What Is Kenjaku’s Exact Plan in Jujutsu Kaisen?

What is Kenjaku's Exact Plan in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Alongside Sukuna, Kenjaku, who is currently still disguised as Pseudo-Geto even though his cover has been blown, is the main villain of Jujutsu Kaisen, and from what we can understand, there is an epic clash waiting for us in the future. However, it remains to be seen how Akutami will execute that aspect. Now, Kenjaku has been present from the very beginning of the series, and in this article, we have decided to explain his endgame in the series.

While not every detail of Kenjaku’s plan is fully known, he acts like a mad scientist-type character and simply wants to experiment on all humanity. His ultimate goal is to merge all of Japan (possibly even all of humanity) with Tengen, whose powers and abilities are specific in that aspect, and to create a special hybrid being that he could then examine. He wants to understand the relationship between cursed energy and the physical body, so his experiments aim to achieve that goal, and he is ready to sacrifice everything to get to that goal, which is why he is considered a villain.

The rest of this article will, of course, tell you all about Kenjaku and his plan. His story has evolved since his debut, and Kenjaku has provided us with various interesting situations and questions. After introducing him to you, we will tell you all that is known about his plans and why he is considered such a dangerous villain in the series, i.e., why his plan is so problematic that everyone wants to stop him. Some spoilers will be present, so be careful how you approach certain parts of this article.

Kenjaku’s plan is to create a new human-curse hybrid

Kenjaku is an evil jujutsu sorcerer whose Innate Technique allows him to move his brain into a different body, preserving the memories and Innate Technique of the original corpse.

Thanks to this ability, he took over the bodies of many sorcerers in many eras, including the first Noritoshi Kamo, using his body to create Choso and his brothers. Furthermore, Kenjaku took control of the body of Kaori Itadori, a sorcerer with a cursed technique capable of generating an anti-gravity field of two/three meters for a few seconds, and used it to conceive Yuji Itadori, who he himself defines as his “son.”

His last body is that of Suguru Geto, recovered after the “Night Procession of the Hundred Demons.” Under this guise, he collaborates with Mahito’s group to trap Gojo and bring Sukuna to their side.

After sealing Gojo, he manages to absorb Mahito following his defeat at the hands of Yuji. He then uses his technique on a large scale to modify humans with Innate techniques but without the ability to perceive and manipulate cursed energy. He then aims to awaken humans without techniques, who have been forced to ingest cursed objects containing the essence of sorcerers with whom he has made pacts over the centuries, subsequently starting a “Culling Game” between them.


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So, this is an introduction to Kenjaku’s character and his main actions in the series. He has, undoubtedly, played a major role in the series, as he is responsible for both the Shibuya Incident and the Culling Game, which proves just how far he is willing to go to achieve his goal. But what is it exactly?

Well, there are still many unknown details about Kenjaku’s general plan, but we can paint a pretty accurate picture at this point, both thanks to Kenjaku’s explanations and thanks to information provided by other characters, most notably Tengen.

According to Tengen, Kenjaku’s goal, in the context of the Culling Game, is to force the evolution of every inhabitant of Japan, causing Tengen to “merge” with humanity, eliminating the boundary between man and curses and thus spreading the evil produced throughout the world.

He combines centuries-old experience in combat, a profound knowledge of evil energy and the human soul, and an extraordinary ability to manipulate and plan, as demonstrated by the success in neutralizing the most powerful sorcerer by identifying his weak points, convincing hundreds of sorcerers to reincarnate in the future by leveraging their desires and regrets, orchestrate the Culling Game, gain control of the Kamo Clan and the eminences of the world of jujutsu sorcery and convince the major countries of the world to send troops to Japan well before the Shibuya incident.

He is also the second-best user of barrier techniques, capable of creating an open barrier domain similar to that of Sukuna. He is motivated by a deep desire for knowledge and creativity; in fact, his main goal seems to be to push the possibilities of cursed energy beyond current limits, creating a hybrid creature superior to both humans and curses.

He also feels an absolute contempt for individuals, cultures, and structures that favor passivity, which in his own way limit the possibilities of evolution, first of all, his old friend Tengen, whom he managed to absorb at one point.

As you can see, the outlines of Kenjaku’s plan are known. However, there are still some details that need to be revealed – like what does Kenjaku plan to do with the hybrid, whether he himself plans to merge with it, what his goal is with the world’s population in general, etc. – and we hope that Akutami will reveal more details about that in the future.

Why did Kenjaku merge with Geto? Does it fit his plans?

Now that we know that Kenjaku has been around for many, many years, we can assume that over the years, he has merged with people who were of interest to him, either because of their powers and potential or because they were a useful camouflage. Now, how no one noticed the stitches is beyond us, but no one could tell that Clark Kent was Superman, so there’s that. But let us get back to the question at hand.

We don’t actually know how many people Kenjaku has taken over, but all the known ones were either powerful or special in some way. During the Shibuya Incident, Kenjaku actually revealed why he took over Geto’s body, and it wasn’t simply to screw with Gojo, although that was a very convenient benefit for him.


Jujutsu Kaisen: Kenjaku vs. Geto: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Namely, Kenjaku knew how powerful Geto was, and he also knew the nature of his Innate Technique, which he found extremely useful; in that aspect, he is similar to Sukuna, who also uses other characters for his own gain. So, in order to get his hands on one of the most powerful and dangerous Innate Techniques in the series, Kenjaku took over Geto’s body and approached Gojo as Pseudo-Geto, confusing him so that the Prison Realm could capture him.

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