Blue Superheroes: Top 25 Who Are (or Wear) Blue

Blue Superheroes

Superheroes come in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. However, it just seems that some colors dominate when compared to others, and blue is certainly right near the top of that list.

The Fantastic Four, Superman, Captain America… the list goes on and on. That got me thinking – who are the best superheroes ever created to wear blue – or be blue themselves? Don’t worry; I got you – here’s a list of the 25 best superheroes who are – or wear – blue.

25. Lying Cat

blue lying cat

Lying Cat might not be the most famous character on this list, nor the biggest superhero, but it’s just too epic and too dear to me not to be included. Lying Cat comes from Saga from Image Comics as a big, hairless, alien sphynx cat that’s more of a sidekick than a superhero.

Lying Cat’s only superpower – apart from being an awesome alien cat – is that she can instantly tell when someone’s lying. She usually calls them out right away, simply telling them, “Lying.” You’d think such a simple catchphrase gets old with time, but it’s a punchline that made me laugh or at least giggle about a million times.

24. Rick Jones (A-Bomb)

blue rick jones

Rick Jones is known as the ultimate sidekick, and he usually doesn’t have superpowers of his own. He was an incredibly brave – borderline reckless – teenager who entered a military facility, not knowing what was happening inside. Bruce Banner saw him and saved him from the Gamma explosion that ultimately turned him into the Hulk.

Rick never forgave himself and vowed to help Bruce and other heroes for the rest of his life. When he got Gamma powers and turned into A-Bomb, he was powerful enough to battle the Red Hulk and had similar powers to the Incredible Hulk himself.

23. Nebula

blue nebula

There are several characters on this list that walk a tight rope between being a hero and a villain – and Nebula is certainly one of them. However, after the MCU version popularized the character even further, I couldn’t leave her out of the list.

Nebula has incredible powers that mostly come from the cybernetic and bionic enhancements that she got as a result of her “father,” Thanos, experimenting on her. For a while, Nebula was loyal to the Mad Titan before turning to the good side, doing everything in her power to change who Thanos made her believe she was. 


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There’s also a Nebula comic book series which I highly recommend for you to check out.

22. Yondu Udonta

blue yondu

Similar to Nebula, Yondu wasn’t always the hero we now know and love. Still, the MCU version made him into such an iconic, beloved character that he deserves a spot. Yondu is the leader of the Ravagers team that travels the galaxy and collects bounties.

In the comics, Yondu was the founder of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, and just like the MCU version, he had the awesome mohawk that allowed him to control an arrow with a whistle. 

In the MCU, he raised the orphaned Peter Quill, and god damn, no matter how many times I watch the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the quote “He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn’t your daddy” always hits me like a ton of bricks.

21. Sonic The Hedgehog

blue sonic hedgehog

Surprise, surprise! Not all the superheroes are from Marvel or DC. Well, most of the good ones are, but still. Now, Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared on the classic arcade platform video game, but the Sonic comics came out only about a year later, in 1992, and have been coming out ever since. 

Sonic is my favorite childhood hero, and if you don’t have him on your top blue superhero list, you can’t be my friend. Anyways, Sonic is an alien hedgehog that can run faster than sound – sometimes even faster than light, and does everything in his power to restore peace in the universe and continually defeat Doctor Eggman, the evil guy always trying to mess stuff up.

20. Stargirl

blue stargirl

I was a bit confused with Stargirl’s origins the first time I’ve encountered the character in DC Comics, but Courtney Whitmore turned out to be an awesome character. Her stepdad, Pat Dugan, was a WWII war hero who had a partner called Star-Spangled Kid. Courtney found Kid’s awesome Cosmic Convert Belt and quickly became Star-Spangled Kid herself.


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She was later renamed Stargirl, after obtaining the Cosmic Rod from Jack Knight, aka Starman. Stargirl has awesome powers that include flight, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, star-shooting, energy manipulation, etc. She’d be higher on this list if her powers came from within, but without the cosmic artifact, Stargirl is powerless.

