20 Best Cottagecore Minecraft Seeds in 2023

best cottagecore minecraft seeds

In the past we’ve covered the tropical side of Minecraft with our beautiful exotic Island seeds, we even ventured to the survival side of Minecraft with the list of best survival seeds, now it’s time to relax a bit and present to you our list of best cottagecore seeds for Minecraft.

If you’re not familiar with it, the term „cottagecore“ in Minecraft represents unity with nature. Think bees, flowers, mountains, verdant plains, magic, fairies, and everything in between. Cottagecore is supposed to represent a well-tended homestead with a cozy atmosphere and a sense of peace and balance with nature.

Having said all that, we prepared for you the top 20 cottagecore seeds that can be your starting ground for building that ultimate homestead. We’ve made sure to include plenty of biomes and themes so, let’s check them out!

Editor’s Note: This list has been updated to reflect the current state of the game, the following seeds are still functional and work as intended.

1. Autumn Canyon

Autumn Canyon

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Wooded Badlands
Seed: 1723113523176754155

We start off our list of best cottagecore seeds with something pretty unconventional. This Autumn Canyon seed is supposed to emulate the gorgeous earthen color schemes that more often than not accompany autumn. Even though you’re spawned smacked in the middle of Wooded Badlands, there are plenty of ruined portals and ancient cities nearby. Underground, expect to find Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves. Nearest villagers are relatively far and if you’re looking for treasure, it’s even farther but if you want your cottage to have that autumn feeling this is a perfect seed for you.


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2. Dry Canyon

Dry Canyon

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Savanna
Seed: -7814979852888957251

One more canyon on our list, but this one is a little less earthy when it comes to colors, the point of this seed is to emulate classic savanna feel if you’re into that. You can build your cottage on the river shore and enjoy the beautiful waterfall view. Besides the view and immersion, there are a lot of ruined portals and treasures to be found, as well as ocean ruins. When it comes to underground exploration, expect to find Dripstone Caves.

3. Flower Valley

Flower Valley

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Flower Forest
Seed: 7457076613856992345

Our next seed is more consistent with the spirit of cottagecore trend, it offers a perfect hidden flower valley as well as a picturesque lake in the middle of it. Various flowers, animals, bees, and beehives are scattered nearby. Climbing one of the hills that stretch around our Flower Valley offers for an amazing view.  There are mostly ruined portals nearby, with one faraway outpost, except for that if you’re looking for something else of importance you’re going to have to venture pretty far. Underground, you will find Dripstone caves.

4. Garden & Lake

Garden and Lake

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Forest
Seed: -32473355714032391990

This Garden & Lake seed has gorgeous flower-filled plains overlooking a small deep lake. Expect to find lots of animals, ocean ruins, and shipwrecks nearby. This is more of a treasure hunter-oriented seed with all the visuals  (and convenience) of cottagecore aesthetics. Underground, both Dripstone Caves and Lush Caves are near.

5. Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Forest
Seed: 4331429296799256755

Next up on our list of best cottagecore seeds, we have something more fantasy oriented. This small lake is surrounded by mushroom forest on both sides just like something from a fairytale. Besides being visually very aesthetic and a prime location to build your cottage it’s also a resource-rich area that offers plenty of opportunities to explore ravines and mineshafts. This mushroom forest is bordering a jungle biome and a jungle temple is pretty close by, don’t expect to find any villagers anywhere near though.


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6. Lakeside Mushrooms

Lakeside Mushrooms

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Dark Forest
Seed: 3386827579828119178

One more fantasy setting overlooking a giant lake surrounded by a dark forest and tall hills. This cottagecore seed is a more grandiose version of the Hidden Lake seed since it offers more freedom in where to place your cottage. Except for mineshafts, don’t expect to find anything of worth nearby but as soon as you reach the ocean, there are plenty of treasures, shipwrecks, and ocean ruins to plunder. Underground you will find Dripstone Caves, Lush Caves, and Deep Dark.

7. Lakeview Meadow

Lakewiew Meadow

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Plains
Seed: 3386827579828119178

Continuing with our cottagecore spirit, this seed has a gorgeous mountain view surrounded by verdant plains with lots of animals and resources nearby. This stretch of a world is pretty self-sufficient and you’re surrounded by two villages nearby. This is a perfect seed for you if you’re looking for a relaxing but majestic view. Ocean and deep ocean are not as close as we would like but once you reach them expect to find lots of shipwrecks, ocean ruins, and one stronghold.

8. Mountainview


Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Forest / Stony Peaks / Sparse Jungle
Seed: 1099470118337667383

One more Cottagecore seed with a gorgeous view! This Mountainview seed is situated on the borders of several biomes like Forest Biome, Stony Peaks, and Sparse Jungle Biome. Whether you are lounging near the small lake, exploring the jungle, or simply traversing the hills your cottagecore ambiance will be completed by a vista of a majestic snowcapped mountain that are rising above the terrain. The area is not only beautiful it’s rich in resources as well. A plethora of mineshafts, ocean ruins, and one Jungle Temple are nearby.  When it comes to the population, the immediate area is not sparsely populated nearest villages are in the nearby desert biome. Underground, expect to find lush caves and deep Dark.

9. Pumpkin Village

Pumpkin Village

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Forest
Seed: -5291041101622902148

This Pumpkin Village seed is more oriented towards roleplaying. This location is situated between a cold ocean and a river with a beautiful view of the neighboring mountain.  The village is nearby and in the distance, you can see fertile plains if you ever decide to take up farming. The area is rich in resources as well, there are a plethora of sunken ships and mineshafts to explore.

