Kobeni Devil Contract in Chainsaw Man & Powers Explained

kobeni devil contract

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Considering that Kobeni hasn’t been thrown under the spotlight too much in the Chainsaw Man storyline, fans still have tons of questions about her background. Being possibly the shyest and most timid devil hunter in the entire saga, Kobeni keeps tons of personal information to herself – countless Chainsaw Man fans are still eager to find out about Kobeni’s devil contract and secret powers as a result.

Kobeni keeps her devil contract a secret, but many have linked her devil contract to her enhanced speed and agility, fearful personality, bad luck, and ability to avoid death. As a result, some Chainsaw Man fans believe she may be contracted to one of the Four Horsemen, namely the Death Devil or the Hunger Devil, while others feel she may be contracted to an unknown/ unconfirmed devil such as a Misfortune Devil, Fear Devil, or Black Cat Devil.

Although Kobeni’s devil contract is technically unknown, fans have pieced together various details in order to identify some possible theories. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Kobeni’s powers and abilities so far, as well as which devil she could have made a contract with.

Kobeni in Chainsaw Man

Kobeni Higashiyama is a former Public Safety Devil Hunter in the Chainsaw Man storyline, starting off as a new recruit working under Makima’s special squad. She was initially overseen by Devil Hunter Seniors Himeno and Aki, but she ended up resigning from the career after the battle against the Darkness Devil, which took place in Hell.


She is a petite young woman with short brown hair and brown eyes with white pupils, and she is typically seen wearing a low-side pigtail with short bangs, accessorized by hair two clips. She wore the classic black suit and tie associated with devil hunters, and is well-known for holding her signature pose – a classic double peace sign.


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Unlike the majority of devil hunters in Chainsaw Man, Kobeni is well-known for her mostly cowardly personality. She cracks under pressure very easily, often breaking down in tears and resorting to drastic or even unnecessary measures in order to save herself.

Although, she can be incredibly courageous when needed as well, as seen when she ruthlessly takes on Sawatari and her Snake Devil as well as the Katana Man. Other than her attributes on the job, Chainsaw Man fans know that Kobeni adores food and alcohol, particularly when she’s not paying for it, and she loves the taste of ice cream.

Powers & Abilities

Kobeni is said to be incredibly talented and skilled, despite her seemingly frail and feeble persona. She has enhanced agility, being able to easily dodge the Snake Devil’s tail attacks with shocking speed – prompting the Katana Man to call her a monkey.

kobeni knife

Her speed and agility are definitely Kobeni’s most useful and impressive abilities, although she can be quite skilled in combat as well. She uses a knife as her preferred weapon of choice, often pulling a knife out of absolutely nowhere.

What Devil Does Kobeni Have a Contract With?

Following the defeat of the Eternity Devil, Denji and his allies went to a bar to have some food and drinks, as well as get to know each other better while celebrating the recent victory. While at the table, each of the new devil hunters shared some information about themselves.

When asked to introduce herself, Kobeni stated that she was 20 years old, that she loved to eat tasty food, and that her devil contract was a secret. This confirmed that she does have a contract with a devil, especially considering that devil contracts are necessary for most devil hunters, but the exact devil has remained a mystery to this day.

chainsaw dinner

There is also no visible sign of Kobeni being contracted with a devil, such as Himeno’s eye patch representing her contract with the Ghost Devil. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating! Below are the most well-believed theories behind Kobeni’s devil contract and unexplained abilities, ranging from infamous yet mysterious devils to currently non-existent devils that may fit this goofy character.

The Four Horsemen

Quite a lot of fans speculate that Kobeni may have made a contract with one of the Four Horsemen – which comprise the Control Devil, the Death Devil, the War Devil, and the Hunger Devil. The Four Horsemen are incredibly powerful devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, even capable of remembering devils that have been devoured and erased by Pochita.


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Fans have theorized that Kobeni may have created a contract with the Death Devil or the Hunger Devil, although there isn’t a ton of evidence to support either theory to date. A contract with the Death Devil might explain Kobeni’s ability to evade deadly situations and be one of the last devil hunters standing despite being relatively weak compared to others.

koebni devil

On the other hand, a contract with the Hunger Devil may explain Kobeni’s love of food, seen thanks to Sportskeeda Anime. Kobeni starts working at a diner after she resigns from her devil-hunting job, but there are tons of characters in Chainsaw Man who adore food – so, this may or may not be related to her devil contract.

The Fear Devil

The Fear Devil is not a confirmed devil in Chainsaw Man, but it would be possibly the most powerful devil of all if it’s proven to exist. The primary theory behind a contract with such a devil is Kobeni’s overall personality, as she is quite fearful of pretty much everything (although, her reactions are often quite realistic, adding touches of reliability for Chainsaw Man fans).

The Misfortune Devil

Yet another devil that has not been confirmed in Chainsaw Man is the Misfortune Devil, who would embody the fear of bad luck. Kobeni is quite an unlucky character overall, often ending up in odd and challenging situations.

kobeni shot

It’s theorized that Kobeni may have no visible scars from the contract as her sacrifice may have been potential fortune or good luck in the future. On the other hand, some fans theorize that this type of contract may mean absorbing good luck from those around her, which enables her to survive.

The Black Cat Devil

Last but not least is the Black Cat Devil theory, although this devil has not been confirmed in the Chainsaw Man storyline. This devil would embody the fear of black cats as well as what they represent in various cultures, and while it does sound crazy, there are actually quite a few things that add more substance to this theory.

Kobeni is the 9th sister and always seems to survive deadly situations despite the odds being against her, which links to cats having nine lives (and black cats, in particular, being associated with bad luck). Her cowardly personality may also be described as being similar to a “scaredy-cat”, topped with bursts of vicious fury when deemed necessary.

kobeni agile

She is adept with a knife, which could be similar to the use of claws in a way, but the main point of interest is her agility and speed. Her enhanced speed and agility is the main area of interest for many fans, as it seems to be Kobeni’s main special ‘power’ and may very well be the best clue fans have. For more information on the Kobeni Black Cat Devil theory, check out the video below by KaiyoBreeze.

That’s everything there is to know about Kobeni’s devil contract so far, with images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki. Kobeni initially seemed to be soft and meek, with many Chainsaw Man fans believing she would be one of the first devil hunters to die on the job. However, she is one of the very few Chainsaw Man characters to survive alongside leading protagonists, and fans still hope her secret devil contract will be unveiled in future Chainsaw Man releases.

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