Disney Characters That Start with O: All 52 Names

Disney Characters That Starts with O: All 52 Names

Disney characters are widely recognizable and we have all grown up watching them. We all love rewatching Disney films and series, especially their magical animated films. There are many funny and interesting characters we forgot, and what better way to remind ourselves than listing all of the Disney characters names that start with o.

Oaken (Frozen)


Oaken is a lovely shopkeeper Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, where he has a summer sale in the middle of winter. But, don’t let his humble demeanor fool you, he won’t hesitate to throw you out of the store if you cross him.

Ocean (Moana)

Profile Ocean

Ocean is a magical entity, and it has a high level of anthropomorphism that enables it to interact with the world. Over the course of Moana’s journey, Ocean becomes a trusted companion.

Oddball (102 Dalmatians)

Profile Oddball

Oddball is one of Dottie and dipstick’s puppies, alongside Domino and Little Dipper. She is very unique, she has no spots.

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Oberon (Gargoyles)


Oberon is a minor character in TV series Gargoyles. He is the leader of the Children of Oberon. Even when is power is reduced, he is a very powerful and formidable opponent.

Oliver Oaken (Hannah Montana)


Oliver Oscar Oaken is one of Miley’s best friends and future Lily’s boyfriend. He is very fun, loud, and overconfident, and he loves to rap and sing.

Olaf (Frozen)

Profile Olaf

Olaf is an enchanted showman created by Elsa. Olaf loves warm hugs, summer, and hot things. He is a hopeless romantic and loves music and kittens.


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Ol’ Jammer (Planes: Fire & Rescue)

Ol Jammer Promo

Ol’ Jammer is a tour bus at Piston Peak for 72 years. He knows every rock and tree in that park. Ol’ Jammer loves sharing his knowledge and stories with visitors to the park.

Oliver (Oliver & Company)


Oliver is a brave, caring, friendly, and cute orange tabby cat. He lives in New York and loves his friends and his owner Jenny. He is the main character in the animated movie Oliver&Company, where he goes on adventures with his friends.

Oliver (Kim Possible)

Oliver Standing

Oliver is Vivian Francis Porter’s boyfriend in the TV series Kim Possible. He started an underground robot fighting club, called Robot Rumble.

Oliver (Mighty Med)


Oliver is the main character in the TV series Mighty Med. He is a smart and cautious guy who has burgeoning medical skills and is a great Mighty Med employee. He is the main character on the show, alongside his best friend Kaz

Oliver Twist (Oliver Twist)

Oliver Twist is the titular character of the film and book based on the same name. He is an orphan who works in the workhouse’s dye works. This is a story about the sordid lives of criminals and it exposes the cruel treatment of the many orphans in London in the mid-19th century.

Oliver Warbucks (Annie)


Oliver Warbucks is a resident of the mansion where Grace Farell takes Annie to visit for Christmas. He is on Disney’s fictional Forbes list of the richest people.

Ollie (Home on the Range)

Profile Ollie edited

Ollie is a wise but nervous pig. He always sees the bright side of things and gets on very well with his fellow farm animals.


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Ollie ( The Little Mermaid)

Char 15088

Ollie is an octopus that appears in the TV show The Little Mermaid. He is the best friend and interpreter of Gabriella, a deaf mermaid.

Olympian Gods (Hercules)

Hercules br disneyscreencaps.com 434

Olympian god and goddess are the rulers of ancient Greece in Hercules. They each have their own thing they control. There are twelve major gods, all of who are under the rule of Zeus.

Ongis (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Profile Ongis

Dyan, Pan, and Uka are s trio of thieving Ongis, who are half-monkeys, half-catfish creatures from Kumandra’s Talon land. The Ongis worked together to raise and protect Noi when she lost her family.

Ono (The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar)

Profile Ono

Ono is a small egret and one of Kion’s friends and a former member of the Lion Guard. He stepped down when his vision became impaired after rescuing Bunga.

Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Profile Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie is the infamous Boogeyman, that looks like a bug-filled burlap sack with a liking for gambling. He is feared for his terrible nature, cannibalistic appetite, and rivalry with Jack Skellington.

Opal Koboi (Artemis Fowl)

Opal Koboi 1

Opoal Koboi is a pixie who sends Artemis Fowl a message of warning. She is genocidal and ruthless and resents everything about the human race. She is the main antagonist of the film.

The Oracle (Aladdin and the King of Thieves)

Aladdin3 disneyscreencaps com 2241

The Oracle is an Egyptian spirit inside a mysterious staff, and she sends Aladdin off on a quest to find his lost father. She is bound by one rule: one question, one answer.

Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch (Tha Balck Cauldron)


Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch, or The Witches of Morva, they are infamous for making bargains- they sold the Black Cauldron for Taran’s Magic Sword. Their role in the film is strictly neutral, they never pick a side between mortals and the Horned King.

Orion (Hercules: The Animated Series)


Orion is an amazing hunter. Orion was killing off almost every animal on the planet, and Artemis had to transform his into a constellation to save him from Zeus. Hercules freed him, so he can teach him how to use the bow.

Ornithomimus (Fantasia)


Ornithomimus ia a dinosaur from Fantasia. They are lanky dinosaurs, almost like ostrich, they have a duck-billed beak-like mouth with long necks.

Orso Knox (Big Hero6: The Series)

Orso Knox was a wealthy business investor in San Fransokyo, then he was mutated into a monster by Di Amara. As a monster, he has superhuman strength and durability, but now he has been cured.

Ortensia (The Banker’s Daughter)

Ortensia Disneyland Paris

Ortensia is a love interest of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. She is the daughter of wealthy banker J.P. Whiskers. She wears a simple green skirt and a miniature flower hat. She has cameos among many Disney IPs, most recently- Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Orville (The Rescuers)

The rescuers disneyscreencaps.com 2967

Orville is an Albatross airliner who lives in New York City. He loves his job and flying. He has a brother Wilbur, but he is more serious and clumsy than him.


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Oso (Special Agent Oso)

Oso the bear

Oso is an overweight small panda-like bear, he is yellow and has brown eyes. He is kind and adventurous. He likes helping kids out when they want to learn something new.

Ostriches (Fantasia)

Fantasia disneyscreencaps com 7936

The Ostriches are a group of dancers with their leader Madame Upanova. Madame wears pink ballets shoes and other blue. The color of their feather suggests they are a group of male dancers.

Osvaldo (Encanto)


Osvaldo Orozco Ortiz is a short Colombian man with a mustache. He lives in the village the Madrigal’s protection and he gives Mirabel a gift basket to make her feel better because she is the only one with no gift.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (The Banker’s Daughter)

Oswald cartoon

Oswald is a similar incarnation of Mickey Mouse, a mischievous but good character who is a mouse. He is famous for his ability to disassemble and reshape his body. He has cameos among many Disney IPs, most recently- Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers.

Otis (Lady and the Tramp II)


Otis is a Chinese Crested stray dog who lives at the dog pound. He looks mad and unkempt. The Tramp and the gang don’t come back to rescue him, after escaping from the pound.

Otis Bigelow (The Rocketeer)

Otis Bigelow

Otis Bigelow is an airfield owner in the film The Rocketeer. He organizes airshows, but in the end, he gets killed by the orders of Neville Sinclair, the main antagonist of the film.

Mr. Otterton (Zootopia)

Otterton Zootopia

Emmit Otterton is a North American river otter who goes missing and is mysteriously turned savage. He is a florist, but he gets shot by a sniper with the night howler serum, causing him to act this way. His mysterious disappearance is the main drive of the plot.

Mrs. Otterton (Zootopia)

Otterton Zootopia

Mrs. Otterton is the wife of Mr. Otterton, and she is desperately trying to find someone who will help her find her missing husband.

Otto (Robin Hood)

Otto thanking Friar Tuck for lending him charitable money

Otto is an old dog who wears red overalls and walks with a cane. He is kind and generous, and he is thankful for all the gifts given to him, especially from Hood.

