‘Invincible’ Season 2 Episode 2 Ending Explained & Recap: Angstrom’s Revenge Plot Thickens

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We all know that season 2 of ‘Invincible’ gave us a pretty long wait. Nevertheless, the events of season 2 have started to unfold the major theme of the storyline, especially when it comes to Mark Grayson’s career as the new powerhouse superhero of Earth. And it’s interesting to note that things aren’t exactly doing well for him, both in terms of his personal life and his superhero job.

The looming threat is still Angstrom Levy, who we know has a score to settle with Invincible. But there are other threats that Mark also needs to face head-on as a superhero. Some of these threats appeared in episode 2 of season 2. So, with that said, let’s look at what happens in this episode and how it ends.

Mark’s relationship with his mother

The second episode of season 2 opens up with Mark Grayson’s graduation ceremony, only for Mark to be missing during the early part because he is dealing with Doc Seismic and the threat of the magma people that he teamed up with to destroy the Washington Monument. Nevertheless, after dealing with the crazy scientist, Invincible made his way to his graduation ceremony just in time before it concluded.


Mark and his friends talk about what they were planning to do all summer, only for Mark to continue to show that he was quite busy worrying about the possibility of Cecil calling him for work. On the other hand, his friends talk about their plans, as Eve tells them that she plans to help in Chicago after the devastation that transpired during Mark’s battle with his father. While there was tension there, Mark could still find time to have fun with his friends.

Meanwhile, at the US Space Agency, the astronauts whom Mark helped in season 1 were talking about killing the Sequids who have started taking over Mars. Meanwhile, the head of the agency talks to Livingston, who is clearly not himself, as it is obvious that he is a Martian pretending to be Livingston.


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The scene shifts to Eve going to Chicago to help out the people there as she turns an abandoned site into a community park to the delight of the people there. She thought she was helping people out by using her powers to make people happy instead of beating bad guys up.

On the other hand, Debbie tries to talk Mark into taking some time off with her. However, Mark reminds her he is now a superhero and Cecil can call on him whenever needed. Invincible tries his best to shake off the people’s distrust as Mark wants to prove that he isn’t his father.

As for the Guardians of the Globe, the Immortal put all of them through a tough time by forcing them to go through a tough training session that Rex Splode clearly wasn’t happy about. What made things worse for him was that he found out that Dupli-Kate and the Immortal had been hooking up.

Atom Eve’s problem with her parents

The episode proceeds as Livingston watches a television special regarding Martian Man. This seemingly inspired him to try to live up to the heroic figure who died in season 1. Meanwhile, Invincible went to a cursed city called Midnight City to investigate the sightings of Darkwing.


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Mark found Darkwing, who was actually his protégé, Night Boy. The new Darkwing was using his exoskeleton to beat up and kill bad guys, something that both Invincible and Cecil weren’t happy about. Mark tries to bring Darkwing back, only for the vigilante to resist by taking him into the Shadowverse. Still, Invincible succeeds in defeating Night Boy, who wants to kill Invincible due to what Omni-Man did.

night boy

While Mark is successful in defeating Night Boy, Debbie visits the GDA to confront Cecil about how he was driving her son to the ground. Cecil assures Debbie that Mark is in control. However, Donald’s arrival confuses Debbie because she knows he died months ago. Donald was just as confused as he didn’t know why Debbie reacted that way, hinting at the possibility that he wasn’t aware that he was supposed to be dead.

Meanwhile, Eve meets up with her parents to realize that they are financially in trouble. But while she tries to help her folks out with their problems, Eve’s dad resists because his pride gets in the way of accepting his daughter’s help in creating gold out of nowhere so that they wouldn’t have any money problems anymore.

eve parents

Mark takes Amber out on a date on top of the Eifel Tower replica in Vegas. However, Cecil calls him in to tell him to go to Atlantis to marry the king’s widow as this was part of Atlantean law, and Mark needed to atone for what Invincible did.

In Atlantis, Mark was relieved to find out that the laws had changed, but he now needed to fight a giant monster in trial by combat. Cecil wasn’t aware of this and sent backup in the form of missiles that broke the monster’s chains. The giant beast starts to kill Atlanteans, and Mark has to stay behind to defeat it and prevent it from killing the queen, thus allowing him to make up for his father’s crimes.


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Eve returns to her parents, only to realize that her father threw away everything she created using her powers. At first, she thought it was just a matter of pride, but it turned out that her father was angry because he believed Eve had been using her powers irresponsibly. A case in point was that the site she helped in Chicago collapsed because the government had already condemned this place because of the unstable foundation. As a result, people got hurt by Eve’s actions as she grew farther away from her parents.

Debbi’s breakdown

Elsewhere, Debbie tries to sell a house to a young couple. However, the husband acted like he was in charge of all the decisions and that his wife had no say. Debbie remembers how Nolan called her a pet in his battle with Mark. She mutters that the man’s wife was not his pet, only for Debbie’s partner to diffuse the situation.

debbie selling house

Upon arriving home, Debbie goes on a full-on breakdown as Mark sees his mother collapsing on the floor due to her emotional problems. Mark stays with Debbie to comfort her as the narrative shifts to the Guardians of the Globe HQ.

In the HQ, Shapeshifter, the disguised Martian, was introduced to the place after he helped the Guardians defeat the Lizardmen. On Mars, the Sequids use Livingston’s real body to destroy the Martian empire before venturing to conquer other places. Then, in the Lizard League, King Lizard returns to his throne after killing Supreme Lizard to lead the people once more.

Post-credit: Angstrom Levy plots his revenge

The episode ends with the Lizard League scene. However, after the credits, we are treated to a scene involving the Pentagon experiencing a break-in. Angstrom Levy was seen confronting a captured Mark to ask how Omni-Man was defeated and how the government was able to capture Invincible.


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Mark tells Angstrom how the GDA used quantum bombs to kill Omni-Man. It was clear that this was a different universe because female versions of Cecil and Donald showed up to ask Angstrom what his deal was and why he was there.

alternate universe

But before the GDA can do anything, Angstrom leaves the premises using one of his portals, as he now knows how to defeat Invincible. He is looking to use quantum bombs to try to defeat Invincible in the main universe or any of the other universes in the large ‘Invincible’ multiverse.

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