Golden Boy vs. Homelander: Who Would Win, & How?

golden boy vs homelander

The world of ‘The Boys’ has just been expanded with the release of ‘Gen V,’ a spinoff that takes place in the same world and just after the events of season 3. Of course, we are now following a different cast of characters and an entirely new group of supes, the strongest of which was the young Golden Boy, who they thought had the makings of the next Homelander. But in a fight between Golden Boy and Homelander, who would win?

  • Article breakdown:
  • Homelander is simply stronger, faster, and more durable than any other supe we’ve seen in ‘The Boys,’ and that means that there is no way that Golden Boy could defeat him.
  • Golden Boy may have been young and powerful, but his abilities don’t match up with what Homelander can do.


Whenever he was using his powers, Golden Boy could enhance his physical abilities to the extent that he could rip off the arms of a powerful supe named The Incredible Steve and even overpower Jordan Li, whose physical abilities increase whenever they are transformed into males. In that regard, Golden Boy was physically the strongest person on campus and had physical strength that was at a level higher than most other supes.


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Homelander’s strength was always at the top of the standings in the entire world of ‘The Boys’ as no other supe was ever close to his strength before Soldier Boy reappeared. Despite the fact that Soldier Boy and a V-empowered Bill Butcher were almost as strong as he was, Homelander was still able to hold his own against them. As such, he proved himself the strongest character in the entire storyline.

The Boys Homelander

Even though Golden Boy was stronger than almost everyone on campus, the superhero world is a different story. And Homelander could never be overpowered by any superhero in the real world.

Golden Boy 0, Homelander 1


On top of the fact that he is also incredibly strong whenever he uses his powers, Golden Boy’s durability also increases. In his fight with Jordan Li, he was strong enough to take all their attacks straight up without getting hurt. Jordan was arguably the only one capable of matching Golden Boy’s powers, but not even he could stop and hurt him during their fight, proving that it takes a lot to hurt Golden Boy.

The scariest part about Homelander was never his strength and speed. Instead, it was his durability that everyone in the world feared because no one knew what could hurt him. Billy Butcher and his boys tried everything against him, only for Homelander to get a mere bruise after Butcher and Soldier Boy ganged up on him. The fact that Queen Maeve could withstand Soldier Boy’s thermonuclear attack point-blank means that Homelander should also be able to survive such a powerful attack without getting hurt.

Homelander 1

Golden Boy’s durability was impressive, but the truth is that Homelander’s own durability was always what made him special. And it is unlikely that Golden Boy could take the same hits that Homelander has been able to survive.

Golden Boy 0, Homelander 2


Golden Boy possessed thermonuclear powers that allowed him to cover his entire body with powerful nuclear energy that was capable of burning everything it touched. This allowed him to burn people to ashes with little to no effort. Using the same powers, he is capable of unassisted flight. Golden Boy is also immune to fire, making him incapable of getting hurt by anything that’s heat-based.

golden boy 1

Homelander has always been a Superman archetype in the sense that he has the same set of powers that the Man of Steel has, including superhuman physical abilities, heat vision, flight, and enhanced senses. In that regard, he became the strongest supe in the entire world as his combination of abilities has always been unchallenged by any other supe. But his go-to attack has always been his heat vision, which is strong enough to easily burn things or slice through regular people.


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Golden Boy’s powers are impressive when compared to any other supe in ‘The Boys.’ But Homelander is no ordinary supe and has powers that have never been trumped by any other supe in the storyline.

Golden Boy 0, Homelander 3


Given the fact that he was just a college student, Golden Boy was largely untested during his brief stint in ‘Gen V.’ He frequently participated in mock battles against his fellow students, and most of them ended with him winning quite easily. Of course, we also saw him going up against Jordan Li, who was arguably the second-strongest person on campus and could win that fight without a scrape.

Homelander is one of the most experienced supes in the entire world of ‘The Boys’ because he was almost always the one who Vought sent in to defeat villains. Of course, we’ve also seen him fighting his fellow supes, including the likes of Soldier Boy and Queen Maeve. In most cases, he was able to overpower his opponents despite struggling against the superior fighting skills of Maeve. Nevertheless, his experience speaks for itself.

Homelander Soldier Boy 1 1

Golden Boy was only just a college student, whereas Homelander was a real supe. Homelander has also faced real enemies who were out to kill him, whereas Golden Boy only participated in mock fights.

Golden Boy 0, Homelander 4


While Golden Boy was described as psychologically disturbed in his final moments when he went on a rampage on campus, he was almost always shown to be level-headed and even good-hearted. Because he was just a college student who had yet to get exposed to the harsh reality of the superhero business, he didn’t have the selfish and self-serving personality that the other supes have. And that’s why he fights without thinking about going for the kill, as was the case when he fought Jordan.

golden boy 2

The thing about Homelander is that he is always portrayed to be psychotic in the sense that he doesn’t care about what happens to the people he fights. He is a selfish and self-absorbed person who wants to do whatever he wants to do, regardless of how it would affect people. As such, in almost all of the fights that he participated in, he goes for the kill and doesn’t even have any qualms about taking a life.


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Mindset is everything in a fight because one person can be unhinged, while the other might want to pull their punches for the sake of their moral beliefs. In this case, Homelander has always been morally depraved, unlike the nicer Golden Boy.

Golden Boy 0, Homelander 5

Who wins, Golden Boy or Homelander?

At the end of the day, Homelander is still the strongest and most powerful supe in the entire world of ‘The Boys.’ It is unlikely that Golden Boy would have stood a chance against him, given that Homelander was always so difficult to kill or even hurt. Golden Boy’s potential was through the roof, as he could have been the next face of the superhero business. But there was no way that he would have ever been able to match Homelander.

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments below!

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