Fans Choose the Top 10 Characters in the MCU, Revealing Surprising Results

top 10 best mcu characters

The MCU journey began 16 years ago with the release of ‘Iron Man’ in 2008. Since then, across 33 movies and numerous TV shows, we’ve been introduced to hundreds of characters. Whether their role was small or significant, each character had a chance to shine.

Selecting the best characters in such a vast cinematic universe is no easy task. That’s why we turned to Ranker, where over 50,000 fans cast their votes for their personal favorite MCU character. I must say, the number 1 choice surprised me. Let’s dive into the rankings!

10. Scarlet Witch (17980 Votes)

Rumors Scarlet Witch Wanted for a Solo Movie

Despite having one of the shortest character arcs in the MCU, Scarlet Witch’s story deeply resonated with fans. She endured loss, gained powers, and found love – a significant anchor in a chaotic world. Losing her love to Thanos and facing countless challenges along the way, she eventually experienced a profound breakdown during ‘WandaVision.’

While many fans were disappointed with her character’s conclusion, Scarlet Witch’s popularity leaves room for hope that she may return in a future MCU project.

9. Black Widow (18953 Votes)

'Black Widow' Review: Assassins, Action, Family and a Lot of Fun

Black Widow’s character in the MCU surpassed fans’ expectations, largely due to Scarlett Johansson’s stellar portrayal. Transitioning from a spy trained in the Russian Red Room to becoming one of the most prominent heroes in the ‘Avengers’ franchise has been an incredible journey. Fans were deeply moved when Black Widow sacrificed herself to obtain the Soul Stone, leaving many saddened by the loss and yearning for the development of her relationship with Hulk.

8. Rocket Raccoon (18994 Votes)

rocket raccoon

Sarcastic, occasionally toxic, yet brilliantly cunning and fiercely loyal, Rocket’s character arc is multifaceted. He played a crucial role in several significant moments throughout the MCU. However, what truly resonated with fans was the poignant unveiling of his tragic backstory in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.’

7. Doctor Strange (21768 Votes)


Doctor Strange began his journey as an egomaniac but, much like Black Widow, evolved into one of the MCU’s most pivotal characters. Would you believe that Joaquin Phoenix was nearly cast as the character?

6. Loki (21483 Votes)

Loki god of stories

In my opinion, Loki deserves a much higher ranking, especially considering all that unfolded in ‘Loki’ season 2. He transitioned from a villain to an unexpected ally to Thor, evolving into the God of Stories, ensuring fairness for everyone in the Universe.

5. Captain America – Steve Rogers (25553 Votes)

webstory captain america cover03

Steve Rogers was never portrayed as a villain or an anti-hero in the MCU, a rarity in today’s storytelling landscape where complex character arcs are often favored. However, what sets Captain America apart is his unwavering commitment to integrity, honesty, and doing what is right regardless of the challenges he faces.

4. Thor (26047 Votes)

thor vs hela

Thor’s character growth took a hit in ‘Love and Thunder,’ a fact even acknowledged by Chris Hemsworth. Fortunately, he has an opportunity for redemption in ‘Thor 5.’ Despite the recent setback, it hasn’t hindered his high ranking.

3. Spider-Man – Peter Parker (26661 Votes)

spider man far from home tom holland

Spider-Man has consistently been one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, so it’s no shock to see him rank so prominently on this list. Peter Parker has endured quite the journey in the MCU, facing significant losses in his latest film. Even Tom Holland admitted that the studio will face a challenge in surpassing the story’s impact.

2. Iron Man (28604 Votes)


At the apex of character development in the MCU stands Tony Stark, a figure deeply flawed with personality issues that many can relate to. Yet, he emerged as the greatest hero of the Infinity Saga, sacrificing everything, including his own life, to thwart Thanos and restore some semblance of normalcy to humanity. Although he had previously endangered humanity, Tony redeemed himself entirely in ‘Endgame.’

1. Stan Lee (34998 Votes)

Depositphotos 50749977 XL

Here’s the surprise I mentioned. Stan Lee, the fictional representation of the real-life comic book writer and editor, often portrayed himself in cameo appearances. He graced numerous Marvel films and TV projects, including many within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of these cameos even referenced Lee’s pivotal role in creating certain characters.

Who better to hold the number 1 spot than the man who made it all possible?

What are your thoughts on the list? Share them in the comments below!

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