Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Disney Characters that Start with G

Disney is one of the largest entertainment and media companies in the world. They’ve been putting smiles on children’s faces for decades. Through cartoons, movies, TV and short movies, they have introduced us with some of the most popular characters there ever was. Some of those characters are mentioned in this article. If you ever wondered which Disney characters’ names start with G, look no further! Here you can find 57 Disney characters whose names start with G.

Gazeem ( Aladdin ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Gazeem is a minor character in Disney’s 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin. He’s a thief and a murderer, helping Jaffar obtain the magic lamp. Gazeem died when Cave collapsed on him as Jaffar urged him to go forward on a dangerous terrain.

George ( Up, George, and A.J. ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

George is a nurse and works at Shady Oaks Retirement Village. He is usually accompanied by his friend A.J. who is his sidekick through thick and thin.

Geppetto ( Pinocchio ) 


Geppetto is a woodcarver and creator of Pinnochio, a wooden puppet. All his life he wanted to have a son so the Blue Fairy granted him his wish and brought Pinnochio to life. 

Gerald ( Finding Nemo / Finding Dory ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Gerald is a Pelican and a very close friend of Nigel. He swallowed Maltin and Dory but spat them out eventually as he started to choke. Gerald was knocked out by his friend, Nigel, when Marlin and Dory tried to escape. 

Gordon ( Brave ) 

Disney character g

Gordon is a guard in a castle who announces the arrival of Lords etc. Alongside King Fergus, he tried to kill a bear in the castle, unaware that the bear was actually Queen Elinor.  

Glasses Crow ( Dumbo ) 


Glasses Crow is a member of a small flock of crows, the youngest of them all,  known for his sarcastic tone. He also goes by the name ‘Specks’ and his goal is to teach Dumbo how to fly. 

Git ( Ratatouille ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Git is the largest rat in his colony and a close friend of Emile. In the restaurant La Ratatouille, he likes to show his muscles to baby rats. He’s Django’s right hand and Remy’s older brother. 

Gilbert Huph (The Incredibles ) 

Disney character g 1

Gilbert Huph is the boss of an insurance company. He’s perceived as a greedy and self-centered person. The thing Gilbert likes most is money and dislikes helping others. 

Grandpa Bud ( Meet the Robinsons ) 

Disney character g 2

Grandpa Bud is the patriarch of Robinson’s family. He’s know for his love for science and wearing his clothes backward. He is a retired Science teacher. 


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Go Go Tomago ( Big Hero 6 ) 

Disney character g 3

Go Go Tomago is a member of the superhero team Big Hero 6. She’s tiny but fierce, likes to chew gums, and dislikes cowardice. Her personality is straightforward, can easily adapt to any situation and never runs away from a fight.

Gopher ( The Lion King ) 

Disney character g 4

Gopher is a mole and a master of underground tunneling. He’s loyal and brave with a mission to report the news to Zazu. 

Gothi ( Frozen ) 

Blue goblin

Gothi is a troll priest. He conducted a troll wedding ceremony for Kristoff and Anna where Anna fainted before the end of the ceremony. 

Gramma Tala ( Moana ) 


Gramma Tala is Moana’s grandmother and Keeper of The Ancient Stories. She likes history and doesn’t like being told that her stories aren’t true. Tala and Moana share a love for sea exploration and she hopes that her granddaughter will one day liberate the world. 

Grandma Paguro ( Luca ) 

grandma luca

Grandma Paguro is a sea monster and Luca’s grandmother. She has the ability to take human form as well. She encourages her grandson to explore the surface and she secretly goes to the surface on the weekends. 

Gray Brother ( The Jungle Book (2016) ) 

Jungle Book

Gray Brother is the oldest of the wolf cubs that grew up with ‘men-cub’ Mowgli. He is known for his impulsivity and for his loyalty to Mowgli. 

Gustavo ( Coco ) 


Gustavo is a minor character and likes to make fun of Hector and call him names such as ‘Chorizo’. 

Gurgi ( The Black Cauldron ) 

Animal Holding Apple

Gurgi is a gopher wood troll. He loves apples very much and hates seeing his friends in trouble. 

Gypsy ( A Bug’s Life ) 


Gypsy is a moth and works at the circus as a part of a magic act. She is kind in behavior and brave when it is needed. Her colorful wings leaves others find stunned. 

Grewnge (Treasure Planet ) 


Grewnge is one of the alien pirates and a member of John Silver’s crew. he uses guns and is known for many crimes such as theft, kidnapping, and attempted murder. 

