‘Fast X’ Trailer 2 Breakdown: Gear Up for the Penultimate Installment of the Franchise

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The tenth installment of Universal Pictures’ biggest movie franchise, Fast & Furious, is set to premiere in theaters in one month. And to start the beginning of that final countdown until the premiere, Universal Pictures revealed one more trailer, which showed us some new footage from what we’ve seen in the first trailer. The trailer made some things clearer, but it also made some things a bit harder to understand, but we guess that was on purpose. No matter how many times we read: “they’ve put the whole movie in one trailer,” there are so many questions for which we can’t wait to find out the answers on May 19, when the movie hits theaters worldwide.

The Fast & Furious franchise is now in a phase where only fans that have followed the franchise for years can understand the characters and everything that’s happening. No matter how many times we hear that the franchise has run its course, you can be sure that Fast & Furious still has a lot of fans that pushed this franchise to earn more than $6 billion worldwide in total since it started in 2001. And two more movies are yet to be released, at least.

Yep, you’ve read it well. Only hours before we started writing this article, it was officially confirmed that Fast & Furious 11 is happening. The eleventh installment is set to serve as the finale of the main franchise, although who knows how many spin-offs we can still get from it.

But for now, let’s focus on Fast X. The first official trailer was released last February, providing the best look at what we can expect. This second trailer didn’t show us anything new in terms of story, but it showed us some new footage that complements some scenes from the first trailer, and it showed us how much more action, explosives, and family we can expect in this next installment. You can check the trailer down below. Please keep reading to read our breakdown.

‘Fast X’ Trailer 2 Breakdown

The family is back in action!

fast x trailer2 1

While the first movie started rather peacefully, at the barbecue in the Toretto’s backyard, where Rita Moreno’s Abuelita Toretto was giving us some classical speech about the importance of family, this second trailer started immediately with the action sequence. The first trailer has already shown us that one of the locations the family will visit in this movie will be Rome, and the first scene of the second trailer shows the family back in action on the streets of Rome.

As we already know, each family member drives a vehicle that suits them best. So, of course, Roman drives Lamborghini, Dom drives Dodge, and Letty drives a motorcycle. This movie also showed us Nathalie Emmanuel’s Ramsey behind the wheel again, so it looks like she finally got that one thing she didn’t have in the previous movie — a driver’s license. Or she didn’t get it yet. We’ll find out next month.


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Jason Momoa is undoubtedly charismatic as the new villain Dante Reyes!

fast x trailer2 2

When the movie started production, it was announced that Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa would join the movie as the new villain. The first trailer showed us that Momoa plays Dante Reyes, the son of Hernan Reyes, who was the main villain of 2011’s Fast Five. If you watched Fast Five, you already know what happened, and the trailers provided us with a flashback scene that explained Dante’s story. After more than a decade of planning, Dante is ready to strike Dom and his family as hard as he can.

The second trailer shows us that the family is in Rome, looking for a big spherical bomb, while Dante and his men control the bomb. Momoa’s villain is presented as a kind of quirky villain with some campy sense of humor, which we didn’t see in this franchise so far.

Cipher is back, and we’re afraid our theories might be true.

fast x trailer2 3

We always love watching Charlize Theron, no matter what role she plays. She debuted as the cyberterrorist Cipher in the eighth installment and had a minor role in the F9. Now, she will return, and we aren’t really fond of what we see. The franchise has already used the “make the villain from the previous movie a good guy” card too many times, and it would be just too much to do it again with Theron’s character, especially because Cipher is the villain who killed Elena Neves, the mother of Dom’s child.

We can’t know for sure, but the trailer showed us one scene where injured Cipher is lying on the couch in what awfully looks like a Toretto residence, and it looks like Dom is talking with her. We really hope Dom won’t be so stupid to trust her. Theron is really good at playing villains, and we really hope the franchise won’t try to take that away.

We’re back in Rio de Janeiro, where we meet Daniela Melchior’s Isabel!

fast x trailer2 4

The Fast & Furious franchise has visited dozens of worldwide known locations so far, and this one is no different. While this tenth installment will visit some new places like Rome and Antarctica, it will also return to the location where it all began between Dom and Dante. The Fast Five movie was set in Rio de Janeiro, and this tenth installment will now bring us back there. The first trailer already promised us some old-fashioned racing on the streets of Rio, and this trailer showed us that Dante isn’t really fond of general street-racing rules.


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Also, we got a new look at the new racer, Isabel, played by The Suicide Squad star Daniela Melchior. Isabel is a pretty mysterious character, given that after two trailers and all the information we gathered, we only know that she’s a Brazilian street racer with some strong tie to Dom’s past.

Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw returns!

fast x trailer2 5

It would’ve been a real missed opportunity if an action star like Jason Statham never joined the Fast & Furious franchise. Thankfully, producers knew that, so he debuted as Deckard Shaw in the post-credit scene of the sixth installment, where he “killed” the fan-favorite character Han. He played the main villain in the seventh installment, and after escaping from prison, he was forced to work with the good guys in The Fate of the Furious and the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. He appeared in F9 as well, but only in the post-credit scene, which teased his meeting with Han, who was, in fact, alive all along.

The tenth installment will now continue where that post-credit scene left off. Dwayne Johnson announced that he’d never return to the franchise unless it’s for the sequel of his own spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw, but it looks like Jason has no problem with that. While the family still doesn’t trust the older Shaw brother completely, it looks like he’ll be a good asset to the team, and we can’t wait to see him and Sung Kang’s Han working together, regardless of the history they share.

John Cena returns, this time as Uncle Jakob!

fast x trailer2 6

The franchise is always doing its best to maintain the balance of new and old characters, and this movie is no different. John Cena, who debuted as Jakob Toretto in the previous installment, now returns, but not in the role of a villain (which proves our statement that after the Shaw brothers and Jakob, it would be too much to make Theron’s Cipher join the good guys too).

After he helped Dom defeat Otto and the other bad guys that betrayed him in the previous movie, Jakob went into hiding from his former enemies. Now, he will return as the protective uncle whose task will be to protect Dom’s son from Dante and other bad guys. The sequence in a desert where Jakob is driving gave us some Mad Max vibes, to be honest.

Here is a new look at Brie Larson’s new character

fast x trailer2 7

The movie’s second trailer offered us a new look at Brie Larson’s new character — Tess. Since Larson joined the movie, there was a popular theory among fans that her role would be a sister of Brian O’Conner, but it was recently revealed that Tess is the daughter of Mr. Nobody, who Kurt Russell played in three previous installments. Tess is described as the rogue government agency representative who will ally with Dom and his family, although we bet there’s much more to her character than that.

The trailer showed Tess on the bridge, which looks like the same bridge in Rio from Fast Five where Hernan Reyes was killed, so there could also be some connection there. Interestingly, this second trailer didn’t provide any new information about Alan Ritchson’s character Aimes. We’ll need to wait for the movie to find out more about him.

Cipher and Letty are in Antarctica. What the hell are they doing there? Together!?

fast x trailer2 8

The movie’s first trailer offered much more footage featuring Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty than the second one, but this second trailer still showed us one scene for which we don’t know if we ought to be excited or terrified to see it. The first trailer showed us that Letty would be arrested and placed in a cell where Tess would apparently visit her.

The final scene of the first trailer gave us the first look at the long-awaited fistfight between Letty and Cipher. So, we thought that Cipher and Letty might both be apprehended and then taken to that facility where the fight would occur. It turns out we were terribly wrong, at least according to this second trailer.

Now it looks like Cipher and Letty will go there together on their own. The movie’s description announced that a part of the movie would take place in Antarctica, and this scene is definitely set there, judging by all the snow around. What the hell are Cipher and Letty doing together, we don’t know, and we’re not sure we want to know, but the trailer still showed us more footage from that long-awaited fistfight between these two ladies. So, even if we might not like the background, we have that fight to look forward to.


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Expect more action, explosions, and laws of physics that will be broken.

fast x trailer2 9

The previous movie, F9, has finally taken the franchise to space, and it’s pretty hard to top. Even though the fans were joking that the franchise would eventually go to space, we didn’t believe the writers would actually do it. So we just want to say: dear writers, we were joking, don’t listen to us next time! While the ninth movie did what it did, this tenth installment seems a lot more, and I can’t believe I’ll say this now, grounded! Please make no mistake; this will still be as Fast & Furious as it gets.

So, expect a lot of action, explosions, talking about the importance of family, and all kinds of laws of physics that simply do not exist in this world. Still, that’s one of the reasons this franchise has kept the worldwide popularity it holds.

While the last scene of the first trailer teased us with Letty vs. Cipher fight, the final scene of the second trailer showed us Dom in his Dodge as he jumps from a dam. This might not be jumping between skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, but it will certainly be one of those action highlights these movies are known for.

Fast X is written by Dan Mazeau, Justin Lin, and Zach Dean. Lin was set to direct but stepped down only a week into production. Louis Leterrier, who is known for directing Transporter 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Now You See Me, has signed to replace Lin. Leterrier already signed to direct the upcoming eleventh installment, which is set to be the final movie in the main Fast & Furious franchise.

Fast X is set to be released on May 19, 2023.

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