Frieren: Which Characters Will Die in the Anime?

Frieren: Which Characters Will Die in the Anime?

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Being a fantasy manga, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is naturally filled with all kinds of fantasy creatures, all of which are taken from Western fantasy works. Now, Frieren is still ongoing, and the situation with the series is unknown, as we don’t know how it will end, but we can understand that fans want to know what happens to some characters in the series. In this article, we have decided to provide you with a guide to the fates of the main characters seen in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End manga and anime series.

Now, as we have said, not all details are known, so what we are going to do here is provide you with an overview of the most important characters in the series and tell you what happens to them in the series. Some characters have already finished their stories in Frieren, so we know what happens to them, but most stories are still ongoing, and we are going to present you with the current state of things and tell you what we think will happen in the series in the future. This article will be regularly updated to reflect the newest changes in the series.

Will Frieren die?

will frieren die

Status: Alive (ongoing)

Frieren is the titular protagonist of the series and is its main character. She is an Elf mage who is already 1,000+ years old but still looks like a girl. It is a known fact that Elves live for a long time, and while they are not immortal, they can outlive every other race in the series. At this point, Frieren’s death doesn’t look likely, as she is the protagonist, so she might possibly die of old age in the end, but even that is only a possibility.

Will Fern die?

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Status: Alive (ongoing)

Fern is one of the protagonists of the series, and she is a human mage who is Frieren’s apprentice and a member of the current hero party. She is very loyal to her master, and she is also quite powerful, which is why she is such an important character in the series. Seeing how she is a human, she will certainly die of old age, but that is the distant future (as she is still very young), and based on what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem likely that she is going to die in the series, as she is one of the main characters in the series.

Will Stark die?

image 2023 10 31 151554919

Status: Alive (ongoing)

Stark is Eisen’s former apprentice and a human “hero” who takes on Himmel’s role in the current Hero Party led by Frieren. Although he is exceptionally talented, skilled, and unbelievably strong (even Eisen admitted that Stark was exceptionally powerful), he is also cowardly and does not like to fight, so he will avoid fighting whenever possible. Despite his skills, he still trembles in front of powerful opponents. As he is a protagonist, it doesn’t seem likely that Stark is going to die anytime soon, but he will certainly die of old age.


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Does Graf Granat die?

image 2023 10 31 151911016

Status: Alive

Graf Granat is a secondary character, a human who is in charge of a town in the North and who was fighting Aura the Guillotine’s forces before Frieren defeated her. He had lost a son, and when we first saw him, he was already a very tired man. As a human, he is certainly going to die of old age later, but he managed to survive the events shown in the series, and he is currently alive, despite having a very tough time dealing with Lügner, who wanted to trick him and, when he was unable to do so, torture him into lowering his town’s defenses.

Does Flamme die?

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Status: Deceased

Flamme was a famous and extremely powerful human mage who was also Frieren’s teacher. Flamme found Frieren when she was just a child, not long after demons had attacked her village. She took her in and taught her to become a mage, leaving her in Serie’s care later. Flamme was a human, so her lifespan, despite her magical abilities, was limited, as humans live the shortest in the world of Frieren.

Although the series hasn’t provided us with much details yet, we can actually confirm that Flamme is dead in the series, and we assume that she died of old age, as the authors haven’t presented us with a proper story yet, so we assume that there is not much to tell in this aspect.

Does Eisen die?

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Status: Alive

Eisen is a Dwarf who was a member of the original Hero Party, and he participated in defeating the Demon King. He does not speak much, but he is quite wise and intelligent. He could also read other people well, and on top of that, he was exceptionally strong and a very skilled fighter.

Eisen, as a Dwarf, lives longer than humans but not nearly as long as Elves. We can confirm that he is still alive in the series (the only member of the original Hero Party, aside from Frieren herself, to be alive), but he is very old and very weak, and he himself has said that he does not have much more to live.

Did Himmel die?

image 2023 10 31 153042957

Status: Deceased

Himmel was the leader of the original Hero Party. He was a regular human but a very powerful and skilled warrior who not only led the party that defeated the Demon King but also helped around the world, thus becoming a true hero of the people in Frieren. As he was a regular human, his lifespan was severely limited in comparison to that of Frieren and even Eisen, so when Frieren visited him again after several decades, he was an old man who was near the end of his life. After witnessing the meteor shower with his friends once again, Himmel died of old age and is currently dead in the series.

Did Heiter die?

image 2023 10 31 153436898

Status: Deceased

Heiter is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters in the series. He was a member of the original Hero Party as a priest, but aside from drinking a lot of alcohol, no one really knew what his role was. Still, he was lauded as a hero during his life, although he himself stated that he was far from it. He announced his death early on but went on to live for years, reaching old age.


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He took care of Fern when she was little and persuaded Frieren to take her in as her apprentice. After succeeding in that, he finally succumbed to his old age and died, which means that he is currently dead in the series, just like Himmel; Eisen and Frieren are the only surviving members of the original Hero Party, as we’ve said.

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