What Is Denji’s Last Name? Is His Full Name Revealed in Chainsaw Man?

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The Chainsaw Man storyline is filled with interesting characters, many of which are still surrounded by mystery and questions to this day. While fans have been given a handful of telling flashbacks regarding Denji’s past and childhood, there is still very little we know about his ancestry and origins. Many anime lovers are still curious to know if Denji’s last name is ever revealed in Chainsaw Man as a result.

Denji’s last name has not been officially revealed in the Chainsaw Man manga or anime series. There are numerous potential reasons for Denji having no last name, stemming from Denji forgetting it as a result of his traumatic childhood or choosing to keep it a secret as a way to cut ties with his former self, the memory of his parents, and his family’s debt.

While Denji’s full name is never unveiled throughout the entire Chainsaw Man saga, fans have come up with various theories as to why it’s remained a mystery. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about Denji’s childhood and origins in Chainsaw Man, as well as why the Chainsaw Man creators may have chosen to keep his last name from fans.

Denji’s Origins in Chainsaw Man

Denji is the main protagonist throughout the Chainsaw Man storyline, wielding the power of the infamous Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, topped with a loveable yet mischievous personality. As bubbly and quirky as Denji may be, he actually had an incredibly sad and rough upbringing, prior to meeting Pochita and becoming a devil hunter.

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He grew up really poor as a child, being swept up by the troubles of debt long before he could even understand the basics of finances. Denji began taking on odd jobs having no experience or even a basic education, and doing whatever he could to help clear his family’s debt. But, it seems that his efforts were to no avail – even after he started getting help from Pochita.


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The two buddies spent nights in cold rundown buildings, eating from dumpsters and keeping each other warm in order to survive – in fact, as time progresses, we learn that present-day Denji still doesn’t know how to read or write as someone his age should. With this type of environment, it’s safe to say that there are a variety of reasons for Denji either forgetting or choosing to omit various details about his childhood and origins.

What is Denji’s Last Name in Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man fans still have plenty of questions about Denji, including who Denji ends up with, as well as what Denji’s relationship with Makima is really like. But, a pressing question that many anime lovers have asked since day one regards Denji’s full name.

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He has always introduced himself as “Denji”, without adding any additional names, and he often seems unsure about trivial information regarding himself – such as the fact that Denji “thinks” he is 16 years old. This has led many fans to believe that Denji may not actually know his full name at all, although there is a chance he chooses to keep it a secret by choice.

Why Isn’t Denji’s Last Name Revealed in Chainsaw Man?

Both of Denji’s parents had passed away, leaving him fending for himself from a very young age. As a result, Chainsaw Man fans have no other characters to analyze or references to piece together in order to figure out Denji’s last name by other means.

Quite a few Chainsaw Man fans speculate that the exclusion of Denji’s last name could be a simple way for the creators to signify the insignificance of Denji’s biological family – both to himself as well as the overall Chainsaw Man universe. The choice to exclude his last name may also go hand-in-hand with Denji taking on a brand new identity as Chainsaw Man after Pochita becomes Denji’s heart.

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Another simple explanation for Denji’s last name remaining unknown could be that Denji does not actually remember his last name, especially considering his age at the time. It’s possible that he simply remembers going by “Denji” without ever being asked to use his last name. But, there’s also a chance that Denji had forgotten or mentally blocked out his last name as a result of his traumatic lifestyle as a child or due to the process of grieving his lost family.

That being said, we do know that Denji’s family was in some pretty serious trouble – particularly due to his father’s debt as well as the people involved. Denji had tried extremely hard to try and help pay off his father’s debt, going so far as to sell parts of his body just to get his hands on more money (although he would later regenerate his lost body parts thanks to Pochita’s awesome powers).

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It’s also believed that the people Denji’s father owed money to were incredibly dangerous and ruthless, stopping at nothing to either get their money back or inflict some seriously violent punishments. A large number of Chainsaw Man fans have also speculated that his family’s financial situation and baggage may have been a strong reason for Denji distancing himself from the family name.

Other than the idea of Denji taking on a new identity as Chainsaw Man, Denji may have chosen to omit his last name from all future discussions as a way to cut ties with his family’s debt. It’s also known that Denji did not have a good relationship with his biological father when his parents were still alive, and there is a chance Denji does actually know his last name but refuses to use it as it reminds him of his traumatic upbringing.

Will Denji’s Last Name Be Revealed in Chainsaw Man?

It’s unknown if Denji’s last name will ever be revealed in the Chainsaw Man storyline, although some fans suspect there is a chance it’ll later be revealed in a plot-twisting, groundbreaking way. It is possible that Denji belongs to an important family in Chainsaw Man, a completely different potential reason for keeping his ancestry a secret.

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However, most fans believe that Denji’s family was poor and relatively unimportant in terms of the Chainsaw Man universe’s political and social complexes. It’s more likely that Denji’s last name never being revealed is due to him choosing to separate himself from his former self along with his family’s burdens, choosing to embrace the identity, lifestyle, and responsibilities of being a devil hunter.


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But, since the Chainsaw Man anime series and Chainsaw Man manga are still ongoing, there is plenty of time for the creators to reveal more about Denji’s past, parents, and his full birth name. While Denji having no last name may just be an amazing way to add more depth to his character, many fans still hope his last name gets revealed in future Chainsaw Man releases.

Although Denji has become comfortable with his new identity as Chainsaw Man as well as his new devil-hunting family, his birth name has yet to be revealed. Considering that Denji has shown some signs of confusion concerning details about himself, fans are unsure if he is genuinely clueless, or if he perhaps knows his own last name and chooses to keep it a secret.

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