19. Dex-Starr

blue dex starr

I’m a huge cat lover, so Dex-Starr’s story was just heartbreaking to me. Well, at least before he became Dex-Starr, one of the Red Lanterns. He was just a regular cat named Dexter that had a deep, loving bond with his owner. One night, two burglars entered their home, and despite Dexter clawing and jawing, his owner was brutally murdered, leaving Dexter devastated.

Then the investigators came and threw Dexter out, saying he’ll mess up the crime scene. Cold and alone, he barely found shelter to sleep when two hooligans found him in a sack and threw him in the river. Atrocitus felt his rage, sadness, and pain, so he saved Dexter, turned him into a Red Lantern, and named him Dex-Starr.

The superpowered kitty’s rage fueled him to find the hoodlums who threw him into the river and slew them. Then, he flew back to his home to cuddle with his owner’s lifeless body in tears, saying: “I find who hurt you. I kill. I good kitty.” Dex-Starr a good kitty, indeed.

18. Blue Beetle

blue beetle

As much as I love cats, I hate bugs, so Blue Beetle isn’t exactly my favorite superhero. Still, it’s a classic character with awesome powers, and several people had the mantle over the years, so a spot on this list was practically guaranteed.

So, anybody who has the blue scarab in their possession becomes the Blue Beetle. The creators of the artifact didn’t exactly have good intentions, but after Blue Beetle figured that out, he used the powers to stop their evil plans.

The Blue Beetle has numerous powers, including the Scarab Sight, energy manipulation, heavy armor and durability, superhuman strength, flight, and more.

17. Blue Devil

blue devil

Hard to believe that a character named Blue Devil is a hero, right? Well, he is and has a sidekick called the Red Devil. He’s basically the DC version of Johnny Blaze, making a deal with the devil to become an actual demon but gaining incredible superpowers in exchange.


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Blue Devil has the Trident of Lucifer and uses it to banish demons and other hell-spawn from Earth. His actions often flirted between good and evil, but as a member of the Justice League and the Sentinels of Magic, Blue Devil eventually proved his goodness by sacrificing himself and his soul to save the lives of numerous others.

16. Killer Frost

blue killer frost

Killer Frost was more often a villain than a superhero, but it’s not about how you start, but how you finish, right? There were three different Killer Frosts over the years. Some were heroes, some villains, but ultimately had very similar powers – just used them in different ways.

The last Killer Frost’s name was Caitlin Snow, and she was a scientist with cryogenic powers that turned her body blue. As the name suggests, Killer Frost’s abilities include complete control over ice and frost.

15. Iceman

blue iceman

Iceman isn’t one of the most popular Marvel characters, but comic book fans know how important he is for several reasons. First of all, he is one of the founding members of the X-Men. Second of all, despite some recent changes, Iceman was one of the first gay superhero characters in comics.

Bobby Drake, which is Iceman’s real name, has incredible powers, too. His mutation allows him to turn into solid ice. Iceman can control, create, and disperse ice and snow and change the environment to freezing temperatures at will.

14. Quicksilver

blue quicksilver

We’ve already seen countless versions of Quicksilver, both in the comics and on the big screen. Pietro Maximoff is Wanda Maximoff’s (Scarlet Witch) brother. Both of them are mutants and members of the X-Men team. Quicksilver is probably Marvel’s most well-known speedster.

His speed is incredible, as Quicksilver can move so fast that it almost seems that time froze around him. Also, many comic versions of Pietro have strong healing abilities, making him that much harder to hurt. 


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In the X-Men movies, the character was portrayed by Evan Peters (who reprised the role in MCU’s WandaVision), whereas in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the role went to Aaron Tyler-Johnson.

13. The Atom

blue atom

The Atom is an old-school character, first appearing all the way back in Showcase #34, in a title called Borth of the Atom! In 1961. Yeah, Marvel and DC have many similar characters in their galleries, and often they “steal” ideas from one another. The Atom is kind of like DC’s version of Ant-Man. Well, actually, it’s the other way around, since Atom came first, a year before Ant-Man.

