an innate power that he knew how to fully utilize. That’s why, before his resurrection, he had never trained a day in his life, as he was already quite strong when he was born. Despite that, Black Frieza took him a while to actually become incredibly powerful as he needed to stay in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for ten years to surpass Goku and Vegeta.

Gohan, on the other hand, wasn’t born incredibly powerful but had innate potential. In fact, he has often been considered the strongest fighter on Earth if he had the same kind of love for the battle that either Goku or Vegeta had. Gohan Beast is, in fact, the culmination of Gohan’s innate potential as he became incredibly powerful when he was able to unlock this form and make use of the potential that he had.


In terms of power, Gohan is pure potential, as he needs to be pushed to the limits of his emotions to become incredibly powerful. On the other hand, Frieza has an incredibly high floor, but his ceiling probably isn’t as high as Gohan, considering that he needed to train for ten years.

Black Frieza 2, Gohan Beast 1


Frieza has been around for a very long time because we know for a fact that he ruled the universe as a tyrant for as long as the series has been going around. In fact, he was the new ruler of the universe during the time when Goku and Vegeta were still babies. Of course, while he often leaves the smaller jobs to his minions, Frieza steps up when he needs to, as seen from the fact that he faced Piccolo, Vegeta, and Goku during the events of the Namek arc.

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Gohan might have experienced a lot of fighting during his younger years, but he eventually started focusing his life on his scholarly pursuits, especially during the time skip between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga. In that regard, he isn’t the most experienced fighter on Earth, although he did experience a lot of fighting during his younger years. Had he loved fighting as much as his father did, he might have been incredibly experienced by the time he achieved Gohan Beast.


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While Gohan might have been fighting since his childhood years, he was quite rusty by the time he achieved his Beast form, and that means that he isn’t the most experienced fighter in the storyline. On the other hand, Frieza has constantly tried to improve to finally get his revenge on Goku.

Black Frieza 3, Gohan Beast 1


While Frieza himself hasn’t had the most impressive feats in the anime, it was during the Granolah the Survivor Saga in the manga that he accomplished some of the greatest feats ever. He killed Gas, who was the strongest mortal in Universe 7, in an instant while he was Black Frieza. Then, using the same form, he took out Goku and Vegeta with a single strike, even though the two were able to achieve their strongest forms.

frieza gas

Gohan Beast’s greatest feat was the fact that he was the one who defeated Cell Max, who he thought neither Goku nor Vegeta would have been able to defeat at that time. However, Goku and Vegeta were yet to master their Ultra forms at that time, as Gohan Beast was most likely stronger than they were when Gohan first achieved this form. So, with that said, his greatest feat was defeating the greatest threat in the anime at the time he unlocked his Beast form.

It might be quite impressive that Gohan Beast was able to defeat Cell Max, but the more impressive feat was the fact that Black Frieza defeated both Goku and Vegeta in their Ultra forms after he defeated Gas. As such, feat-wise, he is the most powerful character in Dragon Ball today.

Black Frieza 4, Gohan Beast 1

Black Frieza vs. Gohan Beast: Who Would Win In A Fight

When Gohan Beast was unveiled in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he was indeed quite strong because he defeated Cell Max with a single Special Beam Canon after tanking the gigantic monster’s punch. But the fact that Black Frieza defeated the strongest mortal in Universe 7 only proves that he is much stronger than Gohan Beast, who might be at a level that’s closer to either Goku or Vegeta in their respective Ultra forms.

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