Is Kleya Actually Princess Leia in Andor? Theory Explained

kleya leia

There are a lot of different characters that we’ve met in the events of the Andor series that has been going on for a while already. However, one of the more mysterious characters that we’ve met is Kleya, who seems to be someone who has been swept into the Rebellion during the early stages of the movement against the Empire. But the character’s name and her appearance have actually made fans believe that she could be someone familiar to all of us. So, is Kleya actually Princess Leia?

It is unlikely that Kleya and Leia are one and the same. That’s because Kleya is on the older side and has shown a darkness that Leia would have never had. On top of that, Leia was still canonically in her early teens during the timeline of Andor. As such, it is unlikely that she is Kleya.

The presence of Kleya in the Andor allows us to see a different side to the Rebellion, as this character wasn’t too shy about tying up some loose ends to make sure that none of the Rebels would ever get traced. In that regard, she represents the darker side of the Rebellion during its early stages, and that’s not something that we can say about Leia. That said, let’s talk about whether Kleya and Leia are one and the same.

Who Is Kleya In Andor?

One of the things that we’ve seen in the Andor series thus far is that there are a lot of different personalities involved in the storyline. Most of them aren’t even characters that Cassian Andor has met, as it is clear that this series revolves around the different people that are going to be important in the formation of the early stages of the Rebellion.

We’ve seen Luthen Rael playing a role in recruiting Cassian into a mission that allowed him to get to know the rebels that attacked the Aldhani Imperial base. However, we also know that Luthen is one of the people that are working behind the scenes to turn the Rebellion into something bigger than just a few people attacking small Imperial bases scattered all over the galaxy. And we’ve seen one other character working closely with Luthen throughout the entirety of the series.


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The character we are talking about is Kleya, who is played by Elizabeth Dulau. From what we’ve seen from Kleya so far, she is one of the people that is working together with the ones who want to start up a rebellion against the Empire. However, like Luthen, she has a cover that she uses to hide her true nature as a rebel.

Luthen works as a collector and seller of artifacts in a gallery located in Coruscant. Meanwhile, Kleya seems to be someone working as his assistant in the gallery, although she probably isn’t a real assistant to him as we’ve seen her talking to Luthen as though they were equals. In that regard, her job as an assistant in Luthen’s gallery is probably just a cover as well, considering that Luthen’s job as a collector is also a cover.

During the times when Mon Mothma visits the gallery, Kleya acts as a simple concierge that attends to her needs. However, she has always been a rebel operative that has been working with him. There are even moments wherein she appears to be the one who is in charge of the operation instead of Luthen.

In episode 7, she showed her darker side when she actually told Vel to tie up a loose end in the form of Cassian Andor. Basically, she was telling Vel to kill Andor because she believed that she could be someone that could lead the Imperial officers back to them. And Luthen Rael, who recruited Andor, didn’t even know about this.

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Meanwhile, in episode 8, we saw how Kleya had enough influence over Luthen to convince her to turn off the radio signal that allowed them to communicate with Bix over at Ferrix. This means that she isn’t Luthen’s actual assistant but could be someone who is more important than what her job in the gallery suggests.

Could Kleya Actually Be Princess Leia?

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Kleya except for the things that she has allowed us to see in Andor. This has led some fans to believe that she could be someone we know was always important to the Rebellion. Yes, we are talking about Princess Leia Organa. And there are even moments when Kleya and Leia actually look alike.

Of course, other than the fact that they have similar names and similar appearances, the fact that they are both rebels also makes it plausible that they are the same. However, there are also several reasons why we believe that Kleya and Leia are entirely different from one another.

Kleya Is Older

When Kleya was introduced, it did seem like she was already in her adult years, even though she does seem like she’s still quite young for an adult. She seems to be someone who is in her early to mid-20s in the series and not someone who is still in her teenage years. Of course, the fact that she is working as an assistant in a gallery suggests that she is already old enough to have a job (even though we aren’t sure what the minimum working age is in Coruscant).


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On the other hand, when Princess Leia and Luke (who are both the same age) were introduced in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, they were both in their teenage years, as they were still just 19 years old at that time. In that regard, while Leia was a bit mature already due to her upbringing and experiences, she was still just a teenager.

The Timelines Are Off

The last time we saw Leia in a Star Wars project, she was just nine years old in Obi-Wan Kenobi, even though she did seem a bit mature for her age at that time. Meanwhile, Andor takes place five years after Obi-Wan Kenobi and five years before A New Hope. That would mean that Princess Leia should be around 14 years old at the time of Andor.

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In that regard, Kleya doesn’t look like she’s still 14 years old in Andor, as she is already quite mature and has the demeanor and appearance of a young adult instead of a teenager. As such, even though Leia was exposed to the Rebellion at an early age and was already a senator at 16, it is unlikely that Bail Organa would allow her to go to Coruscant at the age of 14 to work as a secret operative for the rebels at such an early age.

As we saw in Star Wars: Rebels, which takes place right around the same time as Andor, Leia was working with Bail Organa instead of working solo. In that regard, it doesn’t seem like her timeline matches Kleya’s timeline in Andor.

Kleya Is Dark

Probably the biggest reason why Kleya and Leia are not one and the same is the fact that Andor has characters that are darker than most Star Wars personalities. Kleya wasn’t spared from that darkness as we saw the fact that she was willing to do anything to ensure that the rebels were going to succeed. She went as far as telling Vel to kill Andor because he was a loose end that needed to be tied up.

We’ve known Princess Leia for a very long time, and we all know that she’s not someone who would be willing to murder someone in cold blood to make sure that the Rebellion would succeed. She has always been someone on the Light Side, as she herself is Force-sensitive. If Kleya and Leia were the same people, that would mean that Leia had already gone to the Dark Side early on when she ordered the death of Andor. That isn’t something that we would expect from the Leia that we know.

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