Is Aizawa Dead in My Hero Academia & What Happened to Him?

aizawa unconcious

In My Hero Academia, one of the true MVPs of any fight involving the heroes and the villains is Shota Aizawa, as his quirk allows him to erase the quirks of anyone he keeps his eyes fixed on. In that regard, not even powerful villains like Tomura Shigaraki could maintain the use of his quirks whenever Aizawa is on the battlefield, and that was the reason why the superpowered villain targeted him first in their fight during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. But did Aizawa die after getting attacked by Shigaraki?

Aizawa is not dead in My Hero Academia, even after getting grabbed in the face by Tomura Shigaraki. Before Shigaraki could use Decay on him, Shoto Todoroki came in at the right time to save his teacher. After that attack, Aizawa passed out due to the injuries that he suffered against Shigaraki.

As a fan-favorite hero, Aizawa is unlikely to die in My Hero Academia as a lot of fans love his character and quirk. Of course, that fight against Shigaraki showcased that his quirk isn’t something that’s absolute, as he was still defeated in that battle. But the good news is that he is still alive, albeit nerfed. That said, let’s look at what happened to Aizawa in My Hero Academia.

What Happened To Aizawa In My Hero Academia?

When it comes to different missions in My Hero Academia, the one pro hero whose value could never be measured is Shota Aizawa. That’s because his quirk, Erasure, allows him to erase the quirks of any person as long as he keeps his eyes fixed on them. In that regard, he can neutralize any villain in any given situation because of how useful his quirk is. That is why he calls himself Eraser Head.


Aizawa, of course, was one of the most useful pro heroes during the Paranormal Liberation War arc because his Erasure allowed him to neutralize the quirks of the Nomus that had the ability to regenerate their body parts. In fact, Endeavor was so impressed with Aizawa that he invited him to join his pro hero team, only for Eraser Head to decline him because he said that his students at UA High School needed him more.

When Tomura Shigaraki awakened with a new body that allowed him to become almost as fast and as strong as All Might, Aizawa became the most useful pro hero that fought the incredibly powerful villain. That’s because he was able to erase Shigaraki’s quirks, including Decay and the ones he inherited from All For One. However, he was still strong and durable enough to withstand the attacks of Endeavor and Ryukyu.


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But Shigaraki understood that he was never going to win in that fight and obtain the One For All quirk of Izuku Midoriya if he couldn’t use any of his quirks. That was when he decided to target Aizawa, as he realized that he was the most dangerous out of all of the pro heroes on the battlefield due to the fact that he was the one neutralizing all of his quirks.

In episode 8 of season 2, Shigaraki used one of the quirk-erasing bullets that he had in his possession to try to erase Aizawa’s quirk. He did so almost successfully when the bullet managed to hit Eraser Head’s leg, as we all thought that this was the end of Aizawa’s quirk. Luckily, thanks to his knowledge of the quirk-erasing bullet, Aizawa cut his leg off before the effects of the bullet could spread throughout his entire body.

When Aizawa cut his leg off, that was the opening that Shigaraki took advantage of as he immediately went for Eraser Head to try to kill him. Knowing that Aizawa had lost his concentration after cutting his leg to survive the effects of the quirk-erasing bullet, Shigaraki immediately grabbed his face and was about to use his Decay quirk while Eraser Head’s Erasure was not working.

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Of course, we know that Decay works incredibly fast, as Shigaraki is capable of killing and decaying anything that his five finger touches. And after he reawakened his quirk, Shigaraki’s Decay now has a chain effect in the sense that it could spread from anything that he touches, as that was the case when he used decay on the ground and killed a lot of pro heroes that were touching the floor.

In that regard, when Shigaraki touched Aizawa’s face with his hand, a lot of fans believed that Eraser Head was already done for and was about to decay. Luckily, that was not the case for one of the most popular heroes in My Hero Academia.


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Is Aizawa Dead In My Hero Academia?

As mentioned, Shigaraki was about to use Decay on Aizawa after the pro hero had lost his concentration to cut his leg off to prevent the effects of the quirk-erasing bullet from erasing his quirk. While he should have died right then and there, that was not the case.

That’s because Shoto Todoroki, one of the main characters of the series alongside Midoriya and Bakugo, arrived just in time to blast Shigaraki with his ice to prevent him from using Decay on Aizawa. Meanwhile, pro hero Rock Lock tended to a heavily injured Aizawa while the trio of Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki teamed up on Shigaraki.

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As such, Aizawa was able to survive but nearly died if Todoroki had arrived a split second too late to save him. But the thing is that Eraser Head was basically out of commission after that ordeal, as he had already suffered a lot of injuries to continue to fight. Aizawa was knocked unconscious due to the injuries he sustained. Meanwhile, Rock Lock used Eraser Head’s bandages to wrap him up, as the trio of UA students was forced to try to get back on Shigaraki for what he did to their teacher.


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In the manga, Aizawa was immediately rushed to the hospital after the battle to get proper medical treatment. However, due to what Shigaraki did to him in that fight, he lost his right eye and one of his legs, as he was rendered almost completely useless. He even admitted that Erasure was no longer as potent as it was before because he could only use it with one eye.

So, while Shigaraki failed to kill Aizawa, he was able to nerf one of the most dangerous pro heroes in My Hero Academia as he thought that he no longer had to worry about Eraser Head erasing his quirks. But that was not entirely the case because Aizawa trained Neito Monoma, whose Copy quirk allowed him to copy Erasure, in the use of this quirk. That’s why both Aizawa and Neito participated in another fight against Shigaraki, as they worked together to cancel out the villain’s powerful quirks.

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