How Many People Play Warzone?


With the rise of battle royale-type games making a hit in the past few years, Call of Duty decided to hop into the hype train with Call of Duty: Warzone, their own version of battle royale style of game. Did they manage to succeed? 

Accordingly, there are about 100 million unique players who have played Call of Duty: Warzone. However, since console users dominantly play this game, it’s hard to say the exact number and how many of these still play.

With Warzone carrying the Call of Duty title, it was a sure-fire hit that fans of the game series would dive right in. Even people who were into Modern Warfare were curious how this game would compete with other battle royale games like Fortnite.

How Many People Play Call of Duty: Warzone?

According to Statista, the game managed to hit over 6 million players within 24 hours of its release on March 10, 2020. As of its last recorded number of players, the users grew to an impressive number of 100 million players. Unfortunately, the game is dominantly played by console users, so there is no public report of the players who have a physical copy of the game.

DatePlayer Count
March 10, 20206 million
March 13, 202015 million
March 20, 202030 million
April 10, 202050 million
May 10, 202060 million
August 4, 202075 million
April 20, 2021100 million
Source: Statista

What’s the Maximum Number of Player Per Day?

According to Active Player, it seems that the game generally gets between 250 thousand to 500 thousand players logged in a single day. Regrettably, no one kept track of the most umber of players logged in a day. However, as of March 7, 2022, there are currently over 260 thousand players who are playing.

Call of Duty: Warzone Players Count by Country

The game fits nicely in the battle royale setting, and with it carrying the name of Call of Duty, it was a big success. The game has an interface that helps players enter into multiplayer combat against 150 other players across the globe. It’s also a hit because it allows cross-platform play and progression.

Out of the estimated 100 million players to date, Player Counter managed to make a rough estimate of the top 5 countries who make the Warzone community. According to their data, 22.22% of the players come from the United States, 5.85% in China, 4.71% in the United Kingdom, 4.61% in Brazil, and 3.40% in Germany.

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Call of Duty: Warzone Players Count by Device

Unfortunately, both Raven Software nor Activision have leaked the estimated number of players by the device. However, an independent study made by Dextero managed to make a rough estimate of the percentage of players by the device.

According to their estimated percentage, 42.1% of the users prefer to play on a PlayStation console. Meanwhile, 25.6% prefer playing on the Xbox, 28.4% on the PC, and 3.9% on mobile. So that makes almost 70% of the players have consoles as their device of choice.

This might be because cross-platform is available in the game, so there’s a control issue with people choosing to play using a PC.

How Many People Have Left Call of Duty: Warzone?

Since the last update from the developers was the number of registered users, Activision never showed any documents or reports regarding a decline of players. However, it seems the game has dropped as a trendy game on twitch, and some users have taken to Reddit to announce they are quitting the game.

Gameintel stated that some of the problems involve the massive number of cheaters found in Warzone. According to them, it feels like cheaters only increase in number as the months go by. This eventually led players to search for other battle royale games that disallow cheaters from trying to hack the game.

How Much Money Has Call of Duty: Warzone Made?

Despite people leaving the game, it seems those who decided to power through the hacker problem are still contributing a lot of cash for the game. According to a report, Warzone and Modern Warfare made around $1.9 billion a year. This means Warzone’s total for the years 2020 and 2021 could be around $4 billion.

NetBet says that Warzone makes about $5.2 million a day, which means people spend over 3,600 a minute. So, despite the player count falling short in terms of money generating, the game is still doing great.

What Are the Reviews for Warzone?

The game has generally received favorable reviews from several publications and Metacritic. GameSpot said the game is a fantastic take on the battle royale system on Call of Duty. Meanwhile, IGN commented the beat version is enjoyable despite the serious tones and debt the game has.

MetacriticPC: 80/100
PS4: 79/100
One: 79/100
Source: Wikipedia

How is Call of Duty: Warzone Doing on Twitch?

There’s been a decline of interest for Warzone in Twitch. It seems that not a lot of players are even streaming the game anymore. As of last January, content about the game on Twitch garnered about 60.4 thousand views. A very far drop from its older numbers from late 2020 to 2021.

As of writing, Warzone is barely hanging on to its spot in the Top 10 games streamed on Twitch. However, with new releases of games, I won’t be surprised if this game drops down a couple of more ranks.

Warzone also accumulated an average viewership of 55 thousand in the past 7 days, which is just enough to hang on to the Top 10.

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Where Does it Rank in the Battle Royale Leaderboard?

The game makes it the 6th best game on the Leaderboard, which is based on both Twitch and YouTube live data. Oddly enough, the game it was supposed to replace, Modern Warfare, did a lot better in the last Leaderboard.

With both the numbers from YouTube and Twitch, Warzone ranks #48 overall game but manages to be the 6th best Battle Royale game for the last seven days. The game garnered about 1,752,916 viewers hours across over 309 thousand streams by over 110 thousand different streamers across the platform.

TimTheTatman ranks as the top Call of Duty: Streamer, with four streams that managed to draw in 482,769 viewer hours. Most of the streamers broadcast their streams in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, and other languages.

How is it Doing Compared to Other Battle Royale-Type Games?

It’s not doing very well, considering it ranked 6th overall in the Battle Royale Leader boards. Apex and Fortnite surpass the Call of Duty game by a long shot. Even Modern Warface managed to overtake Warzone eventually. Meanwhile, Garena Free Fire and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND also are ranked above Warzone.

Some Interesting Facts About Call of Duty: Warzone

The game was released in 2020, but development took a lot of time. The game actually started development in 2017. Back then, it wasn’t even called Warzone yet. Instead, the original name of the game was Magma. They switched it when the developers showed a rise in popularity of PLAYERSUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND.

In addition, the game’s mode was originally set in Kabul, Afghanistan. However, the developers and studio decided to have the setting in Verdansk instead. Finally, there was some footage of Warzone being featured in the Modern Warfare trailer that was released on May 30th, 2019.

Warzone’s story is actually intertwined with Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard. For example, Verdanska is also used in several multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare. Rebirth Island is actually inspired by elements found in the Black Ops game. Meanwhile, Caldera is a World War II-themed Pacific Island and even complements the story in Vanguard.

Did Call of Duty Warzone Fix the Cheater Problem?

It seems like hackers became a problem early in the game. While there have been efforts to remove cheating, hackers somehow find their way back into the game. Back in 2020, Infinity Ward announced that they had banned over 70,000 cheaters found worldwide.

While they did continue to remove reported cheaters, it seems these hackers multiply once you get rid of one.

Why Did They Decide to Make Warzone Free-To-Play?

Most Call of Duty titles has a pretty big prize of them. That wasn’t the case for Warzone. Warzone became one of the company’s free-to-play battle royale games where you can go up against over 100 players simultaneously all over the world. Not putting a price on the game might have damaged this game’s earnings, but the company seemed pretty confident.

It turns out their hunch was correct. Call of Duty was racking up revenue for the developers early into their release despite the game being free. Despite a huge number of players quitting due to cheating and some players getting banned, the game still managed to earn a significant sum. It turns out that those who decided to continue the game tend to be the heavy spenders.

While the player count seems erratic, the game is still making money, so it seems it might take a while before the company decides to discontinue the game. In addition, it still managed to hit the highly rated games to watch on Twitch and YouTube, so the game must still be good.

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