Hagoromo vs. Isshiki: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Hagoromo vs Isshiki: Who Would Win in a Fight?

The Ōtsutsuki Clan is one of the most powerful groups in the Naruto and Boruto series and just when the original Naruto fans thought that they were done with the Ōtsutsuki Clan, Boruto brought the clan back and they’re a threat to the protagonists once more. In this article, we are going to focus on two members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, one from the older generation and one from the new, as we are going to analyze Hagoromo and Isshiki Ōtsutsuki to determine who the stronger of the two is and why that is like it is.

Based on the feats they have done in the manga and anime, Hagoromo is significantly stronger than Isshki. Isshiki is, indeed, a powerful fighter, but Hagoromo is undoubtedly one of the strongest members of the clan, as he was able to seal Kaguya back during her prime. Isshiki is simply not on the same level as Hagoromo. 

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why Hagoromo would ultimately be able to defeat Isshiki in a direct fight.

Chakra and Physical Prowess

Being a man of great wisdom and power, Hagoromo invented Ninshū as a way to bring peace to a war-torn world, sharing his Chakra to connect everyone. With this, Hagoromo intended to connect all human beings and bring harmony by giving people a better understanding of themselves as well as each other. Following the death of Hagoromo, people began to connect both their physical and spiritual energy by joining their Chakra and amplifying it and turning it into a new power to fight each other and widen the gap that already existed in humanity, this became known as like ninjutsu.

Hagoromo full appearance

Isshiki is a very resilient man, able to survive being cut in half long enough to find a new host. While possessing Jigen, Isshiki displayed incredible prowess in unarmed combat. Even without Jigen’s body having access to most of his power, he exhibits tremendous speed and strength, easily knocking Naruto back with a kick, impressing the Hokage with his reaction. and effortlessly catching a punch from Kawaki while his Kama was activated, causing Kawaki visible pain by simply twisting his arm.

Isshiki wields an extremely powerful chakra, compared to Naruto’s in his Rikudō Sage Mode. His reserves and strength at full power are able to overwhelm Jigen’s body with their sheer intensity. Even limiting herself, her sinister chakra was already strong enough to terrify Ino Yamanaka to the point of collapsing her.

When he unleashes more of his power through Jigen’s Kama, his chakra is such that it intimidates Sasuke and forces him to run away, then disturbs him and Naruto. As noted by Amado and Isshiki himself, his chakra is so massive that he requires a suitable vessel to support him, for if he were to be reborn in Jigen’s body, the man’s body would die within days. Isshiki thinks three days would be the limit.

Both members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan are extremely powerful chakra wielders, as you can see, they have enormous physical capabilities, but Hagoromo is so much above Isshiki, that there is absolutely no doubt that he wins this one.

Points: Hagoromo 1, Isshiki 0


In the anime, Hagoromo awakened the Sharingan after finding Haori’s corpse. While using the Dōjutsu, Hagoromo gained a heightened ability to perceive and could apparently keep it active indefinitely. Notably, when he awakened the Sharingan, he did so with three tomoe in each eye. In the anime, seeing that he couldn’t stop Hamura who was being controlled by his mother, Hagoromo was forced to mortally wound him which caused him to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan.

Hagoromo was able to quickly control his new power by managing to use the Susanoo and raise it to its maximum form, with which he was able to fight on par with the Ten-Tails, being able to block a Tailed Beast Ball with great ease just using his sword. Due to him simultaneously awakening the Mangekyō Sharingan alongside the Rinnegan, Hagoromo apparently did not suffer from the side effects of continued use of said eye.

Rinnegan Hagoromo inherited a form derived from his mother’s third eye, the Rinnegan. In the anime, Hagoromo awakened the Rinnegan after nearly killing Hamura to save him from Hamura’s influence. Hagoromo was thought to have been the only one capable of mastering the Rinnegan to a level very close to perfection. This power allowed him to have the ability to manipulate and control the five basic elements of nature.


