Does Damian Like Anya in Spy X Family? (& Why Does She Call Him Sy-on Boy)

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One of the most interesting characters in Spy X Family is Damian Desmond, the rich and spoiled child of Donovan Desmond. Damian is one of Anya’s classmates but is the smug rich kid who believes everyone else is beneath him but ends up getting a taste of reality after a punch from Anya. From then on, he started looking at Anya in a different light. So, does Damian like Anya in Spy X Family?

Damian Desmond does have a crush on Anya after he sees how strong-willed she is after she punches him. This caused him to become somewhat of a male tsundere character in the sense that he treats her coldly but secretly crushes on her as Anya also helped him develop into a better person.

A lot of fans of Spy X Family love Damian because of the fact that he can also be a sweet kid despite his spoiled and somewhat rotten personality. But he only acts that way because of the pressure of his upbringing. The good thing is that meeting Anya helped in developing his character, especially when it comes to him showing more of his good side.

Does Damian Like Anya In Spy X Family?

Spy X Family is a manga and anime series that has been getting great reviews from critics and fans all over the world, thanks to its charming and unique storyline. The anime follows the story of the Forger family, which is a fake family that has members who all have their own hidden secrets and reasons for wanting to be in this fake family. 

While the main storyline follows the bigger picture, which is Loid Forger’s mission to infiltrate a private school and get close to a high-ranking official named Donovan Desmond, a good part of the series also explores the story of Anya Forger, who is Loid’s adopted daughter.


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Anya is one of the few people who know about Loid’s mission because she is secretly a telepath that can read minds. Because she craved a life of adventure and was a fan of spy shows, she wanted in on Loid’s plan without him knowing that she actually knew about his mission. As such, she allowed herself to be used as Loid’s way of infiltrating the private school that Donovan Desmond’s son goes to. And after getting into the school, Anya met Damian.

Damian is Donovan Desmond’s son. Because of the power and prestige that comes with being the son of a high-ranking government official, Damian believes that he is above everyone else in the school. And his classmates see him as some sort of a prince, as most of the other male students in the school look up to him as their leader.

Because of that, Damian looks at everyone as underlings that aren’t even close to his social status. But that was when Anya wasn’t willing to bow down to the so-called prince after Damian treated her so smugly. She punched him square in the face after talking down to her, and that was when Damian started treating her differently. So, does Damian like Anya?


Ever since that punch, Damian started developing a crush on Anya because that was probably the first time a girl wasn’t afraid of standing up to him to the point of punching him. He began treating her a bit differently but still showed signs of being a male tsundere because he blushes whenever he engages in fights with her.

Liking Anya and interacting with her also allowed Damian to develop as a character as it was revealed that the reason why he is so smug and arrogant is the fact that his father never gave him the attention he needed due to his status as a second son. It was his overachieving brother that got more attention from his father, and that forced Damian to develop a smug personality that made him look down on everyone else.

Deep inside, however, he is a sweet boy hiding in the shell of an arrogant kid. And befriending Anya was what allowed him to open up a bit as a person while also developing more as a character.

Why Does Anya Call Damian Sy-On Boy?

One of the more common things that Anya does on Spy X Family is calling certain characters using nicknames that she herself gave them. For example, he calls Franky Franklin the nickname Scruffy because of his scruffy hair. Meanwhile, for Damian, he gave her the nickname Sy-on Boy. But why does Anya call Damian Sy-on?

The reason why Anya calls Damian Sy-on is that this is a mispronunciation of the word “scion,” as Damian himself is the scion of a notable political family. One of the tropes about Anya is that she often mispronounces words, given the fact that she is just a child that is going to school for the first time in her life.

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However, in the unsubbed version, Anya calls him Jinan in Japanese, which basically means “second son,” as Damian is the second son of Donovan Desmond. As such, the Sy-on Boy nickname that she uses to refer to Damian can only be found in the translated version of Spy X Family, given that using second son in a sentence does seem a bit too clunky.

Does Anya Know That Damian Likes Her?

Of course, every fan of Spy X Family knows that Anya can read minds due to her telepathic abilities. However, no one else on the series knows this. She uses her powers to read what other people are thinking, and that is what has given her an advantage in life. However, does that also mean that she knows that Damian likes her?

While she can read Damian’s thoughts, as his mind isn’t exactly subtle when it comes to how he feels about her, Anya seems quite oblivious to his feelings. She may be able to read minds, but that doesn’t mean that she could also read a person’s feelings. In that regard, throughout the story, she doesn’t seem to know that Damian has a crush on her.


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Of course, there is also the possibility that Anya doesn’t know how to translate Damian’s thoughts into feelings, as she is still a young girl that doesn’t really understand a person’s emotions. She probably is too young to understand what being in love with as she grew up without ever feeling loved. It was only when she got adopted by Loid that she started understanding what it felt to be loved. As such, Anya, despite her ability to read minds, probably doesn’t understand how Damian’s thoughts could be translated into his feelings for her.

Meanwhile, in the manga, Damian is yet to tell Anya how he feels because he might see it as a sign of weakness. Being the scion of a rich and powerful family, he has to maintain his superiority in school, and admitting that he has feelings for Anya may hold him back.

Then there’s also the fact that Damian is a male tsundere. In anime, a tsundere is someone who treats another person coldly but actually has feelings for that person. A tsundere in manga or anime tends to hold onto their feelings for as long as possible. As such, it might take a while for Damian to admit that he has feelings for Anya or for Anya to understand that Damian has a crush on her.

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