Hunter × Hunter: Is Killua Gay? Is He in Love with Gon?

Hunter × Hunter: Is Killua Gay? Is He in Love with Gon?

Killua Zoldyck is one of the protagonists of Hunter × Hunter. And while the story is definitely focused on Gon Freecs, the protagonist, Killua, has, over the years, become so popular that he managed to overshadow Gon in the eyes of many fans. Of all the Hunter × Hunter characters, Killua is definitely one of the more interesting, and he genuinely has one of the best stories in the manga. In this article, we are going to talk about Killua and his sexuality, as we are going to reveal whether Killua is gay in the series and whether he is actually in love with Gon Freecs, the series’ main protagonist, or not.

There is no proof whatsoever that Killua is actually gay in Hunter × Hunter. The only male character he has some feelings for is Gon, and most of the theories are based on their relationship. But, the bond between Gon and Killua is not romantic, but rather brotherly in nature; the two care for each other deeply, but not in a romantic way.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Killua Zoldyck’s story, as it happened on the pages of the Hunter × Hunter manga, while elaborating on the above-given answer. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we will just bring you the details so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

Killua has a very peculiar personality

Killua is first introduced as a character who appears similar to Gon but is, at the same time, quite distinct and somewhat the opposite of his: cheeky, happy, and full of naughty ideas. Killua is known to detest red pepper. He is also one of the series’ characters with the quickest mind. Although he frequently displays humility while being confident in his own accomplishments, he is easily humiliated when someone compliments him, especially Gon. Killua is also renowned for his gluttony and love of all things sweet, as seen by the nearly 200 million Jenis he spent on confections while in the Celestial Tower.

Chocolate is her go-to snack, particularly chocolate balls. But, his ruthlessness and capacity for murder reveal his other, more lethal, aggressive, and bloodthirsty self. Killua was conditioned to have a high tolerance to all forms of pain and various toxins after being subjected to torture from infancy. Killua is a killing machine, thanks to his exceptional strength and agility. Disputes with Killua’s propensity for murder, his unwavering commitment to his companions, and his innate goodness. Killua frequently endured severe hardships while attempting to aid his pals, but he never once complained.


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Killua always prioritizes others in front of himself, putting his life or even his health at risk. Until this point, Killua’s greatest flaw was his dread of people who were more powerful than he was (Irumi, his older brother, is one of them). Killua had received assassination training from his brother, who emphasized the need for extreme care and the necessity of only engaging in combat if victory was certain. He was affected by it. As Biscuit has repeatedly stated, victory is never guaranteed, and based on the circumstances of a situation, a person may be able to defeat a greater opponent.

The majority of Killua’s conflict with these opposing ideas occurs in the second part of the series when he faces more formidable foes. Despite Biscuit’s prediction that he would one day be rejected by Gon due to it, he continued to hold his brother’s teachings dearly in his heart. Biscuit gives Killua an ultimatum: either defeat Shot to earn the opportunity to accompany Gon and battle the Chimera Ants or, if Killua loses, decide to abandon Gon and look after him while he recovers.

Due to his odd personality and his gentle nature, Killua has often been perceived as a member of the LGBT community or, more particularly, as a homosexual. The main reason for this is his close relationship with Gon, as they seem closer than regular friends. Killua also had some very unusual reactions to a friend, so we think it is necessary to explain the relationship between the two more precisely.

Killia and Gon care for each other, but they are like brothers

Even though there haven’t been any canonical indications of a relationship between these two characters, it’s hard to blame anyone for assuming that Killua and Gon are more than simply pals. Most people would already refer to them as a couple because they have been together for more than two years and have faced numerous dangerous circumstances when they had to put their own lives in danger to save the other person’s. It’s easy to think that someone who cares for someone else deeply might feel love for them.

This love need not be sexual in any manner; instead, it can just be the desire to be in each other’s lives. This gives people a misleading impression of what love is.

We have seen Gon going out with older ladies, but it’s quite clear that he doesn’t feel anything toward them; in comparison, it is more than obvious that Gon actually has deeper feelings toward Killua than any of them. Killua seems to have some more experience in this field than Gon, and while the series has made it clear that neither of them is strictly homosexual, some fans argue that they might be bisexual, which would, likewise, open the possibility for a Gon×Killua ship, although you shouldn’t really be hopeful.

Gon 26 Killua EP48 IMG

Killua is a killing machine and a master of battle, but when it comes to interacting with others, he’s a socially awkward introvert. The thought of romance makes him blush like a little girl, and the only other time he blushes is when Gon compliments him, which may be because he’s lived a solitary life. He’s willing to risk everything, as we’ve already stated, to make Gon happy, which is the exact definition of love. Killua is happy to have met Gon; he treasures him above anything else in his life, and he’s an entirely different person when he’s not with him. It could be argued that he feels as if he owes Gon his life; perhaps that is why he does everything in his power to keep a smile on his face.

He sees Gon as the complete opposite of him. Gon is uppity, optimistic, and someone who inspires others to be better, while he himself is pessimistic. He understands how cruel the world can be and wants to protect Gon from that world. Fans had also speculated that Killua was jealous when Gon decided to take Palm on a date, as he followed them around the entire time. But, we have to be frank and state that he was only trying to make sure that nothing goes wrong on their date and that, perhaps, Palm doesn’t actually try something inappropriate.

But this is not love. This is not even a proper definition of love, and it would just be wrong, but more on that later. It is quite obvious why people would assume that Killua has feelings for Gon, as both of them have strong feelings toward each other, and even though everything is purely platonic, some fans will keep shipping these two and talk about them in a romantic way, but as far as the canon is concerned, neither Killua nor Gon, are homosexual and the nature of their relationship is purely brotherly in nature. Now, allow us to discuss why a Gon×Killua ship wouldn’t be good.


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Gon×Killua would be wrong and quite inappropriate based on what we’ve seen in the series in general

We now know that the Gon×Killua ship is not canon and that they are more like brothers than anything else. But, aside from that, we honestly think that, from a strictly narrative and psychological point of view, such a ship would be bad, their actual sexual orientations notwithstanding. The first reason is the very nature of their relationship. As we have said, they are more like brothers than anything else, and since the series has already established their relationship as being of such a nature, it would be utterly wrong for two “brothers” to suddenly become romantic partners. From a narrative standpoint, this would be a very bad move that would defeat the purpose of their friendship.

The other reason is, as we have hinted above, related to Killua’s perception of Gon. Namely, Killua feels almost blind devotion to Gon because he is his first and only true friend. He is loyal to him and would do anything for him, but this is not love. From a psychological standpoint, this is quite wrong and would make for a horrible, unequal relationship where Killua would not be happy. “Forcing” the two into such a relationship would be horrible and would not lead to their shared happiness, even if Gon is not evil and would not abuse Killua’s feelings in any way.

This is why we think think that the Gon×Killua would be wrong, even if both of them were actually homosexual; they would probably be happier with someone else.

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