GTA V: Here’s Why Bulletproof Tires Won’t Slow You Down

GTA V Heres Why Bulletproof Tires Wont Slow You Down

Grand Theft Auto players have access to a wide range of incredible vehicle upgrades, as well as some nifty adaptations for wheels and tires. While Bulletproof tires have been the rage for many GTA Online fans over the years, there’s still debate regarding whether or not they affect vehicle performance and slow you down in GTA Online.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Bulletproof tires do not slow down vehicles in GTA Online, despite the topic being surrounded by speculation for many years.
  • Bulletproof tires only serve as armor for vehicle wheels, allowing them to take more damage before being busted, but they do not have any known side effects.

Bulletproof Tires in GTA Online

The GTA Online saga has seen a ton of new additions thanks to Rockstar Games’ various updates and patches over the years – many of which have introduced awesome heists and missions, as well as incredible events such as the weekly Prize Ride challenge. Still, this title’s huge selection of amazing cars, bikes, and off-roaders has always been the backbone of the entire franchise.

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Fans can purchase various spectacular upgrades and accessories from the mechanics at Los Santos Customs, including upgrades that enhance vehicle performance, speed, power, and much more. However, the game also includes several options for players who want to spruce up their wheels.

Regarding GTA Online, players must consider far more than simply taking wheel damage from police spike strips and traps – tons of armed competitors lurking around every corner. Some players may simply be looking for some fun via a random combat encounter, while others may be trying to kill a revealed player in an attempt to complete daily challenges and receive rewards.

Either way, GTA Online players need to ensure that all of their bases are covered – this is where Bulletproof tires come in, as they’re the perfect option for added wheel strength and durability. Bulletproof tires allow the player’s vehicle to take extra damage before getting destroyed by sudden, rapid gunfire.

Although, even if the player’s car doesn’t get destroyed, having busted tires will make turns incredibly challenging while lowering the vehicle’s top speed – making getaways that much harder. They’re great for just about any player and playstyle, as they can be fitted onto classic sports cars, stolen street cars that have been upgraded and saved, and even amazing two-wheeled vehicles such as the infamous Western Nightblade.

Do Bulletproof Tires Slow You Down in GTA Online?

Bulletproof tires have been a popular option for many fans over the years. Depending on the scenario, they can be extremely beneficial for just about every GTA Online player. Considering that the idea of “bullet-proofing” tires involves a wild sense of creativity and the use of some additional materials, many players assumed that Bulletproof tires in GTA Online would have a slowing effect.

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Rockstar Games is infamous for making each gaming title as realistic as possible, often grabbing inspiration from real-world objects and scenery, such as infamous structures and buildings, famous cities and locations, iconic vehicles or vessels as seen with the Kosatka Submarine, and much more. However, when it comes to the various modifications and upgrades available for players’ vehicles, things are certainly more fictional – and for a ton of good reasons.

Although “bulletproof” tires in the real world would likely be far heavier than regular rubber tires, the Bulletproof tires in GTA Online appear to have the exact same weight and specs as normal tires (apart from all of the armor-like benefits, of course). Much like how Transmission Upgrades in GTA Online do not lower the vehicle’s potential top speed, Bulletproof tires do not slow players down.

Players have found that GTA Online vehicles can have the exact same speeds with or without Bulletproof tires. In fact, cars with Bulletproof tires can end up being faster than those without in some cases – it all depends on the skill of the driver as well as the car’s suitability for the track and not the nature of the car’s wheels in-game.

Creating vehicles coupled with driving or upgrading mechanics with too many realistic or complex inner workings may be considered “less than fun” for many players – especially those just in it for the ride. Many of the vehicle upgrades have been designed without realistic downfalls as a result.

How To Get Bulletproof Tires in GTA Online

Although quite a few players have argued that one needs to get Rank 25 before being able to unlock Bulletproof tires, these tires are actually unlocked at Rank 20. Like other upgrades and accessories in GTA Online, Bulletproof tires can be purchased from one of the numerous Los Santos Customs locations – of course, that’s when Los Santos Customs is actually open.

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The option to purchase Bulletproof tires can be found under the “Tires Enhancements” tab.

Bulletproof tires generally cost $4,000 in GTA 5 Story Mode, but they cost much more in GTA Online with a price of $25,000. Still, considering that GTA Online is multiplayer with an inherent “Free Play” style and includes a ton of opponents who are ready to shoot out your tires at any moment, it’s definitely worth the price.

Can You Remove Bulletproof Tires in GTA Online?

Unfortunately, players are not able to remove Bulletproof tires from their vehicles once they have already made the choice to purchase the upgrade. Players are essentially forced into obtaining another vehicle and simply choosing to go without Bulletproof tires from there.

Fortunately, the only major reason for wanting a vehicle without Bulletproof tires is when players need a vehicle that’s perfect for drifting. Most players find that Bulletproof tires can come in handy in a variety of scenarios, and it’s usually better to have this upgrade overall.

That’s everything there is to know about Bulletproof tires in GTA Online, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. Despite the fact that many players have claimed Bulletproof tires have a negative impact on each vehicle’s performance on the road, they do not actually slow down players or hinder vehicle acceleration in any way.

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