Jujutsu Kaisen: Meet Mimiko and Nanako – The Sisters That Geto Saved!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Meet Mimiko and Nanako - the Sisters that Geto Saved!

The characters of Jujutsu Kaisen are one of the best things about the series, aside from Gojo and the great fighting scenes. The plot is interesting, but the characters and their intriguing stories make it all more magical and unique in more ways than one. This is why we are going to use this article to talk about two of them, but two that come together as one – they are Mimiko and Nanako Hasaba. In this article, you are going to find out everything you need to know about the two of them.

Mimiko and Nanako’s story starts with Suguru Geto…

To fully understand the story, we have to go back to Gojo’s Past Arc, although Mimiko and Nanako were first seen as members of Suguru Geto’s religious cult in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. But, as we’ve said, their story starts much earlier, as they are not some random members of the cult but two of its most important members, as they had a very close relationship with Suguru Geto, the cult’s founder and leader. So, let us see how it all starts.

Going back to 2006, when Suguru Geto was still a student, we’ve seen him having a lot of existential doubts after the experience with Riko Amanai and Toji Fushiguro, who killed the former in cold blood; after that, Riko’s body (and Riko was just a 14-year-old girl) was taken to the Time Vessel Association, from where Gojo recovered it. As Gojo was taking the body with him, numerous cultists applauded him, being genuinely happy that Riko Amanai was dead.

This experience changed both Geto and Gojo, but in Geto’s case, it made him hate humans and their demeanor much more. This was when he started to change into the villain we saw in Jujutsu Kaisen 0. So, what happened then?


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After this mission, Geto and Gojo started going on more and more solo missions. And where Gojo was getting better and stronger, Geto was becoming more miserable. At one point, Geto performed an exorcism alone in a small village outside of Tokyo. He did his job, but it wasn’t enough for the village elders, two adults (a man and a woman). Infuriated and borderline psychotic, the two of them kept telling him to slaughter two helpless girls they had imprisoned out of pure animosity for them.

Geto tried to reason with them: he told them that he had done his job (exorcised the curse) and that he felt absolutely nothing from the girls, which meant that the two of them were completely harmless in that aspect. Still, the two adults insisted, insulting the girls, lying about them, and accusing them of things that Geto knew they had not done. Despite his protests, they continued to lie and demanded that Geto do something about them. As a result, Geto finally snapped, which is when he became a villain.

When Geto finally snapped, he conjured one of his curses to wipe out the entire village, sparing only the two girls whose lives he had saved. Afterward, he killed his parents when he returned home. The two girls in question are Mimiko and Nanako Hasaba, two sisters with the potential to become jujutsu sorcerers, whose lives Geto saved. In case you were wondering, he then took them with him, but he never adopted them officially.

He cared for them and was, we assume, a father figure to the young girls, but he never officially adopted them, as he himself was too young for that at the time, and he didn’t seem to care about such formalities. Later, the two of them are seen observing as Geto takes over the Time Vessel Association as their new leader, promising a world where jujutsu sorcerers could live freely and without any interference.

The two of them believed in Geto and his goal, which is why, in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, they were seen supporting him and were quick to participate in the fights that Geto initiated to get his hands on Yuta’s cursed spirit, Rika.

The two girls clashed with Kiyotaka, who tried to convince them to stop, but they then told him how hard their childhood was and how Geto saved them, which is why they owed him everything. Later, they can observe Gojo fighting Miguel and are so afraid of Gojo’s powers that they ultimately retreat against the others.

When they find out that Kenjaku stole and occupied Geto’s body, they want to fight him to return the body, but they are stopped by Larue, who promises them that a time to retrieve Geto’s body will come in the future and tells them to simply be patient, which is what they ultimately did.

… but it ends with Sukuna ending their lives in a brutal fashion!

It is not known what happened to them in the meantime, but the two sisters are once again seen during the Shibuya Incident Arc, where all narrative holes are finally filled, and their story is concluded properly. So, what happened? Well, allow us to provide you with all the necessary details here.

So, we know that, in the meantime, Mimiko and Nanako managed to get their hands on numerous Sukuna fingers and that they used them as a trump card. They were near Kenjaku, i.e., Pseudo-Geto, but it is unknown how close and whether they actually worked with him. After Kenjaku managed to seal Gojo away in the Prison Realm, the two girls approached the villain and demanded the body of their savior back.

Namely, the reasoning behind this was as follows – Kenjaku had succeeded in his plan, and he, therefore, had no need for Geto’s body anymore. Of course, Pseudo-Geto never agreed to such a thing, and he simply rejected the two girls, keeping Geto’s original body with him. Furious, the two sisters told him he would regret this decision as they left.

Not long after, they found a severely wounded Yuji, whom Choso had just beaten. They approached him and started feeding him Sukuna’s fingers. Jogo, who was nearby, sensed that and arrived at their place, where he hurt the girls and took the fingers for himself. As Jogo continued to feed Sukuna his fingers, he hoped for a more positive outcome, but Sukuna simply shook him away and then talked to the girls, who immediately bowed in front of the King of the Curses. They wanted to ask Sukuna something, and when he agreed, they wanted the following – they wanted Sukuna to kill Pseudo-Geto and get the real Geto’s body back.


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Sukuna did not like the tone they had used, as he was very “polite” himself, because it felt like they were ordering him, and he despised that completely. That is why he rejected their pleas and ultimately killed both of them before they could even react. So yes, Sukuna killed them in a brutal fashion, and that… it is. That is their story.

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