Does Cat Noir Die in the ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ Movie?

Is Cat Noir Dead in The Miraculous Ladybug Movie

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After five seasons of Ladybug and Cat Noir saving Paris, the Miraculous Ladybug Movie finally took viewers to the origin of the superheroes’ powers. As expected, Hawkmoth doesn’t beat the heroes, but victory comes at a cost, as Cat Noir is badly injured towards the movie’s end. Cat Noir is a fan-favorite hero in the saga, which is why many Ladybug & Cat Noir saga fans wonder whether Cat Noir dies in Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie.

In the movie, after losing control of the Butterfly Miraculous’s power, Hawkmoth becomes Akumis, destroying everything in his path, including the Eiffel Tower. While fighting him to stop the carnage, Cat Noir and Ladybug are overwhelmed, and Marinette loses her earrings while Adrien is badly injured. However, a torn mask makes Gabriel realize that Cat Noir is his son Adrien.

The intense fight changes the Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir saga forever because Marinette and Adrien realize their powers even without the miraculous gems. They also understand Wang Fu’s message that they are stronger when they work together. Marinette and Adrien might also have stronger Akumis than Hawkmoth in waiting, so let’s delve into it.

What happens in the Miraculous Ladybug Movie?

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie is a prequel to the Miraculous Ladybug 3D animated series. The movie starts with Marinette as a shy school girl unable to open up about her feelings for the young celebrity model Adrien.

On the other hand, Adrien appears to have it all on the outside, with all the girls in school asking to go out with him, but he is secretly suffering from the loss of his mother, Emilie Agreste. Marinette’s new friend Ayla encourages her to approach Adrien.

Adrien’s father, Gabriel, on the other hand, decides to locate and recover the Miraculous that can help him bring his wife back to life because he is also hurting from her death. He uses the Butterfly Miraculous to create dangerous Akumetized monsters who wreak havoc on Paris.

To combat the threat to the city, Wang Fu, the Miracle Box’s guardian, releases the Kwami Miraculous (Miraculous Gems with superhero powers), Ladybug, and Cat Noir. The two Miraculous escape, and later, Ladybug chooses Marinette, giving her the superpower to create, while Cat Noir chooses Adrienne, giving him the power to destroy.


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Their newfound superpowers unite them to fight Hawkmoth’s first Akumatized monster, Gargoyle. Despite understanding the need to fight together, Ladybug and Cat Noir initially don’t like each other. They also don’t know each other’s real identities because of their superhero masks.

Throughout the movie, Marinette falls in love with Adrienne in real life, while Adrien falls in love with her superhero character Ladybug. However, despite becoming a superhero team, Adrien rejects Marinette in real life, while Ladybug rejects Cat Noir’s advances.

The final battle changes everything because Ladybug finally realizes Cat Noir’s real identity after the fight with Hawkmoth exposes his face. The two largely lose the battle with Hawkmoth because Cat Noir is late to the fight. Fortunately, Hawkmoth stops short of killing Cat Noir when Gabriel realizes Cat Noir is his son.

Ladybug then uses her power of creation to heal the land and restore everything Hawkmoth and his monsters destroyed, including the Eiffel Tower. Gabriel and Adrien also share a hug as they both admit to becoming distant after Emilie’s death.

Is Adrien’s mother dead in the Miraculous Ladybug movie?

Emilie Agreste in The Miraculous Ladybug movie

Despite Adriene spending most of the movie mourning his mother’s death, a plot twist at the very end of the movie reveals that she might be alive. A post-credits scene shows Gabriel’s assistant, Nathalie, walking into a secret chamber in Gabriel’s house with Adrien’s comatose mother wearing the damaged Peacock Miraculous.

The scene suggests that Adrien’s mother is just in a coma. The scene agrees with the book version of events where Emilie is in a coma because of using the powers of the damaged Peacock Miraculous.


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The books state that Gabriel and Emilie Agreste found the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculous while on holiday in Tibet. The two were the magical gems lost by the Miracle Guardian Wang Fu. However, using a damaged Miraculous was strictly forbidden, but Emilie used hers anyway, leading to her falling into a coma.

The reason why Emilie risked her life while using the damaged Gem hasn’t been revealed, but it likely has something to do with helping her son Adrien. Gabriel then decided to go after all the other gems to harness their power to save his wife. The Cat and Ladybug Miraculous are the only ones he hasn’t laid his hands on.

While Gabriel finishes the movie a changed man, and Ladybug recovers the dangerous Butterfly Miraculous, he is still the villain in the series, meaning he transforms back into a bad guy at some point. The missing links in Gabriel’s transformation back to Hawkmoth will likely be revealed in future movies or seasons of the animated series.

Do Ladybug and Cat Noir kiss in the Miraculous Ladybug movie?

Cat Noir and Ladybug kiss

Marinette and Adriene finally share a kiss at the school’s winter ball after they discover each other’s true identities. After discovering Adriene’s identity, Marinette was confident enough to reveal her real identity to him.

Knowing each other’s real-life identities also helps their confidence as Adrienne and Marinette become closer in real life. Their newfound love and friendship make them a stronger team which builds up to their partnership in the series.

However, like all superhero films, Marinette and Adriene’s love life doesn’t go as smoothly in the series as it starts in the movie.

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