What Is Nezuko’s Demon Rank: Lower or Upper Moon?

What Is Nezuko's Demon Rank: Lower or Upper Moon?

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Nezuko Kamado is one of the most important characters from the Demon Slayer manga. Tanjiro’s little sister, Nezuko was the only survivor of Muzan’s brutal attack on the Kamado family (Tanjiro was not present, so he also survived). In turn, she was transformed into a demon. Being special, Nezuko retained a large portion of her initial humanity and never attacked humans, but she also has some other unique abilities as well. Nezuko was, as we have said, a demon, but did she have a rank like the other powerful demons we’ve seen? In this article, we are going to reveal whether Nezuko has a demonic rank in Demon Slayer or not.

Nezuko doesn’t have a rank. Not all Demons had ranks in Demon Slayer, and since Nezuko was never an ally of Muzan’s, she never had a rank in the series. The Twelve Kizuki were Muzan’s strongest allies, but the important thing is that these Demons worked for Muzan and were his subordinates, which is something that Nezuko never was, so she never had a rank, although she would have certainly been an Upper Moon.

In this article, we are going to tell you two things. First, you will find out about Nezuko’s powers and abilities, i.e., how strong she actually was in the series, which is actually going to lead us into the second section, in which we are going to explain why Neuzko was not a member of the Twelve Kizuki, i.e., why she never had a rank, but also which rank she would have had she been a member of the group. Some spoilers might be present, so be careful when reading.

Nezuko is enormously powerful for a Demon, especially in light of her specific situation

Now, in order to fully clarify how Nezuko would fit in the hierarchy of the Twelve Kizuki, we have to explain how powerful she was in the first place. Although Nezuko has never received any training, her naturally heightened physical strength makes it easy for her to fight Demons. However, because Nezuko lacks formal training, she must use brute force to overpower her opponents.

She can easily cut off the heads of Demons with her kicks, or she can kick down a door. With her might, she was able to compete with an Upper Ranks even though she is a Demon who has never eaten human flesh or blood. Like other Demons, Nezuko has a dramatic rise in physical strength, and she can use her legs to exert enough force to decapitate other Demons with harsh attacks that can break bones. Her physical prowess adjusts to her growing bulk.


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Regarding her speed, Nezuko Kamado gained a significant boost in this category after being transformed into a Demon by Muzan. Although it was never specified just how wast she had become, she has proven capable of matching some powerful Demons in this category, including some Upper Ranks. Nezuko’s speed increased significantly, and she used it to surprise her enemies when on the offense, which shocked her enemies, as they did not expect it. When she goes into full demonic mode, she becomes even faster as she gains an additional boost in this category.

Nezuko can heal her wounds more quickly than the ordinary Demon, reuniting her amputated limbs in a matter of seconds. True to her regeneration, she may solidify her blood to extend the range of her assaults with amputated limbs and then quickly reattach them, as she did during her fight with Upper-Rank Six member Daki. Muzan Kibutsuji wants to devour Nezuko to complete his transformation into a perfect being that is resistant to sunlight because she is the only Demon who is able to withstand sunlight. This was never explained in detail in the manga, but it is an aspect where she surpassed all other Demons, including Muzan.

Nezuko can create a strong, brilliant pink igneous flame out of her blood that can vary in size based on how much blood Nezuko has lost, which serves as the flame’s fuel. The flames that Nezuko conjures from her blood are unique because they only directly harm Demons, doing them great harm that interferes with their ability to regenerate and is even capable of putting an Upper Moon in serious danger. In addition to its offensive potential, the flames also function as a form of healing for humans because they can be used as an antidote to the poisons produced from a Demon’s blood.

Nezuko used her Demon Blood technique for the first time during her duel against Rui, the fifth Lower Moon. Combining her attack with her brother Tanjiro’s Dance of the Fire God, she could use her strike more efficiently. Time passes, and Nezuko is worn out from her effort. However, as Nezuko gains strength, she can unleash her flames more frequently without getting tired.

Had she been loyal to Muzan, she certainly would have been an Upper Moon

The Twelve Kizuki were divided into two groups, the Upper Ranks  (Japanese: じょうげんJōgen) and the Lower Ranks (Japanese: げんKagen). Their main characteristic was the number that identifies them as one of the Twelve Kizuki, which was printed in their eyes; one in the case of the Lower Ranks and two in the eyes of the Upper Ranks. The demon moons’ power scale was determined by the number they possessed; the lower the number, the more powerful the demon was. However, the power scale was divided so that the six Lower Ranks were the weakest of all, while the Upper Ranks were the strongest.

Muzan determined the hierarchy, but a Demon could be promoted or demoted based on how well they were doing. A Demon could also challenge a higher rank in a blood duel to take their rank, but this was, as it seems, rare. Now, all the Twelve Kizuki were loyal to Muzan and were his subordinates. That was the main prerequisite to becoming part of the group. The other one was the level of power.

Now, as far as Nezuko is concerned, we know that she has never been loyal to Muzan or his subordinate, which means that she was never part of the Twelve Kizuki, which, in turn, means that she never had a demon rank. Demonic ranks were reserved only for the twelve strongest Demons in Muzan’s organization, and since Nezuko was never part of that organization, she never had a rank. It was not automatically assigned to a Demon but rather something is given to a powerful Demon by Muzan himself. Since Nezuko was never his subordinate, there was never any reason for Muzan to assign a rank to her.


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But, knowing how powerful Nezuko was, we can assume that Muzan would have certainly given her a ranking. Comparatively, she was probably somewhere around the Upper Ranks Four and Five; she wasn’t as strong as Akaza, but she was somewhere around Hantengu’s and Gyokko’s level, and had she worked on improving her skills, she would have certainly surpassed both of them with ease. Luckily for everyone, this is pure speculation as Nezuko managed to fight off her demonic urges and remain on the side of the Corps.

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