25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

In this article, we are bringing you the 25 best Attack on Titan episodes – without too many spoilers. However, if you haven’t seen season 4, be warned! There are many on this list!

25. The War Hammer Titan: Season 4 – Episode 6

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Willy Tybur and Theo Magath are informed that their adversaries are going to assault the Liberio celebration and intend to take leverage of this. In the present, Eren Jaeger’s Attack Titan devours Willy and begins slaughtering the festival-goers. 

Lara Tybur transforms into the War Hammer Titan to confront him, as the freed Pieck and Porco Galliard watch the Scout Regiment’s appearance. The War Hammer Titan defeats Eren and requests his final words, but he is spared by Mikasa Ackerman, who disables the Titan in an unexpected strike.

24. Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3: Season 1 – Episode 25

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Throughout Stohess, Eren and Annie battle as Titans, inflicting damage and innocent deaths, while Hange orders her soldiers to stand by until Annie is captured. Mikasa, on the other hand, chops off Annie’s Titan fingers, causing her to collapse. 

As Annie falls, she recalls her father pleading for forgiveness, begging her to despise the world, and asking her to vow to return home. When Eren looks to be going to consume Annie, he stops when she begins to weep, and her body begins to encase itself in crystal. 

23. First Battle: The Struggle for Trost, Part 1: Season 1 – Episode 5

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Eren’s battle with the Colossal Titan comes to an end as the monster departs without a trace. The cadets are entrusted with the city’s defense, leading many to fear or lose hope, and Mikasa is concerned for Eren’s safety. The invading Titans rapidly annihilate Eren’s team as the combat begins. Eren saves Armin from certain death, but Eren is eaten in his place.

Eren recounts his experience as a cadet of the 104th Cadet Corps sometime after. A lecturer is reading a book on Titans in class, providing facts about them. Eren is startled to learn of their regeneration, the fact that they don’t need to feed, and their mysterious method of reproduction. 

22. Charge: Season 2 – Episode 11

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Historia agrees to stay by her side after hearing Ymir’s motivations. The assailants move up on the Armored Titan and corner Bertholdt, who refuses to hand up Eren. Erwin launches a ferocious assault on the Warriors, during which he is injured, but Eren is saved. Mikasa then vows she will not think twice about killing anyone who stands in her way of rescuing Eren. 

Suddenly, a Titan soaring above the Scouts crashes in front of them. Reiner launches Titans at the troops in a last-ditch strike in the distance, and Eren and Mikasa are dismounted in the ensuing mayhem. Titan moves through the dust clouds in the distance, and Eren knows it as the Titan who murdered his mother five years ago.

21. The Other Side of the Wall: Season 3 – Episode 22

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

The royal government chooses to make public the facts contained in Grisha Jaeger’s diaries, causing considerable confusion as people attempt to digest the news. However, work on murdering Titans using the Executioner from Hell continues until there are few remaining, at which point survivors are permitted to resettle in Wall Maria.

The Scout Regiment is allowed to conduct an excursion past Wall Maria to investigate the country outside a year after the assault on Trost District and six years well after the collapse of Wall Maria. 

The majority of the Scouts are willing to enjoy in the sea, but Eren Jaeger, knowing that this sight – one he so yearned for and romanticized as a beacon of liberty – in reality provides no freedom at all and that their true adversaries are on the other side of the sea.

20. I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4: Season 1 – Episode 8

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

The mysterious Titan is led to the Trost HQ by Mikasa, Armin, and Conny while Jean leads the cadets there. Outside, the Titan battles the others, while the cadets devise a method to eliminate the Titans from the supply room. Some cadets see the mystery Titan falling from fatigue after defeating the other Titans after replenishment. Eren Jaeger somehow emerges asleep from the Titan’s neck, alive and healed.

19. The Attack Titan: Season 3 – Episode 21

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

After “The Owl’s” Titan murdered the Marleyan troops and threw their ashes over the sea, he abandoned the Titan and scaled the Wall to Grisha. The Owl addressed himself properly to Grisha as Eren Kruger, an Eldian and heir to one of the Nine Titans. 

As Kruger’s health deteriorated, he indicated that he wants Grisha to carry out his plan. When Grisha questioned why Kruger did not execute it himself, Kruger replied that owing to the “Curse of Ymir,” all inheritors of the Nine Titans die in 13 years, and his time had passed.

18. Above and Below: Season 4 – Episode 16

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Floch Forster, Hange Zo, and a group of Jaegerists are on their way to a Forest of Giant Trees when they hear an explosion caused by Zeke Jaeger activating a Thunder Spear. As Zeke’s wounds heal, a Titan creeps up to him and rips open its gut, putting his body within.

