Feige Teases Significant Future Roles for Deadpool and Wolverine in the MCU X-Men

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We’re just weeks away from the release of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine,’ a highly anticipated film that promises to be a game-changer for the MCU. Amidst recent box office disappointments and lackluster projects, early projections suggest Disney could have the biggest hit of the year on its hands with this movie.

Beyond its potential financial success, the film also hints at fulfilling long-awaited fan desires since Disney acquired Fox and the rights to X-Men.

As we know, mutants like Namor, Kamala Khan, and Professor X have already been introduced in the MCU, but direct references to the X-Men themselves have been minimal.

With the release of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine,’ this is set to change, as the movie is rumored to feature numerous cameos from characters of the former Fox X-Men franchise.

The MCU’s reboot of the X-Men is currently in development, with Michael Lesslie set to write the script for the upcoming film. There have also been speculations about Deadpool and Wolverine playing roles in the future of the MCU.

While Feige avoided commenting directly on these rumors, he hinted that the era of X-Men in the MCU begins with the release of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’.

which is, July 26 is really when it all starts, when Deadpool & Wolverine comes out.

This isn’t the first instance where the upcoming movie has been directly linked to the X-Men live-action reboot. Industry insider Alex Perez recently suggested that ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ appears to be pivotal for mutants in the MCU.

Too early to tell, but from what I understand, the MCU iteration of the X-Men will be introduced post-Secret Wars. And there’s a reason for that, which will be explained in Deadpool and Wolverine.

Earlier reports indicate that ‘Secret Wars’ is planned to reboot the MCU by focusing on integrating the Fantastic Four and X-Men into the current cinematic universe while potentially leaving behind other elements.

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