Grecklin ( Onward ) 

Grecklin 1

Grecklin is a gremlin and a pawn shop owner. She possessed the Curse Crusher, an enchanted sword. After she tried to get an unfair amount of money for the sword, she was stabbed by Corey’s scorpion tail. 

Grand Councilwoman ( Lilo & Stitch ) 

Lilo and Stitch

The Grand Councilwoman is the leader of The United Galactic Federation. She’s a humanoid alien and has a status as Supreme ruler. Her real name was never mentioned, as she is only called by her status. She doesn’t know much about Earth or its inhabitants, but her intentions aren’t ill mannered.

Gramps ( The Rescuers ) 

Turtle Cane

Gramps is a grumpy old turtle. He’s known for his determination for rescuing Penny. Grumpy attitude is his main feature.

Goosey Loosey ( Chicken Little ) 


Goosy Loosey is a white goose who likes to bully unpopular kids such as Chicken Little. However, when Chicken Little’s team won the baseball match, the bullying stopped.

Giggle McDimples ( Toy Story 4 ) 

Toy story

Giggle McDimples is an officer and the head of the Pet Patrol for Minneapolis. He likes other police/cop toys and dislikes people that are out of line. 


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Giant Squid ( Finding Dory ) 

Octopuss Disney

Giant Squid is an enormous squid that Dory, Marlin, and Nemo accidentally stumbled upon on their journey. She likes eating and dislikes when fishes enter its territory. 

Gideon ( Pinocchio ) 


Gideon is an anthropomorphic cat and a sidekick of Honest John. He is a thief who likes money and drinking. 

German Dignitary | Frozen 


German Dignitary is one of the four individuals that traveled to Arrendelle to attend Elsa’s coronation. He helped Hans oversee the kingdom in its tough, eternal winter times. 

Gliss ( Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings / The Pirate Fairy ) 


Gliss is a fairy that lives in the Winter Woods that is a part of Pixie Hollow. She likes snowball fights and dislikes Spike’s laziness. 

Golden Harp ( Fun and Fancy Free ) 

What a happy day lyrics

Golden Harp is a musical harp and has the ability to enchant a land with happiness and prosperity just by singing.  

Giulia Marcovaldo ( Luca ) 

Luca Giulia

Gulia is a student that befriends Luca and Alberto and tries to help them win the Portorosso Cup. She likes stargazing and books and dislikes bullies.  

Giddy ( Dumbo )


Giddy is a talkative elephant known for her kindness. She’s also very giggly and was the first one that laughed with Dumbo when he got his name. 

Gerel ( Soul )

Soul New Trailer

Gerel is a soul who meets Joe Gardner before going to the Great Beyond. 

Georgette ( Oliver & Company )

Fancy Dog

Georgette is a pedigree poodle of the Foxworth family. She likes herself and attention and dislikes Roscoe and DeSoto. 

George Darling ( Peter Pan ) 


George is a family man. He’s the father of Wendy, John, and Michael. His children’s happiness is his priority and he doesn’t like when Wendy talks about Peter Pan because he doesn’t believe that Peter nor Neverland exists. 

Genie ( Aladdin / The Return of Jafar / Aladdin and the King of Thieves ) 


Genie is a spirit who resides in a magic lamp. He is a faithful servant to whoever owns the lamp and is known for his comedic character. He possesses nearly unlimited cosmic powers but doesn’t like his powers being used for evil. 

General Li ( Mulan ) 


General Li is the Head of The Chinese Imperial Army, and Li Shang’s father. He is loyal to the Emperor and China’s safety is his top priority. General Li died on the battlefield among his massacred army. 

Gaxton ( Onward ) 

Gaxton is an elf and Wilden Lightfoot’s friend. Later on, he briefly talks to Ian, Wilden’s son, and says to him he knew his father. 

Gaston ( Beauty and the Beast ) 

Beauty and the beast

Gaston is an egotistical hunter who was obsessed with marrying Bella by any means necessary. He liked the attention and hated humiliation. So, when Bella showed that her love is for the Beast, Gaston turned into a villain. 

Gamma ( Up ) 


Gamma is an English Bulldog and one of two dogs owned by Charles Muntz. Beta and Gamma are Alpha’s lieutenants and are often sent on various missions such as finding a giant bird and bringing it to their master. 

