Denji vs. Eternity Devil: Who Won the Fight & Is He Really Stronger?

chainsaw man eternity devil fight

The infamous Chainsaw Man anime and manga series have seen Denji take on tons of powerful devils and foes, even becoming friends or allies with a few devils along the way. But, the debut of the Eternity Devil brought a whirlwind of plot twists that alter space and time, leaving many fans wondering who won the fight between Denji and the Eternity Devil – as well as if Denji is really stronger than the Eternity Devil.

Denji defeats the Eternity Devil after approximately 3 days of nonstop back-and-forth fighting in Chainsaw Man‘s Eternity Devil Arc. However, it’s uncertain if Denji would have been able to destroy the Eternity Devil alone, as he was greatly aided by fellow devil hunters such as Himeno and Aki.

Although Denji and his fellow devil hunter friends ended up evading the Eternity Devil’s wrath, this devil is still incredibly powerful. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Denji going up against the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man, including how they ended up facing each other as well as the battle’s outcome.

Chainsaw Man: Eternity Devil Arc

Although the entire arc is named after the Eternity Devil, the entire section of the Chainsaw Man storyline starts off with our favorite devil hunters tracking down the Gun Devil. The Gun Devil is significantly important to Aki, and this devil has quite a long history filled with murder and violence – having killed over 1 million people within its time.

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Still, in an attempt to track down the Gun Devil alongside Aki, Himeno, Kobeni, and Arai, Denji finds that they have somehow gotten caught in a trap of unknown proportions. They end up getting stuck in a hotel with some strange circumstances – such as being stuck on the 8th floor with unmoving clocks.

Eternity Devil Powers & Abilities

Denji is definitely powerful, wielding the power of Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil enabling Denji to transform into a hybrid at will. The Chainsaw Devil is one of the most feared other devils in Chainsaw Man, as he has the ability to completely erase devils from existence.

However, Denji would still have to put up a really solid fight when going up against some of the most powerful and tricky devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, one of which is the Eternity Devil. This devil is a powerful trickster type, enjoying watching humans quake in fear and making deals with humans in order to achieve objectives.


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The Eternity Devil is a devil that embodies the fear of eternity – a space without time, progression, or contact with the outside world. This devil has a rather gruesome appearance, taking the form of a huge lump of bulging flesh in the shape of the number “8”, topped with multiple mouths and a terrifying eye.

eternity devil 1

But, this form would only apply to the real world, as the Eternity Devil’s form within its own eternal space is far more ferocious. Within the Eternity Devil’s own stomach, the devil can expand and manifest endless waves of flesh, all consisting of numerous arms and heads infused together into one form that grows rapidly over time.

The Eternity Devil has a variety of abilities that he can use to trick, manipulate, or slaughter his victims, namely Pocket Reality Creation, Time Stop, and Avatar Creation. The avatar used by the Eternity Devil is significantly stronger than many devils, being physically capable of tearing Denji’s body apart even after transforming into Chainsaw Man.

Denji vs. the Eternity Devil

Denji did technically win the battle between himself and the Eternity Devil, although it was not alone – he received a ton of help or support from Himeno, Aki, and Power (not so much from Kobeni and Arai). The devil hunters are forced to face the Eternity Devil after they realize they are trapped, and the Eternity Devil is quick in offering them a deal that would guarantee freedom.

eternity devil

The Eternity Devil states that they will be released into the outside world on one condition – the Eternity Devil gets to eat Denji, dead or alive. Kobeni is quick to pick up a knife and try to attack Denji in order to take the Eternity Devil’s deal, but she is immediately knocked out by Aki and Himeno.

From this point, the Eternity Devil begins to manipulate the environment while demanding Denji’s hybrid heart (a point of interest for many devils in Chainsaw Man, including Makima). The devil begins boasting, explaining that all of their deaths are certain unless they take the deal.

denji eternity devi

Denji realizes that the Eternity Devil is intent on killing him, meaning he must be afraid of the Chainsaw Devil, and he also notes that the Eternity Devil had been injured by Himeno’s previous ghost attacks. He then uses this logic to drive his attacks, launching himself into the Eternity Devil’s mouth while transforming into Chainsaw Man – stating that if he gets eaten in order to free everyone else, he won’t go down without a fight.

himeno ghost arm

The Eternity Devil does land a ton of blows to Denji in the process, such as breaking his arms, but Denji inflicts many wounds that result in excessive blood loss – enabling Denji to drink the Eternity Devil’s blood to regenerate throughout the battle. Denji’s neck does get snapped at one point, but Himeno saves the day by using her ghost arm to pull Denji’s cord, allowing him to transform back into Chainsaw Man and regenerate in time.

eternity devil end

Denji and the Eternity Devil continue going through a nonstop back-and-forth battle for approximately 3 days, after which the Eternity Devil is worn down and offers his core to Denji. Denji then defeats the Eternity Devil by slicing him in two, setting the devil hunters free from the pocket reality they had been trapped in.


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Is Denji Stronger than the Eternity Devil?

Considering that the Eternity Devil does technically have the means to destroy Denji even in his Chainsaw Man form, it’s unknown how Denji would have held up in a solo battle. There were a few moments where it seems Denji would have met his end at the hands of the Eternity Devil, but he was thankfully aided by his trusted allies in those moments.

denji eternity devil

Himeno proved to be the most active, involved, and helpful out of all Denji’s allies throughout the battle against the Eternity Devil, while Power and Aki provided some solid support throughout as well – in fact, Aki even takes a stab wound just to defend Denji from a crazed Kobeni. Regardless of how the Eternity Devil was defeated, it’s still an incredibly amazing achievement since this devil was pretty powerful.


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For a complete overview of the entire Eternity Devil arc in Chainsaw Man, as well as a few notes on how the arc and battle against the Eternity Devil affected Denji’s love interests, check out the video below thanks to Diavolo.

That’s everything there is to know about Denji’s battle with the Eternity Devil in Chainsaw Man’s Eternity Devil arc, with images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki. Denji and fellow devil hunters may have defeated the Eternity Devil after 3 long and tiresome days of fighting, but this devil’s power is definitely hard to keep up with – possibly making it one of the strongest devils in Chainsaw Man, potentially capable of defeating Denji in different circumstances.

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