‘Castlevania’: Alucard and Maria’s Relationship Explained

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We know that Alucard was the biggest twist in ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ as this animated series allowed us to see the return of the iconic dhampir. We also know that Maria is a central figure in the storyline of ‘Nocturne’ because she and Richter grew up together and often worked with one another to defeat the vampires plaguing their townspeople. But while Alucard and Maria have not had any meaningful interactions in ‘Nocturne,’ the game has allowed us to see them having plenty of moments with one another. So, what is Maria’s relationship with Alucard?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the game, Alucard and Maria met one another inside Dracula’s castle while they were both trying to solve the mystery behind its reappearance.
  • After working together to save Richter and defeat Shaft and Dracula, Maria convinced Alucard to stay after developing feelings for him.
  • Alucard started developing feelings for Maria over a year after they started living together.

Were Alucard and Maria together in the games?

The entire ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ series allowed us to meet Maria Renard, who we know is one of the most important characters of the series as it moves forward. Of course, Maria is so important because she is Richter Belmont’s ally, and her mother got involved in the entire mess surrounding the Abbot and Erzsebet Bathory.

We also know that the ending of season 1 of ‘Nocturne’ allowed us to see the return of Alucard, whom we last saw during the ending of the original ‘Castlevania’ series. Alucard arrived in time to save Richter and his allies from getting killed by Drolta. And because Alucard appeared at the end of the first season, we weren’t able to see him and Maria having any meaningful moments because Maria was unconscious the entire time due to her injuries.


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But in the events of the video games, Alucard’s relationship with Maria had more meaning behind it. And this is something that fans may have forgotten because several years may have passed since the last time they played ‘Castlevania: Symphony of the Night,’ which thrust Alucard into a starring role.

In that game, Alucard had to traverse Dracula’s castle, which reappeared years after Richter Belmont defeated and killed the king of vampires. Alucard investigated the circumstances behind the return of the mysterious castle, only for him to eventually run into a vampire huntress named Maria Renard, who was also investigating the castle after the disappearance of Richter, who was her good friend and distant relative.

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Alucard and Maria earn one another’s trust while in Dracula’s castle. However, they both decided to go through separate routes in the castle. Nevertheless, they reunited again when Alucard faced off against Richter in the Castle Keep. Richter, under the influence of the dark priest Shaft, had become the new lord of the castle. 

After defeating Richter and breaking him out of Shaft’s spell, Alucard allows Maria to carry him out of the castle. However, Alucard needed to chase Shaft into the inverted castle so that he could end things once and for all.


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Alucard successfully finished his task of defeating his father in the inverted castle. He could exit the castle safely as he reunited with Maria and Richter at a ridge that was safely away from the crumbling castle. Alucard, however, bid his new allies farewell because he knew that his blood was cursed and that the world was better off without him. 

Maria, however, had formed an attachment to Alucard after working with him in the castle. She developed feelings for him and wanted to convince him to stay. With Richter’s blessing, Maria decided to go look for Alucard to convince him to stay.

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In the radio drama ‘Castlevania: Nocturne of Recollection,’ Maria convinced Alucard to stay. They started living together, and this went on for about a year. However, because Alucard was still struggling with his identity as Dracula’s son and the fact that he had to kill his father, he was emotionally distant towards Maria, who cared for him and showed her affection in any way she could.

But there was an instance wherein Maria got in a lot of trouble as Alucard was forced to take action against the people behind her brush with death. It was the fact that Maria almost died that Alucard was able to realize his own emotions toward her. Alucard apologized to Maria, who accepted it wholeheartedly. However, after that, it was never established whether or not they both lived happily ever after.

Will Alucard and Maria get together in ‘Castlevania: Nocturne?’

As established, Alucard and Maria had a seemingly romantic relationship that was never confirmed in the games and the radio drama. Maria was in love with Alucard, whose emotional state was not in the best shape because he had to kill his father. And while Alucard did indeed learn to appreciate Maria more, it was never established whether or not he fell for her.

‘Castlevania: Nocturne,’ of course, will have the opportunity to try to explore this relationship. But the difference is that the story is no longer the same as the one we saw in the video game. This means that the dynamic between the two characters might change, especially now that Maria is in a poor emotional state after her mother was turned into a vampire after she sacrificed herself for the sake of her daughter.


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Alucard’s appearance at the end of the first season means he will help Richter, Maria, and their other allies fight against Bathory and the vampires working under her. But we aren’t sure how ‘Nocturne’ will try to explore the dynamic between Alucard and Maria. It is possible that Maria would lean toward Alucard because Alucard had to kill his father in the past. There is a good chance he will serve as the emotional rock who understands more than anyone else what Maria needs to do regarding her mother’s current vampiric state.

If that’s the case, then there’s a chance that the relationship between the characters would have a clear starting point. But the problem is that Maria is only 16 in the current timeline, whereas Alucard is already over three centuries old. So, if Netflix wants to introduce a romantic relationship between Alucard and Maria, it would have to happen after a time skip years after the initial meeting between the characters so that there would be no problems regarding a romantic relationship between a 300-year-old dhampir and a teenage girl.

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