Broly vs. Kale: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

Broly vs. Kale: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

Seeing two martial arts experts fight each other is always very special. Now, when the world of Dragon Ball is concerned, the comparison becomes even more interesting. Why? Well, the characters from Toriyama’s magnum opus are amazing and powerful fighters, and the series as a whole contains some of the most intriguing fights in the history of anime. In this article, we are going to analyze one fight that happened in the series, and through it, we are going to tell you whether Kale could defeat Broly in a direct fight.

From what we’ve seen, Broly is one of the series’ strongest characters, and he would be able to defeat Kale in a direct fight. Kale was an interesting addition to the series, but she is nowhere near Broly’s level, although she was able to cause problems for Goku. Broly is an animal and from that aspect, Kale would definitely lose in a fight against him.

The rest of the article will be about comparing the two selected strong characters from Dragon Ball. You’re going to find out who Broly and Kale are, as well as what their exact powers and abilities are. In the end, based on what we have presented earlier, we will give our final verdict on who the stronger of the two characters is.

How powerful is Broly?

Broly is one of the few surviving purebred Saiyan males from the planet Vegeta of Universe 7, the biological son of Paragus and reputed as a legendary Saiyan mutant in his universe, existing as the Universe 7 male counterpart of Kale. He was banished at an early age from his home planet by order of King Vegeta, who sent the young Saiyan to another border world known as Vampa when he was very young because he was envious that he was more powerful than Prince Vegeta IV, which caused a deep grudge in his father against the king and his family.

Broly transformando

His power and strength far outstrip those of the average Saiyan. This extremely high level of strength enraged King Vegeta, who exiled him from Planet Vegeta and sent him to a distant planet because he was jealous that Broly had a power level of over 10,000 units as a newborn baby, surpassing Prince Vegeta, his precious son.

When his strength increases dramatically in a short period of time, he begins to scream incessantly because his power is causing excruciating pain in his body. Goku is surprised by his level of fighting after the events of the film and even suggests that Broly could be stronger than even the God of Destruction Beerus.


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As a result of his restraints through a special accessory, Broly’s base form is extremely weak. But when transforming into the Super Saiyan A-type, he was stated to be capable of destroying the South Galaxy even when his restraints are worn. His restrained Super Saiyan A-form even gave Goku (in base form) a very hard time fighting him. Also, in this same restrained form, Broly’s ki can already be sensed at Kami’s Lookout on Planet Earth, showing a huge potential at this point already. However, Goku has not learned Godly Ki at this point.

But things change drastically when the restraints are removed. He successfully beat Vegeta in Super Saiyan Second Grade form when in full power in his Super Saiyan A-form. He is also extremely tough, able to withstand several attacks from Vegeta in his said form without being hurt or flinching. Fighting him is difficult even for Goku in his Super Saiyan Form.

When Broly began using his famous Legendary Super Saiyan Form, things became much more serious, especially since Goku had not yet attained Godly Ki. Both in Super Saiyan forms, Goku and his son Gohan struggled to defeat the Legendary Super Saiyan. Piccolo struggled to defeat Broly’s ultimate form in his Super Namekian form, Vegeta in Super Saiyan Second Grade, and Future Trunks in the same form.

In his Legendary Super Saiyan form, Broly can easily avoid most of their attacks. To make matters worse, they did no damage despite pummeling him with punches and kicks, forcing Broly to live up to his title. Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, and Gohan collaborated to transfer their spirit power to Goku to defeat him. They would have been wiped out if they hadn’t done this.

Broly gained more Saiyan power in his second film appearance, granting him access to the Super Saiyan C-type and a significant advantage in battle. As a result, he easily defeated Gohan in Super Saiyan 2 form. By using the Family Kamehameha, Goku, Gohan (both in their Super Saiyan 2 forms), and Super Saiyan, Goten could only push (rather than destroy) Broly towards the sun.

This demonstrates Broly’s incredible durability at this point, as he was only pushed. If Broly had faced Goku in this state, Goku might have been defeated. He also has extremely high stamina and can keep himself alive even when stabbed directly through the heart. All these achievements made fans wonder if Goku could defeat Broly when Goku could only achieve Super Saiyan 2 if they fought one-on-one.

How strong is Kale?

Kale, also known as the Demon Saiyan, is a female Saiyan from Universe 6’s Planet Sadala, a protégé of Caulifla, and a participant in the Tournament of Strength as part of Champa’s Universe 6 Team. She is regarded as the Legendary Saiyan of her universe, a demon Saiyan who appears every thousand years to cause destruction at the cost of her own life, existing as Broly’s Universe 6 female counterpart. She is a character who first appears in the Universal Survival Arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga.


After a brief exchange, she was able to overpower Cabba in her Out of Control state, forcing him to return to his base state without seeing the next attacks. Caulifla was shown to be capable of deflecting an attack from her at that point in the series in Super Saiyan 2. Later in the Tournament of Strength, in a fit of rage, she easily defeated Son Goku Super Saiyan 2 and was even tough enough to survive a Kamehameha from him in Super Saiyan Blue and later subdue him with its simple strength. Even so, Jiren’s Power Slam on Kale was enough to knock her unconscious and return her to her base state.


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Kale in Super Saiyan 2 becomes significantly stronger than in her previous form, allowing her to dominate a fatigued Son Goku Super Saiyan 2 as well as a team attack formation with Caulifla Super Saiyan 2, forcing him to use Super Saiyan God, who, even though they were both able to fight him off for a while, is still on a scale completely beyond Kale’s reach in this state.

Caulifla in Super Saiyan is much more powerful than Son Goku during the Namek incident, according to Frieza, but Kale, in her base form is even more powerful. Her first act of strength was removing a pendant from Cabba, who was in full Super Saiyan mode. In his Super Saiyan Out of Control form, he easily defeats Golden Frieza. He eliminates Anilaza, Obuni, Saonel, and Pilina in a single blow and charges the incredibly heavy Auta Magetta (weighing a thousand tons), which Vegeta could not charge while Super Saiyan).

Broly vs. Kale: Who would win?

And now for our article’s most important and interesting section – the analysis. Here, we will use what we have learned about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.

This was, at least on paper, a relatively interesting comparison because Kale seems to have the same source of powers as Broly and the same status within her own Universe. But that was only on paper. Namely, the difference in power between Broly and Kale is so big that this was not even a serious match-up. This was quite obvious from the beginning, and we did not need a category-by-category comparison to confirm what we have said, i.e., that Broly is so much more powerful than Kale.


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Kale is a powerful and skilled fighter. We cannot deny that. She has the power to transform into Kefla, who is even stronger, and Broly certainly wouldn’t come out unscathed from this fight. But, ultimately, when it would come down to who would win, there is absolutely no denying that Broly is so many levels above Kale. He is a beast, a complete animal whose raw power is able to match that of the Gods of Destruction, a feat that even Goku was not capable of before his training with Whis. This is why Kale wouldn’t really stand much chance and why this was one of the easier comparisons we have done here on the site.

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