Does Kuina Die in Alice in Borderland Season 2? Here’s What Happens to Her

kuina dying

Alice In Borderland is full of different characters that have become quite popular among different fans. Kuina is one of the favorites of fans of the series due to the fact that she is quite unique in terms of her origins. Of course, like all of the other characters, she ended up facing danger in season 2 when she and the other characters had to go up against the deadly King of Spades. So, did Kuina die in Alice In Borderland season 2?

Kuina survived the events of Alice In Borderland season 2. She suffered a fatal wound at the hands of the King of Spades but was able to live long enough until Arisu and Usagi cleared the final Face card game. When given a choice to stay in the Borderlands, she declined and was sent back to the real world.

Like most of the other main characters of Alice In Borderland, Kuina suffered terrible wounds that would have killed her if Arisu and Usagi either failed to defeat the Queen of Hearts or took their time in clearing her game. Luckily for her, she lived long enough to make her choice to return to the real world, where she was seen alive and well. Now, let’s look at what happened to Kuina.

What Happened To Kuina In Alice In Borderland Season 2?

The world of Alice In Borderland is one that’s full of some of the most interesting characters you could ever find in the series. Most of them were introduced in season 1, as Kuina’s backstory was what made her quite popular. Initially the companion of Chishiya, Kuina proved to be very useful in different kinds of games due to her physical fitness and martial arts prowess. And what made her an even more interesting character was the fact that she is a transgender that had trouble with her parents due to how they struggled to accept her choice.

In season 2, Kuina was one of the most important characters because she helped Arisu and Usagi clear the King of Clubs game and went on to work alongside Ann to finish a few games as well. Her importance was highlighted even more during the events of the King of Spades game as she and the others had to work together to defeat the King of Spades, who was the second to the last Face card that needed to be cleared.

ann and kuina

The goal was for Arisu to fill the drugstore with enough gas to ignite a powerful explosion that should be enough to kill a tough cookie like the King of Spades, who was able to survive bullets, fire, and a car crash. Meanwhile, Kuina and the others needed to distract and lure him to the drugstore. And while Kuina didn’t have the shooting skills of Ann and Aguni, her martial arts skills came in handy in the fight against the King of Spades.


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Ultimately, the King of Spades proved to be too much for Kuina, Usagi, Ann, Aguni, and Akane because he was too strong and too skilled. The King of Spades dealt Ann a fatal wound, and that was what angered Kuina. She attacked the King of Spades and used her martial arts against him. But even that didn’t work against someone who was more skilled and had more experience.

Kuina ended up getting stabbed in the gut repeatedly by the King of Spades, who was too tough for any of them to handle even after they all ganged up on him. After that, she was seen lying on the floor as she saw her good friend, Ann, seemingly succumbing to her fatal wounds. Kuina, on the other hand, couldn’t move due to her stab wounds as she had to trust her hopes in Arisu and Usagi after Aguni finally killed the King of Spades.

Did Kuina Die?

Arisu and Usagi cleared the Queen of Spades game in time as Kuina was seemingly dying due to her wounds. That was when an announcement was made as the surviving players were made to choose whether or not they wanted to stay in the Borderlands as permanent residents. Kuina, lying on the floor, smiled as she declined the offer. She held the lifeless Ann’s hand as she told her that she wanted to return to the real world together.

After the players declined the offer, it was revealed that time in the Borderlands moved differently. In the real world, the characters actually suffered injuries due to a meteorite crash in Shibuya. And that was what sent them to the Borderlands, where they were forced to play games that would decide whether or not they would continue to live in the real world.


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Luckily for Kuina, she was still alive when Arisu and Usagi cleared the final Face card game, as that was what allowed her to make her choice to return to the real world. After that, all of the players that declined to stay in the Borderlands were seen in the real world, recovering in a hospital that seemingly took in all of the victims of the meteorite crash.

kuina hospital

Kuina was seen as one of those that were able to live through the injuries she suffered in the crash, as she was struggling to walk through the halls of the hospital. But the best part for her was that both her parents were there to greet her despite the fact that she had trouble with them due to her choice of changing her gender to what she believed was the right one for her.

In that regard, Kuina’s resilience in the Borderlands and her strong will to return to the real world to see her parents ultimately allowed her to live long enough to wake up from her life-threatening injuries. Of course, Kuina had no memories of what happened in the Borderlands, as did the other players that survived and decided to return to the real world.

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