Demon Slayer: Are Nezuko & Sanemi in Love? Relationship Explained!

Demon Slayer: Are Nezuko & Sanemi in Love? Relationship Explained!

The term “ship” in terms of anime is actually a shortened version of the word “relationship” and represents fan-based relationships between the characters in the series. So, if you think that two characters would be great as a couple, you’re “shipping” them together. As far as Demon Slayer is concerned, the series itself has many ships, and while some were confirmed to be canon, others are quite ridiculous. The ship we will discuss belongs to the latter group and involves Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira, and Nezuko Kamado, the show’s female protagonist. In this article, you will find out whether Sanemi likes Nezuko and the actual nature of their relationship.

Sanemi Shinazugawa does not like Nezuko Kamado, and knowing how the two started makes this ship one of the more twisted ones out there. Sanemi detested Nezuko and wanted to kill her because she was a Demon, and he had a personality that was completely incompatible with Nezuko’s. And while he will grow to like and respect her before the end of the manga, there is no chance of a romantic ship between them.

The rest of this article will explore the nature of the relationship between Sanemi Shinazugawa, the Wind Hashira, and Nezuko Kamado, the show’s female protagonist. We will explore Sanemi’s and Nezuko’s personalities in more detail, as well as the nature of their relationship in the world of Demon Slayer. This article won’t contain too many spoilers, but still, be careful how you approach it if you don’t know the whole story.

Sanemi and Nezuko had completely incompatible personalities in every aspect

Sanemi Shinazugawa was the Wind Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. He is Gen’ya’s older brother, with a violent and brutal personality hiding inside a scarred body. As he was the one who was most openly opposed to accepting the Kamado siblings in the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps.

He takes the initiative to tempt Nezuko by brutally wounding her with the blade of his Nichirin Sword — while she is helpless in her box — then slashing himself with his own weapon to induce her demonic hunger with his special blood and demonstrate that she would only be a devourer of humans like the others.

Tanjirō impressed the Hashira by standing up to him to protect his sister (while he had his hands tied behind his back and on the ground), taking advantage of the situation to break free using one of his masterful headbutts.


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Beyond his strong and intractable character and his outbursts, he seems to carry as much weight as the others in decisions. Also, he knows how to show reverence and respect towards someone: their superior, Ubuyashiki.

But, there is quite a tragic story hidden behind this scarred boy and his lack of contact with his brother (namely, Sanemi openly states that he has no brother, despite Gen’ya trying to approach him), related to their childhoods and the death of their mother, but you can read about that in our other articles.

Like that of her older brother Tanjiro, Nezuko’s original human demeanor was that of a good and compassionate girl who put others before herself. She was also a good older sister to her younger siblings, frequently prioritizing their needs before her own. Nezuko, despite having returned to a human state, isn’t hesitant to put herself in danger in order to defend her comrades from demons.

After Tanjiro apologizes to her, Nezuko’s human and unassuming character is further demonstrated to support this truth. She believes humans to be part of her family even though she is a demon, and this is mostly because of the impact Sakonji Urokodaki had on her while she was dormant for two years.

Although she is still far more composed and benign than most demons, Nezuko does still exhibit certain human emotions. She has been observed crying in times of sadness and grinning in times of happiness. Nezuko also frequently perceives Rokuta Kamado and Yushiro as representations of her siblings in other people.

Nezuko rarely speaks, and when she does, it’s been observed that she stutters a lot. This might be because she rarely takes her bamboo mouthpiece out and was mute for a while afterward. She can now go outside and socialize with others more frequently thanks to the development of resistance to the Sun, and her speech has improved as a result. She can now fully enunciate any words that are said to her. They have just been said by someone else or are regularly repeated.

Sanemi almost killed Nezuko when they first met, so…

And while the previous section of our article actually confirms that there is absolutely no chance for a ship between Sanemi and Nezuko, as the two of them are simply too different and have completely opposite personalities, their shared history is yet another piece of evidence that this ship was both ridiculous and doomed from the start.

Now, when Sanemi first met Nezuko, he immediately sensed she was a demon, and due to his brash personality and hatred for demons, he immediately attacked her and wanted to kill her. He stole her from her brother and then tortured her so that she would attack him.


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When that failed, he even cut his hand and let out some of his special blood to provoke Nezuko into coming at him so that he could prove that all Demons are the same. He ultimately failed, and while he never really accepted her, he was ordered to do so and obeyed.

Sanemi comforting Nezuko

After Muzan’s downfall, he would, ultimately, see a re-humanized Nezuko and would be quite gentle to her, having calmed himself down, but that was not a sign of them falling in love.

Aside from Tomioka, Sanemi was the only surviving Hashira after Muzan’s downfall, and his fate after that important battle is unknown. As for Nezuko, she would, as everyone knows, go on to marry Zen’itsu and start a family with him.

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