10. Reef Cottage

Reef Cottage

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Beach / Lukewarm Ocean
Seed: 211042403781205742

This tropical seed is not what you usually imagine when the term cottagecore comes to mind. This Reef Cottage Seed is more oriented toward players who want to build island cottages or mix cottagecore aesthetics with tropical themes. This small island is almost in the middle of nowhere which allows for ultimate freedom when it comes to building, is surrounded by a lukewarm ocean on the south side and a warm ocean on the north side. The area is pretty lonely when it comes to both populace and resources. There is a single sunken ship nearby and a single ocean ruin. For everything else, you will have to travel further.


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11. River Canyon

River Canyon

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome: Forest  / Stony Shore / River
Seed: 5260882659446434139

This majestic seed offers for the ultimate terrain when it comes to building. The view is beautiful and it offers a truly immersive cottagecore environment. The seed is situated on the borders of several biomes such as forest, stony shore, and river biome and offers a lot of exploration opportunities as there are several mineshafts nearby. When it comes to other world features, you are going to have to travel farther but pretty much everything you need is nearby. Underground, expect to find deep dark.

12. Riverside Mushrooms

Riverside Mushrooms

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Dark Forest
Seed: 8989254089649327367

Like Hidden Lake Seed, this Riverside Mushrooms Seed is fantasy oriented as well. You can roleplay „enchanted-forest“ type of cottagecore surrounded by giant mushrooms in the middle of Dark Forest. The surroundings are pretty empty resource-wise and you will have to travel farther to find a simple mineshaft. Deep Ocean Biome is nearby and luckily there are lots of treasure-hunting opportunities to be found there. Underground there are mostly lush caves with deep dark nearby.


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13. Snowcapped Mountainview

Snowcapped Mountainview

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Plains/ Stony Shore
Seed: -8392166687650140217

This next seed on our list of best Minecraft cottagecore seeds places you near a riverside village on a stony shore. Verdant plains are nearby and the picturesque vista is perfectly framed by a majestic mountain with a beautiful waterfall. This seed has one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen so far. Due to its close proximity to both ocean and the mountain biomes it has plenty of resources nearby. Explore mineshafts and ship wrecks or simply roleplay as a farmer living as a part of this lively community. The choice is yours.

14. Snowy Village

Snowy Village

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Snowy Plains
Seed: 1772962241228709763

I’ve included this seed since there might be players who want to roleplay in a different kind of environment, such as the arctic one. This seed places you smack in the middle of a village situated on snowy plains. Lots of resources are available nearby in the form of mineshafts, the igloo is nearby as well. If you decide to venture underground you will find dripstone caves and on the bottom, deep dark.

15. Vanilla Meadow

Vanilla Meadow

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Plains
Seed: 599544729229605588

Just as the title of this seed says, this is a pretty Vanilla Meadow with some pumpkins and flowers scattered around. It’s nothing special when it comes to aesthetics but it’s a good starting ground for a cottagecore on a terrain that is relatively easy to modify.  This Vanilla Meadow Seed places you on the plains. The ocean is nearby which guarantees a lot of treasure hunting opportunities, surrounding mountains are filled with mineshafts and resources for you to claim.

16. Waterfalls


Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Snowy Plains
Seed: -2664979709888967

This next seed, Waterfalls, places you on a flat snow plains terrain. The terrain is surrounded by mountains on three sides with a huge waterfall flowing from the side of the mountains. It’s a location with a gorgeous view and a relatively secure one. If you get bored by exploring mineshafts, the Ocean is nearby where you can explore a single Ocean Ruin and a Shipwreck. On the coast, you will find Village as well with a couple of treasure chests scattered around.


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17. Wild Valley

Wild Valley

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Sparse Jungle / Forest
Seed: 2707699667640428640

If you want to build your cottage on the border of a savanna and a forest while enjoying a beautiful view this next seed is perfect for you. You can easily alternate between cottagecore and tropical aesthetics while enjoying the view of mountains, waterfalls, and green plains. While there are only a few mineshafts in close proximity to you, once you descend to the savanna platteu you will notice occasional Village and a lot more resources to claim.

18. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Sparse Snowy Taiga / Frozen Peaks
Seed: -4954627954215292950

Honestly, I picked this seed because of the gorgeous frozen mountain peaks and sparse snowy taiga surrounding them. This cottagecore seed is perfect for players that want to roleplay in an eternal winter atmosphere. Imagine hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and a beautiful view outside.  What more can we ask for? The only downside is that the area is sparsely populated, there are two mineshafts nearby along with an ancient city. For anything else, you will have to descend down to the coast of the frozen ocean.

19. Witch Hut

Witch Hut

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Swamp / Plains
Seed: 7789327484291910084

Who says that cottagecore has to be about fairies, you can be a witch as well. This is why I’ve decided to include this small area of a swamp surrounded by plains and mountains. This seed places you on the tiniest swamp ever in the Minecraft world while offering resource-rich plains and mountains nearby. This chunk of land (swamp) is just big enough for you to place a single witch hut in the middle of it, preferably a witch hut that is balanced on top of chicken feet.

20. Woodland Garden

Woodland Garden

Version: Java Edition 1.19
Biome:  Flower Forest
Seed: -7600896488210542653

The last seed on our list of best Minecraft cottagecore seeds is this Woodland Garden Seed. It’s pretty vanilla when compared to the rest of this list but it offers the perfect terrain for budling your cottage. You will spawn in the middle of a flower forest with bees buzzing around hives. It’s a beautiful starting seed and the snowcapped mountains in the distance are a visual plus. It’s a pretty rich area when it comes to resources, there are plenty of mineshafts to explore and two treasure chests two uncover there’s even an ocean ruin to explore when you decide to venture down the ocean.

And that would be all. You have your best cottagecore starting seeds and this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include some of the cottagecore mods.

And before you leave, make sure to check out our list of best Minecraft Modpacks & best Minecraft Tower blueprints.

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