Black Frieza vs. Beerus: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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The introduction of Frieza’s new Black form in the manga opened a lot of opportunities for Dragon Ball, especially when it comes to the future of the storyline. At this point, Frieza is the strongest mortal in Universe 7 after he made quick work of Gas, Goku, and Vegeta. But the one opponent that neither Goku nor Vegeta were able to defeat or come close to defeating was Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and arguably the strongest Destroyer God in the multiverse. So, in a fight between Black Frieza and Beerus, who would win?

Beerus is still stronger than Black Frieza because Beerus always being the strongest non-Angel Universe 7 entity is a deus ex machina in the Dragon Ball Super storyline. Frieza surpassing Beerus could mean that Goku and Vegeta’s training would all be for nothing if the tyrant were to beat the God of Destruction.

It was quite surprising to see that Frieza thoroughly outclassed Goku and Vegeta in his debut as Black Frieza, considering that he was never hyped up to become strong enough to even reach their level. Nevertheless, Beerus has always been the standard that Goku and Vegeta always had to reach, and it would be a shame if Frieza was the first to reach that standard. Now, let’s look at the discussion of who between Frieza and Beerus is stronger.

Power Level

Black Frieza’s power level shot up tenfold during the events of the Granolah the Survivor Saga in the Dragon Ball Super manga because of the fact that he trained for ten years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In that regard, the ten years he spent in an entirely different dimension where time moves differently was what allowed him to thoroughly surpass and outclass all of the other fighters in Universe 7. He is perhaps the strongest mortal in Universe 7 because he defeated Gas, who was supposed to be the strongest due to a wish that was made with the Dragon Balls.

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Since his debut, Beerus has always been regarded as the strongest non-Angel character in Dragon Ball as he is perhaps the strongest God of Destruction in the multiverse and is probably behind only the Angels and Zeno. However, we don’t have a really good measure of how strong Beerus is. The only thing we know is that he will always be stronger than any of the other mortals in Universe 7, considering that he has never shown his full power.

The fact that Beerus is protected by a plot device that allows him to be stronger than any mortal in Universe 7 is the reason why his power level is likely above Frieza at this point in time. Nevertheless, we do believe that Black Frieza is only a tad weaker at this point.

Black Frieza 0, Beerus 1

Techniques and Abilities

Black Frieza most probably excels in offensive attacks that are meant to kill and destroy because that is what Frieza excelled at. As such, he is an expert in attacks that are meant to be able to hit swiftly and efficiently, such as his Death Beam and Death Saucer. On top of the fact that he can use psychokinesis to control objects and people, he is a master of destroying worlds using his Death Ball attack, which could easily blow up any planet due to its sheer destructive power.


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Beerus is a God of Destruction for good reason because his offensive attacks were meant for pure destruction. On top of the standard ki attacks that most Dragon Ball fighters have, he is capable of making use of his God of Destruction energy to produce attacks that are meant to instantly destroy or erase anything. This comes in the form of the Hakai technique, which he uses to disintegrate mortals into dust. He also has an incredibly destructive attack called the Beerus Ball, which is meant to destroy planets.

While Frieza’s techniques and abilities specialize in death and destruction, Beerus is even better at killing and destroying. As such, Beerus takes this round once again.

Black Frieza 0, Beerus 2

Martial Arts Skills

Frieza has always been a talented fighter as he knows how to use his nimble and flexible limbs to full effect. He excels at using his feet, which are capable of moving in a similar manner as his arms. Of course, he has a very flexible and powerful tail that he often uses in battles as well, as a simple tail whip from him could already be enough to kill any other character that’s weaker. In most cases, Frieza relies on moves and attacks that are quick, nimble, and efficient.

Beerus revealed in the early part of Dragon Ball Super that he trains in martial arts under Whis, and that is why he is an incredibly strong fighter that could match Goku’s own martial arts skills. He has been training for a very long time and has learned a lot of different moves throughout his entire existence as a God of Destruction. In that regard, he knows how to use every limb in his body to full effect and has even tried to learn Ultra Instinct, although he failed in that regard.

beerus goku

The fact that Beerus has been training with Whis for as long as anyone can remember is a testament to how good of a martial artist he is. As such, he is likely a lot better than Frieza in terms of pure martial arts technique.

Black Frieza 0, Beerus 3


Frieza has been around for nearly a century already, as he was already an adult when he took over King Cold’s reign as the tyrant of Universe 7. He was already an adult during the time when Goku and Vegeta were still toddlers, and that means that his experience as a fighter is quite vast. Even though Frieza often delegates the fighting to his underlings, he has amassed decades of experience fighting different characters. And in Dragon Ball, he has fought the likes of Piccolo, Vegeta, Goku, Trunks, Gohan, and many others.

The one thing that you need to know about Beerus is that he has existed for hundreds of millions of years already. That means that he has fought a lot of different people throughout his existence as a God of Destruction. He has the years under his belt to prove that he has fought plenty of different powerful fighters throughout his reign, even though he spends a good amount of time sleeping. Nevertheless, no matter how long he sleeps, it would take a very long time for any of the other mortals to catch up to his experience.

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This no longer needs any explanation because Beerus, as an immortal god, has fought and defeated countless people throughout the hundreds of millions of years that he has existed. On the other hand, Frieza may be quite old, but he hasn’t even scratched the surface of Beerus’s experience.

Black Frieza 0, Beerus 4


At this point, it can be argued that Frieza has the most impressive feat out of any of the other characters we have seen in Dragon Ball. That’s because he killed Gas, the strongest Universe 7 mortal, with a single hit. On top of that, he knocked Goku and Vegeta out while they were in their strongest forms without any effort whatsoever. No feat in Dragon Ball has ever come close to what Frieza did to Gas, Goku, and Vegeta in the manga.

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Beerus probably has had plenty of feats in his hundreds of millions of years of existence, but we haven’t seen a lot of impressive feats from him. His most impressive feat in the anime is constantly defeating Goku and Vegeta in sparring matches. However, in the manga, he easily overwhelmed Super Saiyan Blue Evolved Vegeta in their training session. The fact that he didn’t put any effort into any of his fights suggests that he still has a lot to show.


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While it might be true that Beerus is still stronger, Black Frieza’s feats are more impressive because they are quite concrete. Beerus is yet to show that he could defeat someone as strong as Gas or Ultra Instinct Goku. That’s why Frieza takes this point.

Black Frieza 1, Beerus 4

Black Frieza vs. Beerus: Who Would Win In A Fight?

As mentioned, Beerus has always been protected by plot armor in Dragon Ball because his constantly increasing power level has always been a plot device that the writers use to make sure that he is still stronger than Goku and Vegeta no matter how strong they get. That’s why, even though Frieza has thoroughly surpassed Goku and Vegeta in their strongest forms, Beerus is still probably a lot stronger because he has to always be stronger than any of the other mortals in Universe 7.

If Akira Toriyama and his team were to decide that Black Frieza would surpass Beerus in strength, the training sessions that Goku and Vegeta went through to surpass Beerus will all be useless. But if Black Frieza did indeed surpass Beerus, this opens up a unique plot that will allow the Saiyans to work hard so that they could eventually surpass the man who surpassed the God of Destruction himself.

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