Gorr vs. Superman: The God Butcher vs. The Man of Steel: Who Would Win?

Gorr Vs Superman

Who would win in a fight between Gorr, The God Butcher, and Superman, The Man of Steel? This is something a lot of fans have been wondering since Gorr got his screen-time in Thor: Love And Thunder. Marvel’s Gorr is the sworn enemy of Gods and he spent his life on a mission to kill as many gods as possible, while DC’s Superman is a Kryptonian with superstrength and his duty to protect. It would be interesting to see who would win in a clash between these two, and that is exactly what we’ll talk about in this article. So, who would win?

Gorr the God Butcher would win in a fight against Superman. This would be a very close match-up due to the fact that both of them have external power sources, solar power and Necrosword respectively. Gorr spent thousands of years killing various powerful gods so Superman’s abilities wouldn’t surprise him and he would try to find a way to defeat him just like many others before him, and Superman doesn’t really have anything up his sleeve that Gorr is particularly vulnerable to. 

So, this is not a black-or-white scenario. These two are both very powerful characters but their strength varies. Superman’s strength is dependent on his exposure to solar power while Gorr drains his power from his Necrosword and how many gods he killed recently. So, there are a lot of variables to consider, and that is what we’ll do in the next few paragraphs.

Strength and Durability

Gorr was a creature living on a planet without a name and wasn’t especially strong as he was facing starvation and death. It wasn’t up until he got his hand on Necrosword which granted him his godly super strength. His strength is demonstrated when he is able to rip off Ockty’s head and hold down the Stormbreaker when Bifrost was pulling them up.

The Necrosword also gave Gorr superhuman durability and he is able to withstand many high-impact attacks at the same time as seen when he was fighting against Thor and Mighty Thor.

Superman’s strength is widely known to be immense. He is able to move mountain tops and can create powerful sonic booms with just the clap of his hands. His endurance on the field of battle is also more than decent as he was able to withstand nuclear explosions and survived a supernova caused by Brainiac. The supernova vaporizes the whole planet but only knockouts Superman.

So while the Gorr may have more strength when wielding his sword, I would say that Superman is a more durable one. So, a point to both of them.

Gorr 1, Superman 1.


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Powers and Abilities

Gorr uses All-Black The Necrosword and with it, he slew many gods and is very skilled in wielding it. The Necrosword granted Gorr superhuman speed when in combat and his reflexes became fast enough to dodge attacks and surprise his enemies. He could dodge Mjolnir and block Thor’s lightning blasts. Gorr can travel from shadows to Shadow Realm and can easily summon Necrosword towards him.

With his powers, he is also able to summon other creatures to his aid and can use summoned tentacles to bind his enemies. Gorr is a skilled fighter and wielder of the sword as he has spent thousands of years battling gods throughout the whole universe.

gorr sword

On, the other hand, Superman has the ability to fly super fast, is extremely strong, and has laser vision. He also has super reflexes and can perceive events and motions around him in slow motion. In that way, he can predict and dodge attacks and react to potential dangers.

As his combat skills go, he is capable to adapt to various styles, depending on his opponent, and matching him in battle. Superman also has a lot of experience in the field of battle, as he was up against Brainiac, General Zod, Black Adam, and many more.

They both get a point.

Gorr 2, Superman 2.

So yes, these two are extremely powerful and a fight could go any way. The key factor that would decide the winner could be their weaknesses.


Gorr’s main weakness is the same thing that is the source of his power, the Necrosword. While granting him great powers, the sword also possessed him in a way, slowly killing him in the process. His power is dependent on his symbiote which draws power from the blood of slain gods. In other words, the more gods Gorr slays, the more powerful he is and vice versa. So, once the sword is destroyed or when Gorr is somehow prevented from using it, he becomes vulnerable.

Besides Kryptonite, Superman has other weaknesses also. During his battle with Black Adam, it was shown that magic-induced attacks can damage Superman’s endurance and steadily cause damage. So, it is very possible that Necrosword’s powers would also make him vulnerable. He is also vulnerable to Red Sun exposure as Cryptonians lose their powers when exposed to it.

Gorr 3, Superman 2


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Gorr vs. Superman: The God Butcher vs. The Man of Steel: Who Wins?

In this epic clash, it really is not so simple to decide. Gorr is incredibly strong when wielding Necrosword, and he’s motivated by a vendetta against all Gods. Superman is powerful and durable but he doesn’t have that thirst to kill no matter what the cost. Gorr would be willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if that meant killing Superman. Nevertheless, Superman’s ethics and righteousness always keep him sharp and clear-minded. He does not let his emotions overrule him. But ultimately, Gorr The God Butcher would prevail.

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