Is Danzō an Uchiha in Naruto & How Does He Have the Sharingan?

Is Danzō an Uchiha in Naruto & How Does He Have the Sharingan?

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And while he may not be one of the most famous and most beloved characters from Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise, Danzō Shimura certainly is an intriguing character who played a relatively important role in the franchise itself. Danzō is an intriguing personality in many ways, one of them being the fact that he possesses the Sharingan despite the fact that he is not an Uchiha. Or is he? In this article, we are going to tell you whether Danzō Shimura is a member of the Uchiha clan and how he actually got the Sharingan.

Danzō Shimura is, as you can deduce from his name, not a member of the Uchiha Clan, nor was he ever connected to the clan in any way. Still, like some other characters, he obtained the Sharingan by other means. Namely, at some point after the death of Shisui Uchiha, Danzō Shimura had the Sharingan implanted him.

The rest of this article will further elaborate on Danzō’s family history and the circumstances under which Danzō Shimura obtained the Sharingan, as we have told them in the paragraph above. You’re going to find out the exact circumstances related to who Danzō Shimura actually is, but also how exactly he obtained his Sharingan.

Is Danzō Shimura an Uchiha in Naruto?

Danzō was brought to the story much later, but his backstory is known, and it is known that he was born into the Sarutobi Clan, which indicates he was not an Uchiha. This means that he existed before the main plot’s events. Hiruzen Sarutobi’s companion and partner, Danzō, never stopped feeling inferior to Hiruzen despite his best attempts. Danzō and his teammates Kagami Uchiha and Torifu Akimichi, as well as Hiruzen and his teammates Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado, formed a platoon under the command of the Second Hokage during the First Shinobi War.

A Young Danzo

When the gang began to be pursued by Kumogakure ninjas, they understood that one of them would have to divert their pursuers. Danzō tried to help but was immobilized by panic at the thought of dying in order to save his friends, including his father and grandfather. Before he could gather his thoughts, Hiruzen offered to help. Danzō started to argue, upset that Hiruzen may win yet again, but Tobirama chose to play the fool instead of him.


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Tobirama appoints Hiruzen as the Third Hokage of Konohagakure before departing. Although Danzō yearned to be Hokage, Hiruzen was named as the new Hokage. He established the ANBU branch known as Root to do this. Even though the group later officially disbanded, it continued to function covertly. Danzō consented to aid Hanz of Amegakure during the Third Shinobi War in exchange for assistance in securing the position of Hokage. He dispatched some of his ninjas to deal with the Amegakure orphans, but Nagato wiped them out all.

How did Danzō Shimura get the Sharingan?

The tale of how Danzō acquired his Sharingan is actually related to the tale of Shisui Uchiha. In the anime, Team Shisui was given a challenging assignment to repel Kiri ninja led by Ao, who withdrew when he saw Shisui nearby. The Konoha Police Department assigned Itachi to spy on his pal after he began acting strangely.

Shisui unexpectedly disobeyed these commands since he opposed the Coup. Shisui also revealed everything to the Third Hokage as the Uchiha grew warier of the village elders. Hiruzen trusted the young man and gave him the position of double spy, leaving him in charge of his clan’s internal strife since he knew Shisui would use the Kotoamatsukami on Fugaku Uchiha as a last resort to avert the fatal blow.

Danzō Shimura made the decision to steal Shisui’s eyes in order to save the village in his own way because he thought the clan would stand their ground no matter how their leader was used against them. Shisui was able to dominate the battle despite losing one of his eyes because of the Sharingan’s powers. Unfortunately, Danzō surprised him by using the Izanagi to demonstrate that he, too, possessed the djutsu of the Uchiha clan.

Danzo27s arm

Before Danzō’s soldiers could seize Shisui’s remaining eye, he fled. Shisui was demoralized by Danzō’s deceptive statements since he felt unable to resolve the impending confrontation. Itachi was the only person he knew who was capable of safeguarding the village and their clan, so he gave it to him. He left a suicide note before taking his own life by leaping off a cliff into the Naka River. In it, he expressed his refusal to take part in any further actions and emphasized how the clan’s narrow-mindedness prevented them from wanting long-lasting peace.


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The information in this letter also led one to believe that Shisui had deliberately removed his eyes in order to avoid creating a conflict of interest within the clan. Fortunately, his corpse was never located. Shisui’s passing gave Itachi in the anime the opportunity to become aware of the Mangekyō Sharingan. Danzō had the Sharingan inserted into him at some point following the passing of Shisui Uchiha. In order to improve his physical strength, he also collaborated with Orochimaru to implant Hashirama Senju’s DNA into his right arm. Tobi makes an educated guess. The simultaneous implanting of ten Sharingan into Danzō’s right arm had the additional benefit of enabling him to use the Wood Release and, eventually, the djutsu kinjutsu: Izanagi.

How was Danzō able to use the Sharingan?

The Sharingan of Shisui Uchiha was in Danzō’s right eye. Shisui’s Sharingan was not Danzō’s first Sharingan in the anime. He was able to spot several murderers in the area thanks to his expert usage of the device. Additionally, he had access to the Kotoamatsukami, the most powerful genjutsu of the Mangekyō Sharingan, which allowed him to secretly control the thoughts of others.

Danzō’s right arm, which was originally Shin Uchiha’s but had been strengthened with Hashirama Senju’s DNA and implanted with ten Sharingan, was his most dreaded feature. Ao also observed that Shisui’s chakra matched the color of the chakra in his right hand. In order to conserve chakra and control his eyes and DNA, he frequently concealed his hand under bandages and a glove-like seal.

He was unable to see with his eyes or use their passive skills, yet he was still able to employ the Izanagi move, which is illegal even among the Uchiha clan. Danzō was able to briefly alter his body into a physical illusion that might counteract whatever injuries he might have sustained from an adversary once it was triggered.

This allowed him to withstand deadly attacks while still having the capacity to hurt his adversary’s body. Izanagi granted him another benefit: Danzō would reappear elsewhere, away from danger, after he was “dead.” Danzō was able to surprise Shisui and take his Sharingan using this method.


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Danzō would lose the ability to employ one of his Sharingan every 60 seconds that Izanagi was active as a negative consequence of this technique. Furthermore, even with Hashirama’s cells enhancing Danzō’s physical energy, the method still needed a large quantity of chakra to be maintained. Danzō intended to be able to utilize Shisui’s eye on Izanagi, but he chose not to because he wanted to avoid becoming Kotoamatsukami’s sacrifice.

Izanagi Danzō is regarded as lacking as he doesn’t have access to Hashirama’s cells. Despite this, Danzō misused the use of Izanagi to become unstoppable for a maximum of ten minutes whenever he believed it was required, contrary to the technique’s original meaning of being the final resort for the user to tip the balance in their favor.

Danzō acquired the capacity of a shinobi to heal practically any wound without the need for hand seals through the integration of Hashirama’s cells. Tobi believed that Danzō was likely targeting Naruto due to his potential control over Kurama and the fact that he had Uchiha and Senju DNA.

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