Gabby Gabby ( Toy Story 4 )


Gabby is an antique doll with a broken voice box. Her desire was to be loved by Harmony and in order to achieve that she wanted to replace her voice box with Woody’s. Due to her demeanor, other toys such as Woody and Bo Peep didn’t like her very much. 

Gusteau ( Ratatouille ) 


Gusteau was a well-respected chef who wrote the book “Anyone Can Cook”. He opened the restaurant known as Gusteau’s. Gusteau was one of the youngest chefs whose restaurant was awarded five stars, but when a bad review undermined his restaurant, he died not long after. 

Grumpy ( Snow White ) 


Grumpy is one of the seven dwarfs. His name says it all about his personality as he is always moody and with his arms crossed. He loves mining diamonds and helping Snow White. 

 Gothel ( Tangled ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Mother Gothel is a wicked crone. She uses the powers of a magic golden flower that helps her to stay young for thousands of years. When the flower’s powers were transfered to the Raspunzel’s hair, Gothel is doing everything she can to keep Raspunzel under her control. 

Gazelle ( Zootopia ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Gazelle is Zootopian pop star and a predator rights activist. Her popularity is so high because of her social problem awareness and believes that everyone should be equal. She likes dancing and singing and dislikes unjustness. 

Grace ( Home on the Range ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Grace is a cow on The Little Patch of Heaven farm . She’s very optimistic and often times plays peacemaker between her friends Maggie and Mrs. Calloway. As she is tone-deaf, that makes her imune to hipnotic yodelling of Alameda Slim. 

Guido ( Cars ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Guido is an Italian racing car and the quickest tire changer on the West. His dream is changing tires on real racing cars, especially Ferrari. He works in the Cassa Della Tires as Luigi’s assistant. 

Grem ( Cars 2 ) 

Disney Characters That Start With G: All 57 Names 

Grem is a rusty, orange AMC Gremlin and is an international spy. He works for a vilian Professor Z and his goal is to sabotage World Grand Prix. Missile launcher and deployable machine gun are his powerful weapons and gadgets. 

Gus ( Cinderella ) 


Gus is a mouse and a very close companion to Cinderella alongside his friend Jaq. He is known for his excessive apetite and has the ability to speak using a broken form of English called ‘Mouse Latin’. 

Gaetan Moliere ( Atlantis ) 


Gaetan Moliere is a mineralogist and excavator who joins in on the Atlantis mission. His selfish intentions are later on changed as he decides to help Milo to protect Atlantis. 

Grandmother Willow ( Pocahontas ) 


Grandmother is willow is a talking willow tree and a nature spirit guide for Pocahontas. She is wise, likes giving advices to Pocahontas and enjoys her visits very much. Her branches provide shelter and home for many animals. 

Garnoz ( Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe )


Garnoz is one of the Cowards. His wrinkles suggest that he is probably the oldest one of them. When Super Super Big Doctor took over the planet he was among first Cowards that fled to the hidden city of Cowardallia.


Disney Characters That Start with D: All 63 Names

Gene ( DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp )


Gene is a powerful genie bound to a magic lamp. He grants three wishes to a person who possesses the lamp. Gene likes his freedom and granting small wishes and dislikes being in the lamp and granting big wishes.

General Atitaya ( Raya and the Last Dragon )

General Atitaya

General Atitayia is the General of Fang and concerned about Fang’s survival. She was the one that reported that have seen a dragon on their march. Atitayia’s allies are Namaari, Wahn and Chieftess Virana. Her weapon of choice is spear.

General Hologram ( Wreck-It Ralph )


Also known as General Lockload, General Hologram is a consummate solider. He bestows the coveted Medal of Heroes to anyone that manages to make it to the top of the 99-story tower. He’s got a very limited program as he can only reproduce prerecorded messages and is unaware of anything that is happening in the present moment.

Grand Duke ( Cinderella )

Sword Disney

The Grand Duke is the King’s right-hand man. He is tasked with overseeing imperial matters, and he took that job very seriously because he feels duty to his country and is scared for his head at the same time. Duke likes respect and ordinance and dislikes King’s bad temper.

George Sanderson ( Monsters )

Monsters Inc

George Sanderson is a furry monster with a horn on top of his head. He’s the 8th best scares on Scarefloor F at Monsters, Inc.

Grand Pabbie ( Frozen )

Blue Goblin 1

Grand Pabbie is a wise troll that is said to be ‘as old as Earth. He is also referred as the Troll King. Valley of The Living Rock is under his command. He was the one that cured Anna after her injury and altered her memories so she wouldn’t remember Elsa’s powers.

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