Friend Owl (Bambi)

Profile Friend Owl

Friend Owl is an owl with close relations to the royals. She is known by all, she is cheerful but sometimes also very grumpy. She doesn’t like spring, because that is the time everyone falls in love.


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Owl (Winnie the Pooh)

Profile Owl

Owl is an anthropomorphic owl, who is based on the stereotype of a wise owl. He likes to tell stories, read and write. He is considered one of the smartest residents of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Oz (Oz, the Great and Powerful)

Oscar Diggs Textless Poster

Dr. Oscar Diggs aka The Wizard of Oz is a selfish, greedy con artist who wants to be remembered for his greatness. But, he has a good heart. He lives in the Land of Oz. He has built for himself the persona of the mysterious Wizard of Oz.

Ozker (The Emperor’s New School)


Ozker is Kuzco’s biggest fan and goes with him to school. He is a Full varsity Decathlon Champion.

Princess Ozma (Return to Oz)


Princess Ozma is the ruler of the Land of Oz. She is based on a boy named Tip who appears in the books. She and Dorothy communicate over a mirror, and she lends Dorothy the ruby slippers.

Obake (Big Hero 6: The Series)


Obake is a cold-hearted scientist and the main antagonist of the series. He wants to be feared and celebrated for his genius. His biggest idea was to destroy San Fransokyo and rebuild it in his name.

Obsidiana (Gargoyles)


Obsidiana is a gargoyle member of the Mayan Clan, her skin blue and she has a large crest on her forehead. She can fly and has pterodactyl-type wings. Her name comes from the obsidian pendant she wears.


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Ocean (Liv and Maddie)


Ocean is a fun and cheerful girl, who is friends with Liv. She lives on a sunflower farm, and she cares for the environment. When she meets Liv, she doesn’t know she was on TV, because she doesn’t have a TV.

Professor Ochoa (Elena of Avalor)

Class Act 281129

Professor Ochoa is a scientist and teacher at the Avalor Science Academy. She is princesses Isabel’s favorite scientist. She tries to teach Isabel not to give up, by helping her realize you have to learn from her mistakes.

Octivia (T.O.T.S.)


Octivia is a pink baby octopus. She always has a light blue hand band, purple eyes, and a purple bow.

Octobella (PJ Masks)

Octobella Profile Picture

Ocotobella is a hybrid octopus that lives in a moat. She is the villain of the show, who is very possessive of the crystals in the moat, vengeful, and unforgiving. She has a lot of special powers and abilities,  including camouflage, shapeshifting and magic octopus ink.

Odalia Blight (The Owl House)

Clouds on the Horizon 288429

Odalia Blight is Amity, Emira and Edric’s mother, and Alador’s wife. She is a middle-aged woman with mint green hair in a bun. Her family is very affluent.

Ogilvey (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Ogilvey 1 edited

Ogilvey is a head gunner on the Flying Dutchman under command of Davy Jones. His body is infused with corals with a twisted mouth and he has one red eye.

Ogopa (The Lion Guard)


Ogopa is an aardwolf, but she is lighter colored than the others. She is positive, happy, and bright. She has a tendency to jump to conclusions and is often confused for a hyena. Her name means obey in Swahili.

Old Prisoner (The Hunch Back of Notre Dame)


The Old Prisoner is an elderly man who is a running gag in the film, where he is accidentally freed from prison then he cheers and trips and imprisons himself again. It is noted he looks a lot like Jafar’s old man disguise in Aladdin.

Sir Oliver (Sofia the First)

The Tale of the Noble Knight 24

Sir Oliver is a meat-head knight. He is rude, egoistical and narcissistic. He will do anything to become the leader of Brazendell’s nights, but no one likes him because he is a bully. He has a horse named Basil.

Olivia (Elena Of Avalor)

Olivia EOA

Olivia Madeline is Mateo’s apprentice and she likes learning magic with him. She struggles a little in the beginning, but she is very talented. She has a cat called Señor Whiskers.