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House of the Dragon Episode 10 Ending Explained: Blood Was Finally Spilled

Episode 10 of House of the Dragon wrapped up what was an introduction to the Targaryen civil war that led to the extinction of the dragons and weakened House Targaryen for generations to come. In that regard, the events in episode 10 allowed us to see how Princess Rhaenyra and the other members of the Black faction reacted to King Aegon II’s ascension to the Iron Throne. Of course, the logical solution was to go to war.

Nevertheless, because Rhaenyra knew and understood what her purpose was and what her father ultimately wanted, things weren’t that simple for her because of the fact that the realm was more important than the crown. That is why the preparations of the Blacks weren’t entirely headed in the right direction. But the ending of the season allows us to see what’s next in store for the storyline. As such, we are here to talk about the ending of episode 10 of House of the Dragon season 1. 

Rhaenyra Refuses To Go To War

At the beginning of episode 10 of House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra and her allies learned of her father’s death and the fact that King Aegon II had ascended to the Iron Throne. This caused her to give birth to a stillborn baby for she immediately had a funeral. And during that funeral, Ser Erryk arrived to give Rhaenyra the crown of her father, King Viserys, as Daemon crowned her the queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Of course, as Rhaenyra’s husband and king consort, Daemon immediately put all of the different gears into motion as he was preparing for what they were going to do to respond to what the Greens had just done. Rhaenyra, of course, wanted to go to war with the Greens. But Otto Hightower came to Dragonstone to deliver a message.

When Rhaenyra listened to what Otto had to say, the Hand of the King gave her a page that came from one of her favorite books when she was still a young girl, as Queen Alicent personally delivered this page so that Rhaenyra would remember the fond times she had with her childhood best friend. And that was when Rhaenyra also understood that Alicent didn’t want bloodshed and war, as the princess-turned-queen realized that what her father wanted were peace and unity.

Back when King Viserys named Rhaenyra his heir, he stressed the fact that it was important for House Targaryen to make sure that the realm was united and intact because a threat from the north would eventually come, as that was one of the dreams that Aegon the Conqueror had when he conquered Westeros. 

In that regard, Rhaenyra understood that it was more important to make sure that the realm was peaceful and united, especially if this threat was going to arrive during her time. That was the reason why she told Otto Hightower that she would give herself time to decide on the matter. And during a war council meeting with Lord Corlys Velaryon and her other allies, Rhaenyra said that she wasn’t willing to go to war unless the Greens were the first ones to act against them.

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It was important for Rhaenyra to assess her situation first before deciding to go to war, as she needed to learn how many allies she had and how strong her forces were. And the fact that she had the allegiance of Lord Corlys was something that gave her relief, but she still needed to know if the Starks, Arryns, and the Baratheons, who are all Great Houses of Westeros, were willing to side with her.

Prince Jacaerys put forward the suggestion to send the dragonriders to talk to the different lords that had previously sworn their allegiance to Rhaenyra when she was still just a teenage girl. And that was when Jace was sent to the Eyrie and to Winterfell, while Lucerys was sent to Storm’s End.

The Greens Draw First Blood

Lucerys opened up the finale of season 1 of House of the Dragon with great reluctance because he thought that he wasn’t ready to become the lord of Driftmark. He realized that he wasn’t the best one to inherit the Velaryon seat of power, as he wasn’t even a true Velaryon at all. As such, when Rhaenyra sent her son to send her message to Lord Borros Baratheon of Storm’s End, there was a sense of hesitance in Luke, as he looked like he wasn’t up to the task but was ready enough to serve his mother.

As such, both Jace and Luke flew on their dragons to send their messages to the Great House of Westeros. Luke didn’t take too long to get to the south, where Storm’s End was located. However, he saw that Vhagar was already there, and that meant that Prince Aemond had made his way to Storm’s End before Luke did.

After he entered Lord Borros’s throne room, Luke gave him Rhaenyra’s letter, which said that all that she wanted was for him to uphold the oath that his father had sworn 20 years ago when Rhaenyra was named the heir to the Iron Throne. Borros was insulted by that letter because the Greens had offered Prince Aemond to one of his daughters. As such, Rhaenyra’s offer was rejected, as Luke had to return to his mother without the allegiance of one of the most powerful houses in the realm.

But the problem was that Aemond wanted Luke to give him his eye before he left Storm’s End. He wanted the boy to pay for what he did to him all those years ago. Nevertheless, Borros was a proud man that didn’t want bloodshed in his home, and that was the reason why Lucerys was allowed to leave Storm’s End. But whatever was going to happen outside of Storm’s End was not within his control.

Luke knew what was going to come, and that was the reason why he hastily left Storm’s End in the middle of a tough storm that had his dragon, Arrax, worried. While making his way back to Dragonstone, he struggled to fly in the middle of the storm, as Vhagar was clearly tailing him. This led to a cat-and-mouse situation between Aemond and Lucerys, as the uncle still wanted his nephew’s eye.

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Vhagar, being the larger and more experienced dragon, could easily fly in the middle of a tough storm, and that wasn’t something that Arrax struggled to do. As such, despite being bigger and heavier, Vhagar flew better than Arrax under tough conditions. Still, Arrax outmaneuvered the huge dragon and flew through a formation of rocks that Vhagar was too large to enter. And as a way of ensuring its escape, Arrax attacked and angered Vhagar.

This led Aemond to lose control over his dragon, as the angry Vhagar went after the younger dragon. Luke thought that he was already safe when he and Arrax were able to fly safely through the storm. But what they didn’t know was that Vhagar had already done the same as well, as the larger dragon attacked them from the side and basically munched through Arrax and Lucerys with a single bite, which tore the dragon and its rider apart.

A worried Aemond saw what his dragon had done to his nephew, as he clearly never wanted to kill Lucerys but simply wanted his eye. It was possible that Alicent had told his son to make sure that he wasn’t going to kill anyone. But the fact that Vhagar killed both Lucerys and Arrax meant that the Greens had just drawn first blood.

The Dance Of The Dragons Now Commences

As mentioned, Rhaenyra didn’t want to wage war unless the Greens attacked first. However, near the end of the season, Daemon went to Rhaenyra, as it was clear that he told her about what had happened to her son. This meant that Rhaenyra had just lost two children within a single 24-hour time span.

Of course, this was the first move that Rhaenyra was waiting for before she decided to wage war on the Greens. The fact that Aemond had killed her second son meant that the Greens had already crossed a line that they could never return from. And that means that Rhaenyra’s rage would fuel her into deciding to set aside what her father said about keeping the realm together as it was now more important for her to get back at the Greens for Lucerys’s death.

That means that there is no turning back from this point, as the Blacks and the Greens are now going to go to war with one another. This was the final nail in the coffin that contained any chances of peace between Rhaenyra and Alicent. War is now about to commence.

As such, season 2 is likely going to allow us to see the early parts of the Dance of the Dragons and how it eventually broke out following Lucerys Velaryon’s death. All of the different dancers are now ready. And the only thing missing right now is the music.

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