How Strong Is Kobeni in Chainsaw Man? Compared to Other Characters

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Chainsaw Man is full of characters that have a lot of different unique personalities, traits, and habits. One such character is Kobeni, who was initially a character that didn’t seem to be very important but eventually became a character that contributed a lot to the storyline, especially when it comes to fighting the devils due to how strong she is. But how strong is Kobeni in Chainsaw Man?

Kobeni is so strong that she was able to defeat Katana Man in his human form and even force Akane Sawatari to retreat. She has enhanced agility and is a very skilled fighter, especially when using her knife. As such, she is incredibly strong and is probably more skilled than Aki and Denji in the anime as of this writing.

The thing about Kobeni is that, while she started off as an annoying character that fans hated, she eventually redeemed herself when she was able to save Aki, Denji, and Power from Katana Man and Akane. Of course, this is due to the fact that she is a very strong character that has capabilities that some of the other characters don’t have. That said, let’s look at how strong Kobeni is.

How Strong Is Kobeni?

If there was a character in the storyline of Chainsaw Man that started off on the wrong foot in her relationship with Denji and in terms of the fans’ perception of her is Kobeni Higashiyama. Initially introduced at the end of the Bat Devil arc, Kobeni’s personality was yet to be revealed as she didn’t have a lot of screen time in her brief appearance during that arc.

However, during the Eternity Devil arc, fans started hating her because of the fact that she was quite cowardly and selfish. It was revealed in that arc that she never wanted to be a devil hunter but was forced to do so because her parents didn’t have money to send her younger sibling to school. As such, she had to join Public Safety as a devil hunter. 

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Of course, during that arc, she was one of the devil hunters that wanted to kill Denji so that she and the others would be allowed by the Eternity Devil to leave the time loop. As such, fans didn’t like her due to her selfishness and her cowardice. On top of that, she was quite useless in that arc as she hardly contributed to the defeat of the Eternity Devil.

But the one thing that we know is that Kobeni is actually strong. In fact, the only reason why Himeno didn’t mind the fact that she was timid and cowardly was due to her strength. Himeno knew that Kobeni was strong but was just not as aggressive as the other devil hunters. And her strength was on display during the Katana Man arc.


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Initially, fans were made to believe that Kobeni was killed during the coordinated assassination attempt on the lives of the different devil hunters working for Public Safety. However, while her assassin was in the right spot to kill her, Hirokazu used his body as a shield to save Kobeni right after he was shot in the neck. This allowed Kobeni to survive the assassination attempt and kill her assailant.

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After that, she joined the fight against Katana Man and Akane Sawatari, who overwhelmed the group of Himeno, Denji, Aki, and Power. She was able to showcase her strength in that fight, as she basically saved Denji’s life while also making up for trying to kill him during the Eternity Devil arc.

Kobeni showcased her talents as a fighter despite the fact that she was always quite timid. In that fight against the Snake Devil, she showed her advanced agility as she was able to easily dodge the tail of the Snake Devil while running across its body with ease. She was even able to impress Katana Man with her agility that he called her a monkey.

In that regard, it is possible that her devil contract has something to do with the fact that she is so agile and quick. Nevertheless, Kobeni has never revealed what kind of devil she made a contract with. She keeps the identity of her contracted devil a secret, but it is possible that her devil is what allows her to move with so much agility.

On top of her agile movements, Kobeni is an expert fighter, especially in the use of her knife. Her weapon of choice was always her knife, as this was more than enough for her to actually defeat Katana Man’s human form with relative ease. In that fight, she used her knife to cut off one of Katana Man’s arms. Of course, she also forced Akane to retreat from the fight.

How Strong Is Kobeni Compared To Other Characters?

The fact that Kobeni saved Denji and was able to defeat both Katana Man and Akane was the reason why she was a redeemed character in the eyes of fans. Of course, her strength also won fans over to her side. But how strong is she compared to other characters?



Denji struggled in the fight against Katana Man and Akane. He was even defeated by the pair and was only able to avoid getting captured by the duo because Kobeni came at the right time to rescue him. In that regard, as far as the anime is concerned, Kobeni is stronger than Denji, as she didn’t have a very hard time defeating Katana Man and fending off Akane. However, Denji will eventually become stronger in the events of Chainsaw Man.


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Aki is a very skilled fighter, especially in the use of his nail-like sword that he was able to use against Katana Man with so much skill. In fact, he thought that he had killed Katana Man using the power of the Curse Devil. However, Katana Man recovered from the effects of the Curse Devil and recovered just in time to slash Denji with such speed and precision that not even Power was able to see how fast he was. However, Kobeni was able to defeat Katana Man’s human form, and that means that she is currently stronger than Aki in the anime.



Himeno was the leader of the squad that attacked the Eternity Devil, as Kobeni was part of that team. In fact, Himeno tolerated Kobeni’s timidness because she knew that she was very strong in a fight. Although we don’t know how strong Himeno is at her full power because she was injured during the fight against Katana Man, she had to sacrifice her entire body to the Ghost Devil in a failed attempt to kill Katana Man as Akane used her Snake Devil to defeat the Ghost Devil.

Of course, Himeno, at her peak and in full strength, would have performed a lot better in that fight. As such, we can’t say for certain whether or not Kobeni is stronger than her, as she was already injured coming into that battle with Katana Man.

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