How Many Minecraft Seeds Are There?

How Many Seeds Real

Were you ever starting a new world in Minecraft, excited about what world will generate with incredible and diverse biomes, everything is near your spawn point just for it to end up a complete disaster? Would it make a difference if you were to generate another world on the spot? It’s not like there are a billion world spawn possibilities out there, right? Let’s try and answer exactly how many Minecraft seeds there are.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The estimate of how many Minecraft seeds there are is 18.446.744.073.709.551.616.
  • If you’re unable to read that number, it’s more than a quintillion.
  • So technically, there is a finite number of worlds in Minecraft but the number is so big that we can consider them infinite.

What is a seed in Minecraft?

A seed is a value made up of characters and positive and negative integers that are used as the basis of generating every Minecraft world. Whenever you generate a new world in Minecraft, an algorithm called Perlin noise is summoned. This algorithm gives out a random value that is then used to determine the characteristics and features of the world.

The reason why one seed will generate the same terrain every time is that the algorithm always outputs the same value.

How does it work?

You’d have to ask a programmer to tell you exactly how it works, but basically, you type in some numbers and characters, and then the algorithm converts the input values and generates a seed based on them… I guess, don’t take my word for it. Although a seed is always generated automatically, you could manually input a seed value to decide what world you’ll spawn in.

I’m not saying that you can nitpick and have a desert biome near a jungle biome, near a village, near ginormous caves where there are a lot of diamonds. But, what you can do is find a seed that’s already been used and classified as a good one and go into that one.


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What makes a seed good or bad?

Picture for a second that you could spawn in a Minecraft seed as you. Where would you like to spawn? In a desert, on an island far away from shore where there’s nothing but mushrooms growing, a forest with plenty of flowers and animals that you can eat, or perhaps 40 meters below the surface? Essentially, your spawn point should be close to all important resources for a seed to be good when you’re first starting. This includes wood, stone, coal, food sources, a village if you’re lucky, and caves with a lot of ores in them.

Of course, that’s not all there is to it. For a seed to be considered a lucky one, it has to have easily accessible features that are otherwise considered hard to find, like an ancient city. It might even just be that the seed spawned amazing views with beautiful badland craters, amazing lush caves, ice spikes villages, and more.

The best seeds out there for 1.19

Keep in mind that these seeds work for Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. They’ll have the same terrain on Java Edition, but structures will be different.

  1. -9363014757946759 – Spawns you on a shore of a lake surrounded by many different biomes: Taiga, Snow, Plains, Savanna, Jungle, and Badlands. There’s even a village south of spawn and there is even a huge lush cave system below the mountains that even features an ancient city.
  2. -2679078815986345669 – Spawns you next to a village island that has 4 blacksmiths. On the mainland, you’ll find a pillager outpost.
  3. 1737545031234884460 – Spawns you in a slope of a mountain. After you exit, you’re surrounded by plenty of plains. In the Taiga forest nearby, you’ll find a lush cave that leads you straight to the Deep Dark biome with an ancient city that has a mine shaft as well as a normal spider spawner.
  4. 5730441310782089509 – Spawns you in front of a jaggedy peaks mountain with an obvious to-see dripstone cave. On the left, there are 3 village houses inside the cave. Directly above, the houses connect to the rest of the village.
  5. -4913825184927654566 – Spawns you in a Mangrove Swamp biome on a patch of grass. Although the rest doesn’t seem as lucky, if you make your way through it, you’ll find a village, outpost, and a ruined portal all in one.

If you want to see how the seeds look and check out the seed hunters behind them, Minecraft & Chill made a full video about it on Youtube.

Badlands Crater

The worst seeds out there for 1.19

In case you’re up for a challenge and want to survive in hard-to-beat seeds with unlucky spawns and more, here’s the list of the toughest ones. You can check out the playthrough of the first one on ibxtoycat’s channel and the credit for the 2nd one goes to camman18.

  1. 6297595614469279524 – Spawns you on the bottom of the world. You’re about to try and swim in lava, not by your choice. There’s no wood, no food, plenty of hostile mobs, and their spawners…good luck.
  2. -337178144625361838 – Spawns you in an ancient city, and there’s no water that’ll take you back to the surface.
  3. 57000088 – You spawn in a mangrove swamp, and there’s an abandoned village in it.


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Can you enter a specific seed and how to do it?

You most certainly can, and it’s easy to do so. Go to Minecraft and create a new world, then go to more world options, and there you can enter the seed value. This is how you’ll do it in Java Edition.

In Bedrock Edition, go to worlds and create a new one, then scroll down, and you’ll see the seed field where you’ll enter the seed value next.

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