Meanwhile, Yelena has gathered Dot Pyxis and other military dissidents in Shiganshina District. Eren Jaeger travels to meet with the incarcerated Gabi Braun to have her put out a distress signal to Marley in return for Falco Grice’s release. A camouflaged Pieck, on the other hand, confronts Eren and pretends she wants to help him eliminate Marley. 

17. Assault: Season 4 – Episode 7

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

As the Beast Titan joins the battle, the Scout Regiment and the Warriors square off. Though Pieck is initially confident about Marley’s prospects, the appearance of Armin Arlelt’s Colossal Titan, which wipes out all military reinforcements in Liberio’s port, alters the course of warfare. Porco Galliard breaks away from the group to assault Eren Jaeger, allowing Levi Ackermann to dethrone the Beast Titan. Pieck is quickly overrun by the Scouts and is on the verge of being murdered until Falco Grice intervenes.

16. Reply: Season 3 – Episode 5

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Erwin Smith argues the Scout Regiment’s necessity before the King and assembled nobility. Without the Scouts to battle the Titans, mankind may suffer civil war if the Walls were broken again, because there would be insufficient food to support both Wall Sina and Wall Rose. His arguments, however, fail, and the nobility demands his execution.

Anka Rheinberger reveals that Wall Rose has been broken, forcing the nobility to confront the situation Erwin just described. Despite Dot Pyxis’ order to evacuate the citizens in Wall Rose, the nobles overrule him and insist that the gates to Wall Sina be locked.

15. Midnight Sun: Season 3 – Episode 18

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Hange Zo and the rest of Levi Squad come after losing Reiner Braun to the Cart Titan to discover Eren and Mikasa Ackermann arguing with Levi for the injection, either verbally or physically. Hange ultimately talks Mikasa down, and Levi orders everyone to vacate the room so he can inject Erwin. 

When Erwin starts murmuring a childhood recollection, Levi believes it would be better to let him go. He injects Armin, who consumes Bertholdt and rises from his Pure Titan as his companions gather around him.

14. Warrior: Season 2 – Episode 6

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

The Scouts plan to reassemble in Trost from atop Wall Rose. Hange wishes to work with Ymir in the future, and Hannes confesses that they discovered no break in the Wall. Reiner pulls Eren aside and reveals his and Bertholdt’s identity as the Armored and Colossal Titans, and asks Eren to accompany them.

Eren denies the accusations, seeking to dismiss his skepticism; nevertheless, Reiner commits by healing a wound he received. Mikasa attacks him and Bertholdt, but they change into Titans and capture Eren and Ymir. Eren betrayed, turns into a Titan.

13. Assassin’s Bullet: Season 4 – Episode 8

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Tired of numerous fights in Liberio, Eren Jaeger defeats Reiner Braun before escaping with Mikasa Ackermann to the Scout Regiment’s airship. Gabi Braun pursues the Scouts as they flee, with Falco Grice attempting to stop her.

Once onboard, she proceeds to assassinate Sasha Braus before being overrun by the Scouts. Jean Kirstein takes the two into another chamber where Zeke is recuperating from the fake combat he had with Levi Ackermann. 

Everything had gone according to plan, except a few miscalculations, namely the two children. Hange Zo, on the other hand, is angry with Eren for forcing the Scouts to come to his assistance, and when Sasha dies from her injuries, Jean blames Eren for her death.

12. Savagery: Season 4 – Episode 14

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, and Armin Arlelt sit down to speak as Gabi Braun sits uncomfortably. Armin confronts Eren about the attack on Liberio. Eren claims that he chose to do so of his own free choice, but Mikasa believes he is being controlled. He becomes enraged and begins chastising the two for their lack of freedom: Armin for being misled by Bertholdt Hoover’s recollections, and Mikasa for her Ackermann ancestry. Eren informs Mikasa, with contempt, that he has always despised her. Armin and Eren engage in a fist battle, but the former is swiftly defeated.

11. Sole Salvation: Season 4 – Episode 15

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Zeke Jaeger reflects on his youth and how he was compelled to participate in his parents’ scheme to liberate Eldia from Marley. He befriends Tom Xaver, a Titan research team member, and intends to inherit the Beast Titan from him. He goes on to add that he would see to it that the plot to reclaim the Founding Titan succeeds. Zeke activates the Thunder Spear after regaining his memories, activating it, and catching Levi Ackermann off guard.

10. Forest of Giant Trees: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 2: Season 1 – Episode 18

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

The Female Titan decimates the Scout Regiment in its pursuit of Eren, killing every soldier it encounters. Meanwhile, Commander Erwin reroutes the formation to the Forest of Giant Trees.

