Hirofumi Yoshida in Chainsaw Man: Age, Height, Gender, Power, Devil & More

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most recent and popular manga from Shounen Jump and it has just got a new anime adaptation, which is as popular as the original material. The series has already provided many iconic and interesting characters who are adored by fans, one of them is the rather mysterious Hirofumi Yoshida. A lot of people already know exactly who he is, but most probably do not know what are Hirofumi Yoshida’s age, height, power, or even his gender.

Hirofumi Yoshida is a very interesting character, mainly due to his mysterious figure and his unknown motivations and powers. As to answer some of these questions and solve some of these mysteries, let’s dive a little deeper into his character and find out who exactly is Hirofumi Yoshida.

Who Is Hirofumi Yoshida in Chainsaw Man?

Hirofumi Yoshida is first mentioned in the manga in chapter 53 but makes his first appearance in chapter 55, during the International Assassins arc. He is a private devil hunter, which means he is only a civilian and does have a normal life. He frequents the same high school as Denji and the new characters from Chainsaw Man part 2.

Yoshida is also working together with an organization that remains unnamed. This organization seeks to protect Denji and keep the public from discovering who truly is the Chainsaw Man for mysterious reasons. This seems to be for Denji’s own good as Yoshida, the only member we have ever met during the series, says this organization will not do any harm. Yoshida joined his high school at a request from the organization so that he could keep an eye on Denji.

Yoshida takes his job very seriously, despite being a very playful guy. Even though he is extremely strong and merciless, he likes to keep a conversation going with his opponents, just to make a joke out of it.

Getting into even more details about the person Hirofumi Yoshida is, let’s see exactly what are his physical characteristics, his abilities, and how he sees himself.


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Hirofumi Yoshida’s Age

Currently, we do not have any official information pointing out Hirofumi Yoshida’s exact age, but we do know he is still a minor. Yoshida is a young man and is still frequenting high school, together with Denji. And since Denji is 17 years old during Chainsaw Man Part 2, we can assume Yoshida is about the same age or even a year older.

Hirofumi Yoshida’s Height

Just like with his age, there is no confirmed data that points out Hirofumi Yoshida’s precise height but based on other character heights, we can try to calculate how tall he is.

image 36

Denji’s height is speculated to be around five feet and seven inches (5’7″), which is around 1,70 meters. As seen in the image above, Yoshida is considerably taller than Denji, which makes his height much greater than 1,70 meters. Using this image as a reference, we can say that Yoshida is about half a head taller than Denji. The average human head is about 57 cm tall, so let’s cut that in half and round it down to 26 cm.

Using these calculations to find Hirofumi Yoshida’s exact height, we get down to a number that would be 1,96 meters tall, around 6 feet and 5.2 inches.

Hirofumi Yoshida’s Gender

Throughout the manga, Hirofumi Yoshida is always treated as a man and looks like one, so it is safe to believe he identifies himself as a man and was born like this.

Hirofumi Yoshida’s Devil

Sometime during the Chainsaw Man series, Hirofumi Yoshida made a contract with the Octopus Devil at a price that is yet to be revealed. Currently, Hirofumi Yoshida is the only known human who has a contract with the Octopus Devil.

The Octopus Devil was only partially shown at this point in the series, but it appears to be an enormous octopus with oversized tentacles. We have only seen it in action a few times during the manga and it yet has to make its debut in the anime.

image 37

Hirofumi Yoshida’s Powers

After making a contract with the Octopus Devil for a price that is yet to be revealed, Hirofumi Yoshida acquired some excellent abilities that he uses to fight off enemies and protect Denji. As of November 2022, these are the abilities that Hirofumi Yoshida has showed is capable of using:


At any time he wishes, when Hirofumi Yoshida crosses his fingers, he has the ability to summon the tentacles of the Octopus Devil, which appear from ink clouds produced by him. Yoshida can use as many tentacles as he wants to attack his enemies or to even grab them. He can also use these tentacles as a way to defend himself, using them to wrap him or to catch him and stop him from falling.


Just as an octopus does, the Octopus Devil also gives Yoshida the ability to produce ink and create big smokescreens, blinding his enemies and creating an environment favorable to him.

Hirofumi Yoshida’s Species

In the Chainsaw Man series, Hirofumi Yoshida is currently just a human, working as a private devil hunter. He has a contract with the devil, but that does not change the fact that he is a normal human.

Hirofumi Yoshida’s Whereabouts

Currently, Hirofumi Yoshida is mainly acting in his high school, the Fourth East High School, where he is tasked with keeping an eye on Denji, who also is studying there. When he is not following Denji’s footsteps, he may be getting into contact with the organization he works with, which is still unnamed.

image 38

Hirofumi Yoshida’s Status

As of November 2022, the latest chapter released was chapter 112 and Hirofumi Yoshida is still alive. He has not died at any point throughout the series and is very healthy.


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Reading this, you are now one of the people with the most knowledge on who exactly is Hirofumi Yoshida and every characteristic there is to know about him. Let’s just wait and see until he gets his first appearance in the anime and we can have a much closer look into each one of these aspects of his character.

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