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Isshiki uses the Sukunahikona, it is a dōjutsu that deploys the strength of the user facing the object he is looking at. This pupil has its own aspect and is present in Isshiki’s right eye. Any object he looks at is deported to a parallel dimension where time is stopped. After making an object disappear, if he needs to, he can use the Daikokuten secret technique to bring them back to the “normal world”. Isshiki also uses the Byakugan present in his left eye.

Hagoromo can use the Sharingan and the Rinnegan, and was able to master both of them to a near-perfect level. Isshiki is definitely deficient in this category, which is why Hagoromo gets the point.

Points: Hagoromo 2, Isshiki 0


Although Hagoromo’s full potential is not known, he is considered the most powerful figure in history, only surpassed by his own mother Kaguya, a title that was demonstrated after having defeated the Ten-Tails with his brother Hamura, a beast who was considered a deity. Hagoromo began to be praised after becoming the first Jinchūriki with the great power of the Ten-Tails. He was also the first man to understand the nature of the Chakra itself.

This wisdom, along with his Kekkei Mōra, the Rinnegan, allowed him to create the original form of Ninjutsu, the Ninshū. With these powers at his disposal, Hagoromo gained a huge following, men and women from all over the world who strove to learn his teachings.

His Chakra power was so great that he was even able to transcend time, being able to continue observing the world and meeting people many centuries after his death. It was further established that Hagoromo’s power contained the Yin-Yang Element.

Isshiki27s Teleporting Rift

He used the Chakra Absorption technique, which was powerful enough to absorb Sasuke’s Amaterasu, as well as levitation. Through the Inton, he communicated with other people using genjutsu. Isshiki’s staves were also capable of draining a victim’s chakra. He could use Space-Time Ninjutsu, able to access what seemed to be his personal dimension.

The crater-like battlefield formed a gigantic hermetic coffin, with its lid hanging above the clouds. By using an airtight container to perform a powerful fūinjutsu, he was able to seal Naruto inside. Only Isshiki himself could break the seal and split it, which would have destroyed everything inside.

Isshiki seems to be the better fighter of the to, as he has achieved greater feats during the narrative and has, also, fought much tougher opponents than Momoshiki. This is why he gets the point.

Points: Hagoromo 3, Isshiki 0

Bukijutsu / Taijutsu

Hagoromo was shown to possess two objects. One of them was what seemed to be a katana, implying that he was a skilled shinobi in the field of Kenjutsu, and the other object that he carried was a Shakujō, a Buddhist ringed staff that monks usually use. In the same way, he possessed a double Shakujō formed from the Gudōdamas.

Hagoromo also made a large sword that has a shape similar to a DNA chain, which is called the Sword of Nunoboko, with which he was able to help himself create the world. This sword, being made up of Chakra spheres, has the ability to eliminate all Ninjutsu.


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Although he was controlling Jigen’s body, Isshiki was a hand-to-hand combatant with immense capabilities, having personally and brutally trained Kawaki to master this style of combat. He possessed immense speed and physical strength, kicking Naruto far away with ease, impressing the Hokage with his reaction, as well as casually catching a punch from Kawaki with his Karma active, causing him visible pain by twisting his hand. arm of him At the same time, he had incredible stamina, as he took a kick from Naruto in Kurama Mode and Sage of Six Paths Mode to the jaw without sustaining any injuries.

Now, since both of them focus on two different techniques, we couldn’t really decide the winner here, so we decided to split the points in the final category.

Points: Hagoromo 4, Isshiki 1

Hagoromo vs. Isshiki: Who wins?

As you can see, the difference between Hagoromo and Isshiki is enormous. Sure, Isshki might seem powerful from the perspective of Boruto, but you have to understand that his “competition” here is much weaker. The Clan members from Naruto were true monsters – just remember Kaguya – and Hogoromo is considered to be the second most powerful among them, behind only Kaguya. How can Issihki compare to that?

He cannot. Hagoromo is a truly amazing fighter and whatever Isshiki would throw at him, Hagoromo would be able to counter and throw back something even stronger. This is reflected in the points, but if you think about it, it amounts to the same thing regardless of that. Hagoromo is definitely the stronger one.

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