When Squad Levi reaches the forest, they quickly come across the Female Titan. The squad begins to panic and asks Captain Levi for instructions, even though Levi appears calm amid the crisis.

9. Close Combat: Season 2 – Episode 7

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Eren confronts the Armored Titan in his Titan form, while the Scout Regiment assaults the Colossal Titan. A tornado of steam from Bertholdt’s Titan, however, stops them from approaching. Meanwhile, Eren is hopelessly outmatched until he recalls a particular combat technique he learned years ago from Annie. With Annie’s move, he has the upper hand, but a crushing intervention from the Colossal Titan puts the fight to an end.

8. The Town Where Everything Began: Season 3 – Episode 13

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Armin Arlelt discovers evidence of hostile activity and leads a party of soldiers in pursuit of the enemy’s hiding location. Reiner Braun is discovered lurking within the Wall, but Levi Ackermann seems unable to eliminate him before Reiner changes into the Armored Titan. 

The Beast Titan emerges outside the district, accompanied by a small force of Titans. It throws a boulder through the hole in the inner gate of the Wall, shutting off the district’s only available escape and isolating the Scout Regiment’s horses on the Titan side of the Wall. This closes the Scout Regiment’s sole escape route, forcing them to confront the Titans.

7. Declaration of War: Season 4 – Episode 5

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Willy Tybur performs a theatrical presentation of the Eldian past as it is remembered to the rest of the world, only to reveal that the actual conclusion of the Great Titan War was carried on by King Karl Fritz himself, who collaborated with the Tybur family to fabricate the myth of Helos. 

The King secluded himself and his people on Paradis Island and made a pledge to forego battle that would be enforced on his descendants, which would have kept the world free from Titans, seeing as how the Founding Titan has now passed to Eren, who is not bound by the same limitations as the royal lineage. Willy calls on the entire globe to join him in declaring war on Paradis.

6. Scream: Season 2 – Episode 12

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

After Hannes is devoured by the Titan that murdered Eren’s mother, Eren suddenly releases an immense power on the Titan, prompting the other Titans to swarm and rip it apart before pursuing Reiner and Bertholdt away. Ymir abandons the Scouts and joins the Warriors for personal reasons.

The Scouts eventually determine that the Titans that stormed Wall Rose were, in reality, Ragako’s human residents. As Eren commits himself to learning how to harness his newfound power, a recuperating Erwin believes that the world’s secrets will be revealed shortly.

5. To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1: Season 1 – Episode 1

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

One hundred years after the Titans first appeared, mankind is given a terrible reminder of the Titans’ menace. A Colossal Titan shows up over the Walls, despite people believing they were secure within the Walls, and breaches the Wall.

Eren and Mikasa, newly introduced characters, try everything they can to help the boy’s mother, who is buried beneath the rubble of their collapsed house, but they are forced to abandon her when a frightening Titan emerges. Eren watches as the Titan lifts her and eats her right in front of his eyes.

4. Thunder Spears Season 3 – Episode 14

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

The Scouts at the gate struggle against the Titans owing to previous casualties, but Eren offers a chance for the Scouts to utilize their new Thunder Spear guns against the Armored Titan inside Shiganshina. Hange Squad and Levi Squad are successful in blinding and damaging the Armored Titan’s nape.

3. Hero: Season 3 – Episode 17

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

Zeke kills the remaining Scout Regiment recruits and bemoans the waste of their lives. He is shocked, however, by Levi Ackermann, whose entrance was concealed by the Scouts’ deflective attack. Levi easily destroys Zeke’s Beast Titan, but just before he can use a Titan injection to feed Zeke to a survivor Scout, the Cart Titan assaults Levi and flees with Zeke. 

Zeke dispatches his surviving Titans to kill Levi off. Levi nearly kills his opponent, but they both live to fight another day.

2. That Day: Season 3 – Episode 20

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

“That Day” briefly returns to the current timeline to show that Eren isn’t simply daydreaming about his father’s history, but is exchanging memories with him. It’s as if he’s been transported back in time to his father’s awareness. 

It hints at yet another intriguing progression in how Titans may function across generations, but this episode is complicated enough already without Titan father-son relationship drama being added into the mix.

1. Perfect Game: Season 3 – Episode 16 

25 Best Attack on Titan Episodes (RANKED)

The Beast Titan’s rock bombardment destroys the Scouts, leaving Erwin Smith, Levi Ackermann, and the recruits as the sole survivors. Erwin bets everything on a final operation, knowing that they would almost certainly die regardless of what occurs. He leads all of the recruits in a fake suicide charge toward the Beast Titan, allowing Levi to approach and kill it unnoticed. This is without a doubt one of the most dramatic moments and episodes in the whole series.

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