Minecraft: Here’s How & Why Spiders Become Invisible

Heres How Why Spiders Become Invisible in Minecraft

We’ve all encountered more than a few spiders in Minecraft. It’s safe to say they’re a nuisance because they fight you by repeatedly jumping at you and trying to bite you. It would be even worse if the spider were to become invisible, right? It just so happens that it can happen, so how do they become invisible, and how do you deal with it?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Spiders don’t become invisible, they spawn invisible, and there’s about a 20% chance that a spider will spawn with the invisibility status effect.
  • If you’ve never played in hardcore mode, you’ll never encounter these since the chances apply only when you’re playing in a hardcore world.
  • Another limits factor is if you play on a console since hardcore mode doesn’t exist in Bedrock Edition.

All about spiders

Although we’re used to spiders being a hostile mob that shows up in the worst possible moment, they are actually a neutral mob, meaning that they only turn hostile if certain conditions are met. For Endermen, this condition is that you have to attack them or look at them, but for spiders, it’s a bit different.

They are neutral up until light level 12. They become hostile when the light level decreases and lowers to 11 or below. They have a unique ability to climb walls which can get annoying when you try and get to a safe place to avoid all hostile mobs from attacking you. They will still turn hostile if you attack them while exposed to direct sunlight.

They spawn when light levels turn seven or lower, so it’s not like you encounter them in broad daylight often, but when you do, maybe leave them alone; they won’t hurt you; they’re just spiders in the end.


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Mob loot drops

Upon killing a spider, you’ll receive up to 2 strings, have a 1/3 chance of receiving a spider eye, and five experience points. You can use string to craft bows, fishing rods, candles, crossbows, leads, looms, scaffolding, and even wool. You are also able to craft a bundle by combining it with a rabbit hide. A bundle is used as a storage item to help you manage items inside your inventory. You’ll basically get to combine multiple items in one inventory slot.

If you’re terrible at organizing your inventory and chests like me, I’m sure you’ll be as excited as I am about this storage item. Perhaps it’ll help us keep the chest and inventory monsters at bay, or maybe, it’ll make them even worse than they were.

How to prevent spiders from climbing the roof of your base

Spiders can only climb full blocks, meaning that any half block followed by a full block will prevent them from climbing further. If you don’t want them to reach the roof of your base, I suggest you surround the edges of where the bottom of your home and the top meet with slabs. They also can’t climb glass panes. They will get stuck there and won’t be able to move further.

Spawn-proofing your roof is another thing entirely. If you don’t light it up with torches, not only will spiders spawn, but other hostile mobs as well. If you don’t mind the occasional mob on your roof, it’s okay since they will burn out in the sunlight eventually, but spiders won’t.

Is there an invisible spider in Minecraft?

Status Effect Spiders

Ah, the invisible spider. One of the great mysteries of Minecraft. It sneaks up on you without you even realizing it, teases you, and in the end, kills you. The invisible spider is a god among arthropods; others answer to it and spend their days abiding by God’s will. The sole goal of this God is to make the player’s life miserable…

I might have exaggerated a bit with this little story, but yes, the invisible spider exists or can spawn. There are four versions of spiders with special effects: The invisible spider, the speed spider, regenerating spider, and the strongman spider. These spiders only exist in hardcore mode, though.

So occasionally, a pack of spiders will spawn with all these effects present, and they’ll keep these effects for 3.3 Minecraft years. It would take around a month in the real world for the effects to wear off. You can clearly see the effects you’re dealing with since the speed effect spider emits light blue particles, the strength effect orangey-red particles, the regeneration effect spider pink particles, and the invisibility effect spider is pretty apparent even without the particle.

You can spot the spider affected by the invisibility effect by finding their eyes that are still visible even when under the effect. It may be harder to spot, but it’s not impossible. In the same way, you can spot an Enderman under the invisibility effect by looking for its eyes that aren’t affected.

How do spiders become invisible?

There’s a 20% chance that the spider will spawn with the invisibility effect. All the other effects have the same percent chance, except the spider affected by speed has a 40% chance of spawning, but that only happens with cave spiders that choose their own status effect. In the case of a regular spider, there’s a 10xregional clamp difficulty% chance that the pack will spawn with status effects.


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This can only happen on hardcore, so if you’ve never played on hardcore, it’s not possible for you to ever encounter a spider with any of these status effects applied.

How rare is an invisible spider in Minecraft?

Invisible spiders aren’t all that rare in hardcore mode. If you consider that they don’t exist in easy and normal mode and count their spawn chances in hardcore, you might run into a pack of these spiders on your first day of starting a hardcore world. Luckily, spiders aren’t all that difficult to kill or defend from.

By equipping a shield and pressing use on it, moving backward, and eventually attacking the spiders, you can quickly eliminate this nasty lot of spiders. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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