Ray Palmer, aka the Atom, can shrink to tiny sizes while retaining his full mass, virtually turning him into a deadly projectile. He was a member of the Justice Like, just like Ant-Man was a member of the Avengers. Also, the Atom found a way to go sub-atomic, entering DC’s version of the Quantum Realm. Basically, he’s Ant-Man, but in blue.

12. Nocturne

blue nocturne

Nocturne wasn’t born in the Earth-616 universe, but since she joined the Exiles, she could travel between universes, so she visited the main Marvel universe numerous times. Her real name is Talia Josephine Wagner, better known as T.J. Nocturne originated on Earth-2182 as the daughter of Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler. Yeah, she has awesome powers.

Those powers include telepathy, body possessions, shooting hex bolts and powerful energy blasts, and much more. Her physiology gives Nocturne heightened strength, agility, and reflexes, and she later developed strong psychic protection and telepathic resistance.

11. Blue Marvel

blue marvel

Blue Marvel is one of the most underrated Marvel characters ever created. Not only are his physical powers outstanding, but he’s also one of the most brilliant minds on Earth. Adam Bernard first appeared in 2008, which is quite recent for comic book character standards.


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Bernard was in the Marin Corps before gaining the powers that gave him flight, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. If you haven’t read Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel mini-series from 2008, I strongly recommend you do so as soon as possible.

10. Blue Lanterns

blue lantern saint

When I say Blue Lanterns, I’m primarily referring to their leader, Saint Walker, but the entire Blue Lantern Corps deserve a spot on this list. The creators of the Blue Power Ring set it out into space on a quest to find a wielder, and it ended up in Saint’s hands. 

He was an alien who tried climbing Mount Helious with his family, but all of them died along the way, trying to find God’s Messiah. As it turned out, Walker WAS the Messiah and the first member of the Blue Lantern Corps that would eventually save the universe.

His powers include empathy and emotion manipulation, energy manipulation & absorption, light projection, flight, and much, much more.

9. Doctor Manhattan

blue doctor manhattan

If Doctor Manhattan were a true hero, he’d probably be number one on this list. However, he doesn’t really care about humankind or about being a hero, so despite his unfathomable powers, I can’t place doctor Manhattan any higher on this list. If you watched the Watchmen movie (pun intended), you’d remember him as somewhat of a villain.

Anyways, Doctor Manhattan is insanely powerful, to the point where there really isn’t much he cannot do. After being caught in a radioactive particle testing site, he gained powers such as agility, energy manipulation, dimensional manipulation and traveling, immortality, super-genius intellect, magic, precognition… The list is endless.

Due to all those powers, he outgrew humanity and quickly lost interest in it, seeing it as hopeless, so he decided to go live on Mars.

8. Supergirl

blue supergirl

Supergirl is an awesome character, virtually having the same powers as her cousin, Clark Kent, aka Superman. She first appeared in Action Comics #252 in 1959 as Kara Zor El, or Kara Danvers, as was her Earth name. She was actually sent to Earth from Krypton to save baby Superman, but her rocket was shot off course, and she never made it to Earth.


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After a long time, adult Superman found her and saved her, and she became Supergirl after she came with Kal El to Earth. Essentially, they have the same physiology, so they also have the same powers, but Superman was around a yellow sun longer, so his powers are still stronger.

As cool as Supergirl is, she isn’t quite a household name as Supes, but certainly deserving of such a high spot on this list.

7. Mystique

blue mystique

Another character that tiptoes between villainy and heroism is Mystique, a well-known X-Men member that went rogue more times than we can count. Still, it seems as if she always finds a way to redeem herself, so Mystique certainly deserves a spot on this list. 

Her powers are insane, as Mystique can become anyone at any given moment. Her shapeshifting includes the person’s skills and abilities, and we rarely see her in her natural blue form. I love Mystique as a character and believe it’s one of the best-developed Marvel characters ever, which is why I gave her such a high ranking.

