Minecraft: Here’s How To Make Items and Blocks Unbreakable

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It’s incredibly frustrating having to play Minecraft on a server and being griefed all the time. Heck, it’s even frustrating when you accidentally blow something up in your single-player world, and usually, unless it’s bedrock, you can’t do anything to reverse the damage. Your only option is to build everything that’s been blown up from scratch again. It would be much easier if items and blocks were simply unbreakable in Minecraft, so how do you do that?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Making a block or an item unbreakable in Minecraft requires you to use a command block.
  • You’ll set the command block on repeat and always active and type in the command /setblock X Y Z coordinates where you want the command to be placed, followed by typing in the type of block that you want to set and be unbreakable.

The use of unbreakable blocks

This command’s uses are endless and only limited by your imagination. You might want to mess with your friends and get them to try and break simple blocks but to no avail, leaving them frustrated or perhaps even thinking that the server is laggy. You might want to keep your base safe from griefers in a fashionable manner.

You could also make a custom map where you’ll have players join and prevent them from breaking the walls of your awesome building or perhaps an escape room. However, escape rooms are usually made with bedrock only, which is a naturally unbreakable block in Minecraft survival mode. Only the sky is the limit when it all comes down to it, but these are likely the most probable uses for them.

Unbreakable blocks command: differences between Java and Bedrock

There’s virtually no difference between making blocks unbreakable in Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock, but that’s only when talking about the base version of the game. Truth be told, there are much simpler ways to make blocks or numerous blocks unbreakable, and this can happen through the use of mods.

I’m not saying that Minecraft Bedrock Editon does not have some of these mods, but they are somewhat different and will cost you money if you ever decide to use them instead of the command block I was telling you about earlier. Let’s check out some of these mods and how you can make blocks unbreakable with them.

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WorldEdit mod + World Guard

In the vanilla version of the game, you are limited with what you can decide is not breakable, but combining these two mods expands your capabilities. World Edit helps you mark the area you deem unbreakable, and the World Guard mod makes the blocks unbreakable, so let’s look at some of the commands you might want to use and what they do.

If you’d like to mark a whole area of the world that you’ll put into an unbreakable world, you will first need to mark the area using WorldEdit. To do this, access your command box and type in //wand. This will give you a magic wand(usually an axe) that allows you to mark the place you’ll then edit. You’ll want to mark the blocks that mark the bottom limit and the block that marks the upper limit, so the imaginary line that would run from both these points should be vertical.

They will be marked as position one and two, and you’ll mark the first with your want in hand and right-clicking and then position two by left-clicking. You can also change the area selection shape, but you can read about that in the WorldEdit files. You can select a sphere shape, an ellipsoid shape, and many others. Now, onto the commands you can use with World Guard.

  • /expand vert – this command will expand your block selection all the way down to bedrock and all the way up to the build limit.
  • /rg define – this reads as region define, and it basically allows you to name the region you just selected, so name it accordingly after the define part of the commands. World guard will immediately protect this region from everything once you define it – give it a name.
  • /rg flag ‘name of region’ passthrough allow – this command will give you more freedom in choosing what’s allowed in this region and what isn’t. You’ll understand this bit better once I tell you what else you can do. You will set specific flags.
  • (/rg flag ‘name of region’ block-break deny – this makes it so other players can’t break other blocks with their tools or hands. This is the one and true command for unbreakable blocks using the mod so stop here if you don’t want to know about what else is available. To allow the block to break again, you would simply replace deny with allow.
  • /rg flag ‘name of region’ pvp deny – this prevents players from damaging other players in that area.
  • /rg flag ‘name of region’ block-place deny – this prevents players from placing

How to make items unbreakable

It isn’t easy to comprehend what it means for items to be unbreakable in Minecraft cause you can’t actually mine them to break them. You might be thinking of items in item frames so that they’re unbreakable, but that’s not what I mean. Besides, not being able to break items in item frames would be pretty useless.

What I mean by unbreakable items is that they can’t disappear when you die or that you can’t drop them when you die, and that they don’t have a durability limit so that you can always keep using the same one. How would one approach to do that? Luckily, making items unbreakable in Minecraft doesn’t require fancy mods; it just requires you to enable cheats.


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To give yourself an unbreakable item, you must type in the command /give @p minecraft:diamond_pickaxe {Unbreakable:1}. If you want to always keep it in your inventory even when you die since it’ll disappear after 5 minutes of not being picked up, you type in the command /gamerule keepInventory true, and that’s it. Of course, none of your items will disappear if you type in this command, and you can’t focus it on one item only.

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