Here’s What Pink Eevee’s Pokémon Name Is

what is pink eevee name

Eevee is a normal type Pokémon from Generation One. In anime, an Eevee was first shown in the 40th episode (The Battling Eevee Brothers) of Pokémon: Indigo League. Apart from its cute fox and cat-like features, Eevees are mostly famous for their unique branch evolutions. No other Pokémon has as many branch evolutions as Eevee which has so many different alternatives. Due to many other evolutions possible, fans are interested in one in particular, the pink version. Let’s find out what is the pink Eevee’s name.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Pink Eevee is a result of evolution, and the pink form is called Sylveon. Sylveon is a fairy-type Pokémon that made its series debut in the 13th episode of Pokémon: XY.
  • But its actual debut is in the Pokémon Short Pokémon: Eevee & Friends where all Eevee evolutions are shown.

The pink Eevee

As mentioned before, the pink Eevee is called Sylveon. It is a fairy-type Pokémon with mostly healing abilities. Though a Sylveon can be brave enough to fight a Pokémon a few times its size, it does not have any significant defensive or offensive moves. A Sylveon looks all pink, white, and shiny. Its most popular attack is the cute charm attack which can nullify any kind of negative energy among Pokémon in a quarrel. It can also sense the emotions of its master.


Among Ash’s close surroundings, Serena owned an Eevee which evolved into a Sylveon. The factor behind an Eevee’s evolution to Sylveon is the mutual love and adoration shared between the Pokémon and the Master.


How to Get Sylveon in Pokémon Go (Eevee Evolution)?

How many other evolutions of Eevee are there?

Including Sylveon there are a total of 8 possible evolutions of Eevee. Each of these evolutions is of a different type, this is what makes an Eevee so special and unique. Let’s take a look at the other possible results of an Eevee evolution.


Vaporeon (Shawaazu in Japanese) is a water-type Pokémon. A Vaporeon was first introduced in the Indigo League. An Eevee evolves into a Vaporeon when it comes in contact with a water stone. Vaporeon is an aquatic Pokémon that can survive both on Land and water. It is sky blue in color and has a fish-like tail.


Like any water-type Pokémon, a Vaporeon can perform water guns and hydro-pumps. It can also use aqua tails and when underwater a Vapereon can turn totally transparent. It can also create mist and haze around it to take cover. A fun fact about Vaporeons is that they are the latest but the slowest evolution of Eevee.


Jolteon (Thunder in Japanese) is a thunder/lightning/electric type Pokémon that evolves from an Eevee with the help of a thunder stone. A Jolteon’s common attacks are thunder shock and thunderbolt. They are very quick. They are also weak against the rock or earth-type Pokémon. Jolteon was also first introduced in the Indigo League.



Flareon (Booster in Japanese) is a fire-type Pokémon. An Eevee evolves into a Flareon when exposed to a fire stone. Among all the other evolutions, Flareon is the only one that can not swim. So water is a great weakness of this species.


The normal temperature of a Flareon’s body is around 700°C, which makes overheating one of its special movies. Flareons have a special fire sack inside their body which can help them to raise their body heat up to 900°C. Other attacks a Flareon can use are fire fang, fire spin, and smog attack. It can be said that Flareon is the strongest Pokémon among Eevee evolutions.


Espeon (Eifie in Japanese) is a second-generation Pokémon that can be evolved two ways from an Eevee. Like Sylveon, an emotional factor works behind this evolution. With a high level of friendship between an Eevee and its master, an Eevee will turn into an Espeon if the evolution happens in the daytime. The other possible factor is the Sun Shard. That is why despite being a psychic Pokémon, an Espeon is also called a Sun Pokémon. They are weak against dark and bug-type Pokémon. Espeon’s special powers are psybeam, and shadow ball, and being psychic-type, they can cause confusion and delusion in other Pokémon.



Umbreon (Blacky in Japanese) can be considered as a counterpart of an Espeon. An Umbreon evolves from an Eevee due to a high level of friendship and if the evolution takes place at night. An Eevee also evolves into an Umbreon if it is exposed to Moon Shard. After Sylveon, Umbreon is the rarest evolution of Eevee and they are completely immune to Sun Pokémon but weak against bug and poison-type Pokémon. Among Ash’s close friends (or should I say rivals) Gary Oak owns an Umbreon. One of Umbreon’s special powers is synchronization. They have high defense capabilities and can use quick attacks and foul play.



How to Get Umbreon in Pokémon Go (Eevee Evolution)?


Leafeon (Leafia) is a 4th-generation grass-type Pokémon that evolves from an Eevee if it is introduced to a leaf stone. By default, Leafeons are weak against fire-type Pokémon. Their special attacks are leaf blades and razor leaves. Leafeon’s defensive abilities are not that great.



The final evolution of the list is Glaceon (Glacia in Japanese) the ice-type evolution of Eevee and this evolution happens when an Eevee is in touch with an ice stone. In the anime, May’s Eevee evolves into a Glaceon.


Glaceons’ special powers are blizzards, ice shards, ice beams, and ice fangs. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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