Frieren: How Was Frieren Able to Defeat Aura? (& Why Did Aura Kill Herself?)

Frieren: How Was Frieren Able to Defeat Aura? (& Why Did Aura Kill Herself?)

The battle between Frieren and Aura is a major moment in the series and a pivotal scene in Frieren’s journey. As they discovered Lugner’s and Aura’s plan, the heroes proceeded to fight them, and Frieren went outside the city to face one of the Seven Sages of Destruction. Aura was quite confident that she would be able to defeat Frieren, but as it turned out, Frieren was the one who was able to win this exceptionally important fight. How did Frieren do it? And why did the battle end with Aura killing herself? Well, if you want to know, keep reading our article!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After Lugner’s deception was discovered, Frieren exited Granat’s town and went north, where she faced Aura the Guillotine and her army.
  • Aura the Guillotine used her Scales of Obedience to submit Frieren, and observing Frieren’s Mana, she was quite confident that she would win, but it turned out to be different.
  • Frieren used her Mana Suppression ability, something that Flamme taught her how to do, to trick Aura, and when she released her full Mana, it turned out that she was significantly stronger than Aura, so Aura had to submit to Frieren, as Frieren ordered to kill herself.

Frieren used Mana Suppression to trick Aura’s Scales of Obedience

We know that the recent episodes of Frieren: Beyond the Journey’s End were focused on Aura the Guillotine, one of the last remaining Sages of Destruction, whose intention was to trick Graf Granat into lowering the town’s defenses – which had been established by Flamme – and then to enter the town and kill its inhabitants. But, Frieren’s appearance foiled her plans, and at one point, Frieren went to face the powerful demon outside the village, and it was a clash to remember.

In fact, the two of them would soon clash, with Aura using her strongest attack and Frieren using her slickest move: the Scales of Obedience and Mana Suppression, respectively. What are they?

The Scales of Obedience are an extremely potent spell. Aura utilizes them to calculate her mana and compare it to her opponent’s mana. The weaker opponents become her obedient puppets for the remainder of their lives if her mana is higher. Graf Granat has stated that Aura’s ability is completely objective.

While she is an evil creature, the Scales of Obedience are objective. They will correctly evaluate the level of mana of the individuals involved, ignoring the fact that Aura is the caster. As a result, it gives Aura no benefit in battle unless she really is stronger than her opponent. This is why it is as risky as it is beneficial.


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As for Frieren’s trick, her ability – called Mana Suppression – allows her to actually hide the true level of her Mana. Mana Suppression takes a lot of effort to sustain over time. Frieren stated that any Elf could do that, but only for a short while because it needed a lot of work on their part. Flamme then told her that she wanted her to keep it suppressed all the time; this surprised Frieren, but she accepted, and Flamme taught her how to do it, which was crucial in her later bouts.

So, as you can see, these two techniques are quite intriguing. After Frieren initially defeated some of Aura’s immortal soldiers, Aura decided it was time to use her ultimate technique. Namely, Aura is an exceptionally powerful demon with high levels of Mana and the ability to see and read other characters’ Mana levels. Observing Frieren, Aura noticed that her Mana output wasn’t all that high and that, despite her amazing skills, Frieren wasn’t really all that powerful. But this is where she was wrong.

Namely, Aura quickly activated her spell, and it seemed that the scales would tip on Aura’s side and that Frieren would become Aura’s slave. But, despite the scales leaning towards Aura’s dark Mana, Frieren wasn’t all that concerned, and she even admitted to Aura that had she used the soldiers, her chances would have been better, but with the Scales, she would lose. This confused Aura, and suddenly, Frieren began to release more and more of her Mana, which caused the scales to lean over on her side.

At one moment, Frieren demonstrated her full level, and the scales completely tipped over, showing that Frieren was a lot more powerful than we thought and that Aura couldn’t really do anything against her. Aura was confused, but she soon fell under the control of her own spell, thus becoming Frieren’s slave. This is what Graf Granat said – the Scales of Obedience are completely objective and despite being Aura’s spell, they objectively evaluated that Frieren was stronger so they simply made Aura the slave of Frieren.

How did this happen? It was said that Aura became so powerful because she had been training for more than 500 years, and while Frieren was a lot older than that, it seemed that her level was weaker. But when Frieren released her Mana, it became apparent that her training had lasted much more than just 500 years, which explains why Aura was not a match for her.


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Why did Aura ultimately kill herself?

And that’s about it. We have explained how and why Frieren was able to defeat Aura, and when she was able to tip the Scales of Obedience on her side, she became completely obedient to her, and she had to do anything that Frieren asked of her. Declaring herself to be the winner, Frieren ordered Aura to kill herself, and as someone who was fully obedient to her at that moment, Aura could only obey her, and that is what she did. She took a sword and sliced her throat, thereby ending her life and doing what Frieren asked of her.

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