Is Kin’emon Really Dead & Will He Be Back in One Piece?

Is Kin'emon Really Dead & Will He Be Back in One Piece?

Kin’emon, also called “Firefox”, is a samurai born in Kuri in Wano Country. He is a servant of Wano’s Kozuki Family, as well as the leader of the Nine Red Scabbards. He appears in the Punk Hazard Arc, where his body was cut into three parts by Trafalgar Law. He plays the role of Momonosuke’s father. He ate the Fuku Fuku no Mi which allows him to dress people as he sees fit. During the Wano Country Arc, Kin’emon had a clash with Kaidou and in this article, we are going to tell you whether he survived the clash and whether we’ll be seeing more of Kin’emon in One Piece.

After cutting down the traitor Kanjuro, Kin’emon was confronted by Kaidou who came to kill him. Kin’emon was ready to defend himself, but Kaidou’s kanabo easily broke through Kin’emon’s katanas and smashed against the samurai’s head with immense force. Kin’emon was gravely injured but survived because his body was not properly reattached back on Punk Hazard. He ended up surviving the events of Wano Country.

In the rest of this article, we are going to give you more details about Kin’emon and his fight with Kaidou during the Wano Country Arc. You’re going to find out what exactly happened and also why it happened, as we are going to analyze Kin’emon’s character and story. Some spoilers will certainly be present so be careful how you approach the article.

Is Kin’emon dead in One Piece?

Kin’emon had several important battles in the series, but objectively, only one of them nearly cost him his life, and that is his second, brief clash with Kaido during the events of the Wano Country Arc. This happened right after Kin’emon cut down the traitor Kanjuro, ridding the Scabbards of their treacherous former ally. So, what happened during the fight with Kaidou and why do people think that Kin’emon died?

Right after Kanjuro’s downfall, Kaidou personally came to the crawl space so he could kill Momonosuke. Kin’emon then said to Shinobu to take Momonosuke and run away as he himself prepared his two katana to defend against Kaidou’s impending assault. However, Kaidou’s kanabe easily broke Kin’emon’s katanas and slammed into the samurai’s head with enormous power.


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Kin’emon was seriously injured but remained conscious, after which he hit Kaidou in the leg with his broken sword to gain as little time as possible. Furious, Kaidou then grabbed one of the katanas and stabbed Kin’emon in the back so he could kill him, ultimately leaving him lying on the ground completely motionless.

And while it did seem that Kaidou killed him, the Emperor was not aware of one thing that happened back on Punk Hazard. Namely, Kin’emon survived Kaidou’s attack because his torso and legs were never reattached properly back on Punk Hazard. After Kaidou left, Kin’emon’s legs rose, and began running to Kikunojo for help. On the way, they encountered Nami’s and Usopp’s group, recognizing them as his allies when they showed the symbol of rebellion to him.

Kaidou Attacks Kin27emon

Kin’emon’s legs then told them of Kikunojo’s condition, telling Usopp to take the legs and Hamlet to the first-floor crawl space. Kin’emon then heard the surviving Orochi communicate with Kanjuro, who was still alive, telling him to draw and create a monster that would burn down the Alliance and the Beast Pirates altogether.

Kin’emon could only observe, completely in horror, as Kazenbo came to life and began his dreadful journey across the castle. After finally arriving the crawl space, Usopp finally combined Kin’emon’s legs, but at that moment, he had to defend both Kin’emon and Kikunojo from the approaching Beast Pirates.

Kin’emon begged Usopp to leave him and take Kikunojo, while Kikunojo argued otherwise. Usopp, of course, refused to listen to him and simply decided to share his beliefs about survival. After Izou showed up to fend off the Beasts Pirates, Usopp got Kinemon to safety while Hamlet grabbed Kikunojo and was carried to safety by them before Kinemon’s body was washed in water by Raizo with his rescuers and Kiku.

Kin’emon and Kikunojo were then taken to Chopper so he could treat them. They later showed up, bandaged and conscious, alongside the rest of the surviving Red Scavvards not long after Momonosuke revealed himself to the people of Wano and declared himself the new Shogun of Wano, gaining Kin’emon’s support along the way. Kin’emon then joined the surviving Scabbards and the new shogun, Momonosuke, on their way to the Shogun’s castle.

What happened to Kin’emon after his fight against Kaidou?

What happened afterward is a thing for the history books. Seven days after the events of Wano took place, Kin’emon and Kawamatsu were at Ringo Cemetery talking about the possibility of constructing a temple dedicated to Kozuki Oden, that would also honor Ashura Doji and Izou, two of their fallen comrades.

A second fire festival was organized to celebrate Kaidou and Orochi’s defeat, during which Kin’emon celebrated alongside Tsuru in Kuri. Although Kin’emon admitted Ryoguyku was right when he said Kaidou’s presence kept Wano’s enemies away, he later apologized to Shinobu and Raizo, who fell victim to Ryokugyu’s abilities but were rebuffed by Nekomamushi and asked how Tsuru was doing.


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Kin’emon then stated that Tsuru was alive and well despite suffering a severe burn on her face when the entire town of Okobore was set on fire, and blushingly stated that Tsuru was still beautiful even after all the years. A few days later, as the Straw Hat Pirates prepared to leave Wano, Kin’emon was just as surprised as Momonosuke to discover that the two of them were the only ones left behind during the farewell prayers and would leave later. looking for Yamato, who told them that he wanted to join the Straw Hats and live like Kozuki Oden.

When Momonosuke burst into tears, Luffy gave him a flag and explained that Wano was now being protected by the Straw Hat Pirates and that if Momonosuke, Kin’emon, or Yamato ever decided to become pirates, they would come looking for them. they agreed at that time not to be pushovers. Just as the Straw Hats were leaving, Momonosuke told Kin’emon that he would one day pass Oden, that day Kin’emon had been looking forward to. Kin’emon then returned to the Flower Capital with Yamato and Momonosuke as Momonosuke wondered where to place the Straw Hat Flag.

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