Does Kobeni Die in Chainsaw Man? What Happens to Her?

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One of the characters introduced as a powerful devil hunter in the events of Chainsaw Man is Kobeni, who was a timid and quite cowardly devil hunter during the time that she was introduced. Of course, as a lot of people didn’t think that she was an important character when she was introduced into the storyline, she was included as one of the devil hunters that were targeted during an assassination attempt on the Special Divisions. So, does Kobeni die in Chainsaw Man?

Kobeni does not die in Chainsaw Man in both the manga or the anime. In the assassination attempt during the events of the Katana Man arc, she ends up surviving because Hirokazu used his body as a shield to save Kobeni, who killed the assailant before she could fire another shot.

Normally, Kobeni would have died in that attack by the assailant, as devil hunters are still human beings that can die when they are fatally wounded by weapons that could kill any human being. In that regard, she should have died in that attempt by the assassin but ended up surviving because of her comrade’s sacrifice. That said, let’s look at what happened to Kobeni in Chainsaw Man.

What Happened To Kobeni In Chainsaw Man?

While the entire Chainsaw Man anime revolves around the life of Denji, who is the titular character of the storyline, there are also other devil hunters that are involved in the story as well. One such character is Kobeni, who isn’t entirely one of the main characters but is still one of the characters that have a contribution to the flow of the storyline.

Introduced during the events of the Bat Devil arc, Kobeni was one of the devil hunters that accompanied Aki when they saved Denji from the attack of the Leech Devil. However, it was only during the events of the Eternity Devil arc that we got to know more of Kobeni, as it was clear that she was someone who isn’t your typical devil hunter due to her timidness and cowardice.


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It was during the Eternity Devil arc that we saw that she never wanted to be a devil hunter but was forced to be one because she needed the money. She had a lot of dreams for herself and her sibling, and that was the reason why she wanted to give Denji to the Eternity Devil in exchange for being able to get out of the time loop that she and the other devil hunters were in. On top of that, she hardly did anything in that arc, as all she did was whine.

But the thing is that, according to Himeno, Kobeni was strong but was just simply too timid and cowardly to do anything quite useful. Still, she had powers that Himeno believed in, as it was clear that she was in Public Safety for a good reason.

Because of the fact that Kobeni didn’t seem like an important character during the Eternity Devil arc, some fans believed that she was eventually going to get written off the story in the future. Of course, those who follow the anime thought that the events of episode 8 were going to allow us to see Kobeni getting written off the storyline.

In episode 8, we saw that there were assailants that were clearly given the task to kill the members of the Special Divisions of Public Safety, as we saw the operation beginning when some of the attackers assassinated Makima and a few other devil hunters while they were on a train to Kyoto. After that, we saw Kobeni and a few other devil hunters going about their day while patrolling the streets of Tokyo. Specifically, Kobeni and Hirokazu were seen assisting an elderly woman while they were on patrol during broad daylight.

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However, it was clear that the assassination was a planned and coordinated attack that was supposed to take place at the same time so that the assailants could catch the devil hunters unprepared for the attack. In the case of the duo of Kobeni and Hirokazu, it was clear that the elderly woman they were assisting was the one that was given the task of killing them.

Is Kobeni Dead?

During the attack done by the assailants on the members of the Special Divisions of Public Safety, we saw that Kobeni and Hirokazu were about to get killed by the assassin assigned to kill them. They had turned their backs as the assailant pulled her gun out to shoot them from behind. It was clear that they didn’t know what was about to come. So, does that mean that Kobeni is dead?

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Kobeni actually survived that attack from the unknown assailant. However, considering that she is still human, she should have died from a gunshot wound. But the manga showed how she was able to survive that attack from the assassin.

The first one that was shot in that attack was Hirokazu, who was shot in the neck but was still alive. Before he succumbed to the effects of his gunshot wound to the neck, Hirokazu used his body as a shield to protect Kobeni. As such, Kobeni was able to survive that assassination attempt thanks to her partner, who sacrificed his life to keep her alive. Kobeni, meanwhile, used the opening to kill her assailant.


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In fact, in the manga, Kobeni ended up having a lot of important moments in the storyline. After surviving the assassination attempt, Kobeni went on to help Denji and the others out when Akane and Katana Man attacked them. She was so strong that she was able to fend off both Akane and Katana Man while forcing them to retreat.

It was during that scene that Kobeni apologized to Denji for trying to kill him during the Eternity Devil arc, as it was clear that she was not as bad and as useless as she was originally shown to be. Instead, she was actually a really good person with amazing capabilities that allowed her to excel as a Devil Hunter. And her storyline still continues in the manga as she went on to participate in a lot of different battles involving different devils.

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