Is Kirishima the UA Traitor in My Hero Academia?

Throughout the entire storyline of My Hero Academia, it was clear that the villains had someone working for them within the hallowed halls of UA High School because they were always in the know of what the heroes were up to. In that regard, the traitor happened to be a member of Class 1-A of UA High, and that made fans suspect a few people. One of the suspects was Eijiro Kirishima, the hot-blooded member of the class. So, is Kirishima the UA traitor in My Hero Academia?

Kirishima is not the UA High School traitor because it was always his childhood dream to be a hero. He also has a strong bond with his classmates and was never going to betray them. Instead, the traitor was Yuga Aoyama, who seemed to be a black sheep among the students of Class 1-A.

It was a surprise to many fans that the flamboyant and comical Aoyama turned out to be the traitor of UA High School and was the one feeding information to All For One. Nevertheless, he never loved this role because it was merely forced onto him through circumstance. Now, with that said, let’s talk more about the UA traitor and why it isn’t Eijiro Kirishima.

Who Is Kirishima In My Hero Academia?

While we do know that Izuku Midoriya is the main character of My Hero Academia and that his classmates, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todorki, are behind him in terms of their status as primary characters. Of course, the spotlight also shines on the other members of Class 1-A of UA High School because they are all equally important to the overall storyline of My Hero Academia.

One of the characters that were able to see his fair share of the spotlight was Eijiro Kirishima, who is one of the most hot-blooded members of Class 1-A (which explains why he gets along with Bakugo). Kirishima is the resident brawler and hot-blood of the class as he is almost always fired up and is actually quite enthusiastic about being a hero. In fact, he is also quite competitive.

Kirishima’s quirk is called Hardening, which allows him to completely harden certain parts of his body, such that they become quite jagged and as hard as a rock. He often uses his quirk for both offense and defense. On offense, he is capable of dealing severe damage using the hardened parts of his body. Meanwhile, on defense, his hardened flesh allows him to tank attacks that other characters wouldn’t be able to survive.

In one of the earlier arcs of My Hero Academia, Kirishima’s backstory was told. He used to hate his quirk because it once hurt him when he wasn’t able to control it (which explains the scar on his upper right eye). However, after seeing an interview with Crimson Riot, he became inspired to follow in the footsteps of the hero. 

As such, Kirishima worked hard to enter UA High School so that he could become a pro hero in the future. That was the reason why he chose the name “Red Riot,” as he was paying homage to his childhood hero.

Is Kirishima The UA Traitor In My Hero Academia?

As the entire My Hero Academia series unfolded, one of the things that we learned was the fact that All For One, one of the major villains in the series, was always in the know of what UA High School and the rest of the heroes were planning. He seemed to be several steps ahead of them even after getting imprisoned. This meant that there was a mole feeding him information within the halls of UA High School.

It also became clear that the mole was one of the students in Class 1-A because most of the attacks and the things that the villains did almost always involve this class. As such, the mole was feeding the villains information about Class 1-A, more specifically, as none of the other classes in UA seemed to be targets of the villains.

Of course, the traitor could have been anyone. But there were fans that pointed to the possibility of Eijiro Kirishima being the traitor. It might have been due to his gangster-like personality and penchant for starting up fights. So, is Kirishima the traitor of UA High School?

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Despite being quite boisterous and having an obsession with manliness, Kirishima is actually one of the most kindhearted characters in the series and is one of the people that love and care about his classmates. He has formed a great bond with his classmates in Class 1-A and is especially close with Bakugo.

In that regard, he could never be a traitor to the class, especially considering that he is quite outgoing to the point that he couldn’t keep his status as a mole a secret if he was indeed the one who was feeding information to All For One. He is passionate about being a hero, and that means that he won’t do anything that would go against his personal values as someone who wants to be a hero to everyone. That’s why he could never be a traitor.

Who Is The Traitor In My Hero Academia?

Now that we have made it clear that there was no way Eijiro Kirishima could have been the traitor of UA High School, we now go to the identity of the actual traitor who was feeding information to All For One. That person is someone who fans didn’t expect to be a traitor but was still a person that showed signs of being a mole. We are talking about Yuga Aoyama.

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Throughout the series, Aoyama was portrayed to be somewhat of a comic relief because he is the most flamboyant of the students in Class 1-A. On top of that, he never had the same kind of proficiency with his quirk because he often had stomach aches after using his Navel Laser. As such, he was almost always a comic relief that made fans laugh whenever he did something.

Nevertheless, while Aoyama may not have been an obvious choice as the mole hidden in Class 1-A, there were signs that pointed to the possibility of him being a traitor. One such sign was the fact that, while he was a comic relief, he was sort of a black sheep in the sense that he didn’t bond with his classmates as well as the others did. He was friends with everyone in the class but found it hard to truly open up to them and become incredibly close with anyone other than Izuku Midoriya. On top of that, his backstory was a mystery before he was revealed to be the traitor.

So, with that said, when Aoyama was revealed to be the traitor of UA High School, some fans were shocked but were not surprised, considering that they knew little to nothing about this mysteriously flamboyant and goofy Class 1-A student.

Why Did Aoyama Betray UA In My Hero Academia?

The reason why Aoyama betrayed UA High School in My Hero Academia was not out of malice or spite. In fact, he was portrayed to be quite kindhearted and caring towards his classmates. He legitimately cared about his classmates and was always hurt whenever he saw them getting hurt after a villain attack. If that’s the case, why did he even betray UA High School?

Aoyama became a mole for All For One out of circumstance. He was born to a wealthy family but was quirkless, and that was perhaps the reason why he was able to bond with Midoriya more than his other classmates.

However, his parents struck a deal with All For One to give Aoyama a quirk because they believed that he would be able to live a happier life. And while Aoyama was able to receive his Navel Laser from All For One, his family was left with a huge debt to pay.

As such, Aoyama was forced into the position of acting as a mole for All For One to pay for the fact that the villain gave him his quirk. He also needed to betray UA because it was the only way for him to keep his family safe from All For One. Aoyama didn’t want the villains to hurt his family if he didn’t do what he was forced to do.

All that said, Aoyama never loved his role as a mole because he was always legitimately hurt whenever his friends were in danger due to his betrayal. And the saddest part was that All For One never even cared for him or his family because he only saw them as one of the pawns he could play at any given moment.

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