Thragg vs. Battle Beast: Who Won the Fight and How?

thragg vs battle beast

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We’ve seen our fair share of powerful characters in the world of ‘Invincible,’ especially in the comics. At this point in the show, the two strongest characters are Omni-Man and Battle Beast, with the latter being stronger than the strongest man on Earth. But in the comics, we know that Thragg is the strongest Viltrumite there is and is arguably the most powerful being in the entire universe. So, in the fight between Thragg and Battle Beast, who won and how?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Thragg and Battle Beast were just about equal in terms of their physical prowess and capabilities.
  • However, while Battle Beast was known for being one of the strongest combatants in the galaxy, Thragg was able to outlast and defeat him after days of fighting one another.


All Viltrumites are exponentially stronger than any ordinary human being, as evidenced by the fact that Omni-Man and Invincible are stronger than any other person on Earth. However, as the leader of the Viltrumites and the strongest Viltrumite of all time, Thragg is second to none as far as his strength is concerned. There was no Viltrumite who could match Thragg’s strength, as he was even stronger than the combined might of Omni-Man and Invincible.

thragg decapitate

Seemingly bred to become a true warrior, Battle Beast’s strength was always exponentially higher than ordinary human beings. He was also seen to be a lot stronger than Invincible, as he easily defeated him in their first encounter. Battle Beast was also strong enough to take on several Viltrumites all at once while killing one of them in the process. And he was strong enough to take on Thragg, whom other characters were aware was far above their level.


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Thragg and Battle Beast fought one another in what seemed to be a stalemate. No one had the advantage in terms of pure strength, and that’s why we can’t decide who between them is stronger.

Thragg 0, Battle Beast 0


As a Viltrumite, Thragg was always capable of absorbing attacks that would have killed other characters in ‘Invincible.’ He is far more durable than any other superhuman in the storyline, and he is also a lot more durable than any of the other Viltrumites. Thragg can withstand hits from characters who are equally strong and is capable of fighting for a very long time without feeling the effects of fatigue.

thragg battle beast

Battle Beast lived to fight powerful characters, and that was the reason why he was always incredibly durable. He was able to withstand attacks from Invincible and Monster Girl without any adverse effects at all. Battle Beast could also take on several Viltrumites without showing any signs of fatigue. And in his fight with Thragg, he was able to last days without eating or resting.

The fight between Thragg and Battle Beast was more about resilience and endurance instead of actual strength. In the end, Thragg came out the victor as it was clear that he was a step ahead of his opponent in terms of durability and endurance even though he fainted after the fight.

Thragg 1, Battle Beast 0


Viltrumites are known to be a lot faster than regular human beings and even some of the fastest superpowered beings on Earth. In season 1 of ‘Invincible,’ Omni-Man was a lot faster than the Immortal, who himself was quite fast. So, in that regard, Thragg should be faster than Omni-Man. On top of that, Thragg and all of the other Viltrumites are capable of interstellar travel, which means that they are capable of reaching speeds that exceed light.


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Battle Beast has always been a creature with physical abilities that are exponentially higher than any other ordinary being in the universe. This means that his speed is so great that he can match the speed outputs of the Viltrumites and can even move faster than the weaker Viltrumites, as shown by the fact that he was able to outmaneuver or match Invincible’s speed during their fight.

thragg vs battle beast 2

The fact that Thragg can move at speeds that allow him to fly from one star system to another gives him the speed advantage over Battle Beast. But their in-battle speeds aren’t too far off from one another.

Thragg 2, Battle Beast 0


Thragg has all of the standard powers that the Viltrumites have. These powers include flight, decelerated aging, enhanced healing factor, and enhanced lung capacity. Given that Thragg was born the strongest Viltrumite of all time, his powers are at a more advanced level than all of the other Viltrumites. But he doesn’t have powers that the ordinary Viltrumite doesn’t have.

thragg viltrumites

Battle Beast was made to be an expy of Mongul from DC, meaning he doesn’t have actual powers. Unlike the Viltrumites, Battle Beast can’t fly and has no other special powers. Instead, he was born with physical abilities that are exponentially stronger than any other ordinary being. In fact, his physical prowess is actually higher than the average Viltrumite.

While Thragg does have powers, Battle Beast is still able to match him in their all-out brawl. However, Thragg’s powers did give him an advantage over a being without any special powers at all.

Thragg 3, Battle Beast 0

Fighting Skills

As the leader of the Viltrumites and as the strongest of his kind, Thragg was trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat. He is an expert in fighting unarmed and was able to overwhelm other Viltrumites who were almost just as strong as he was but were not as well-trained in the art of hand-to-hand fighting. Thragg was even able to use his bare hands to decapitate a fellow Viltrumite and was able to match the prowess of some of the strongest fighters in ‘Invincible’ because he has thousands of years of experience under his belt.


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There is a reason why he is called Battle Beast, as this being is literally a beast made for battle due to his incredible fighting skills. Battle Beast is a master of unarmed combat and is an even better combatant whenever he is armed. He knows how to overwhelm his opponents in hand-to-hand combat but is incredibly dangerous with a weapon, particularly his powerful mace. His mastery over his mace is so great that he is able to dismember Invincible with a powerful strike to the abdomen, almost killing the hero in the process.

battle beast

The one thing that allowed Battle Beast to fight Thragg on par was his fighting skills, as his hand-to-hand and armed combat expertise made it difficult for the strongest Viltrumite to overwhelm him. He might not have lasted long against Thragg if he wasn’t the better fighter.

Thragg 3, Battle Beast 1

The bottom line

At the end of the day, Thragg won his fight with Battle Beast because he was able to outlast the powerful fighter. The battle between the two lasted for days as neither of them could gain the advantage over the other due to how equal they were in a lot of different aspects. However, Thragg outlasted Battle Beast after a hard-fought duel that lasted for a long time, as Battle Beast died thanking the strongest Viltrumite for giving him the battle he craved his entire life.

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