6. Nightcrawler

blue nightcrawler

Nightcrawler is another member of the X-Men that, when you see him at first, you would never say was actually a good guy. He even has the pointy tail like a demon, but he couldn’t be further from it, actually. In fact, despite his menacing appearance, Nightcrawler is quite religious.

He’s Mystique’s son, if you didn’t know, and has absolutely insane abilities, such as teleportation, night vision, superhuman agility, and more. Kurt was my favorite character from the X-Men movies because I loved the narrative around the character, suggesting that you should never judge a book by its covers.

5. Beast

blue beast

Hank McCoy, aka Beast, is another X-Men mutant playing into that same narrative as Nightcrawler – don’t judge a book by its covers. When you see Beast and hear that name alone, you’d think he’s just a dumb, fierce, bloodthirsty creature that would be nothing more than sheer brute force on any team. And, you’d be incredibly wrong.


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Despite his exterior – a huge body coated with blue fur, fangs, and claws, Hank is one of the smartest people in the world. Beast is a brilliant scientist, up to par with Bruce Banner or Tony Stark, and is also a strong political activist, fighting for mutant rights.

4. Nightwing

blue nightwing

Now, many might not agree with me placing Nightwing so high on this list, but hear me out. Dick Grayson was first known as Batman’s sidekick and the initial Robin – the sidekick of all sidekicks. 

Despite not having any particular superpowers, apart from intense training, peak conditioning, and incredible martial arts skills, Dick grew into one of the most influential figures in DC Comics. He left Batman’s shadow and became Nightwing, leaving the Robin mantle to other guys such as Jason Todd and Tim Drake.

As Nightwing, Dick became a superhero of his own, being the night guardian of Bludhaven, leader and founder of the Teen Titans, and a long-term ally of the Justice League – all that without any incredible superpowers and stepping out of Batman’s shadow. If that doesn’t grant you a top-five spot on this list, I don’t know what does!

3. Fantastic Four

blue fantastic four

I was thinking about putting each of the members of the Fantastic Four on this list separately, but then it would take me four spots, so we’d have to toss some epic characters out. Hence, the entire Fantastic Four gets the number three spot on the list. They are known as Marvel’s first superhero family, each having unique powers of their own.

Their leaders have to be Mr. Fantastic, aka Reed Richards, and Invisible Woman, aka Sue Storm, his wife. The entire team, however, is as iconic as they get, battling cosmic-level threats and saving the universe, let alone Earth, countless times. The Fantastic Four can easily go up to par with the Avengers or the Justice League as one of the best superhero teams ever created.

2. Captain America

blue captain america

Of course, Cap was always going to be this high on the list. To me, he’d be this high on any superhero list he fits the criteria for. Captain America is one of the best superheroes ever created – especially after Chris Evans’ spectacular portrayal in the MCU.

Steve Rogers underwent the Super Soldier Serum experiments and became a peak human being in every category imaginable, from physical attributes to mental state and moral compass. He hardly ever does the wrong thing – Cap always aims to do what’s right, even if it turns out bad for him.


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Steve is a phenomenal leader and a motivator with an indomitable will that leads by example, not by order. And, don’t even get me started on how iconic Cap’s vibranium shield is. He’d be number one, definitely, if only there weren’t for the number one guy on this list.

1. Superman

blue superman

It could never be anyone else, am I right? Superman is the definition of the word superhero for most people, and that’s never going to change. Clark Kent is one of the most powerful superheroes ever, donning his signature blue and red suit and being perfectly good. Imagine what it would be like for Earth if Supes were a bad guy?

He has unlimited superhuman strength, speed, durability (borderline invulnerability), stamina, agility, alight with flight, ocular powers (heat, micro/macroscopic, X-ray, infrared vision), freeze/wind breath, and more. He has been the main guy in countless comics, movies, TV shows, animated series, and games.

As the most popular superhero ever created, the number one spot on this list could have belonged to nobody else. Superman is the best (blue) superhero ever created.

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