Is Ruby Cruz Gay, Straight, or Bisexual? Willow’s Star Sexuality Explained

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Whenever we see a new gay romance in movies and series that is subtle but very much obvious, the LGBTQ+ community seems to freak out about it and goes into a deep dive into whether or not the characters are part of the community in real life. The same can be said about Willow, the new show streaming on Disney+ that follows the movie’s events from 1988.

It didn’t come as a surprise that Jade, played by Erin Kellyman, and Kit, played by Ruby Cruz, were romantically involved since the trailer for the show revealed some romantic tension between the two. The first two episodes only confirmed our suspicions since Jade and Kit kissed in the first episode. We’ve already covered where Erin sits on the spectrum, but what about her love interest from the show? Is Ruby Cruz gay, straight, or bisexual?

Social Media Presence

It would seem that Ruby’s social media presence is highly limited. She has no official Instagram account, no Twitter account, no TikTok, nada… so it might be hard to determine whether or not she is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. If Ruby Cruz does have social media accounts, she sure hides them well from the rest of us.


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Not only does Ruby Cruz hide her social media or has none, but her biographical data is also very limited except for her roles in movies and TV series. As far as we know, even her date of birth is unknown but it’s known that she is in her early twenties and that she is 5’5” or 165 cm tall.

Her first notable role was in the Castle Rock series, an adaptation of a Stephen King novel, where she played Annie Wilkes, or rather her teenage version with flashbacks to her spanning over 2 episodes. That is the last we’ve seen her on the show and it wasn’t until 2021 that she would land another important role.

In Mare of Easttown, Ruby played Jess Riley, Erin’s friend, that was played by Cailee Spaeny. 2021 also announced that Cruz would appear in Willow as Kit, daughter of Queen Sorsha, a legacy character from the original movie.

Ruby Cruz as Kit

People were excited to see a gay character take the lead in a fantasy series, and both Ruby and Erin surely delivered, but what do the fans have to say about their love? The fans seem split; some say that both characters are unlikable, some say that Kit is extremely annoying, and some say that Kit is too much of a gay mess for Jade.

Others disagree and say that the romance between the two is very organic and that the romance is put in the center of it all. They also speculate that Ruby’s character is non-binary, but it is yet to be confirmed. Perhaps we’ll see it confirmed in the remaining six episodes, but I doubt it.

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So what’s the deal: Is Ruby Cruz part of the community?

There’s no way of telling whether Ruby Cruz is part of the LGBTQ+ community. She might be, or she might not be, but let’s not force the actress into uncomfortable situations by pressing her to reveal details about her personal life. We all have a tendency to freak out about our role models and go into deep internet dives to try and get to know them as best we can.

While it might seem innocent, this act of knowing your role models might be harmful in a way. I respect Ruby’s decision not to reveal anything about her personal life. The wiki sites seem to think she is straight since they mention her boyfriend status, but that might be speculation because it’s the proclaimed ”norm” with many, even though we live in the 21st century.

For now, we’ll have to enjoy the drama-filled romance between her characters, Kit and Jade. It’s positive to see Disney including LGBTQ+ characters in their shows since they did vow to include at least 50% of all characters as gay in March of 2022. I don’t know about 50%, but having more inclusion in the fantasy genre would be nice.

The community’s verdict

The community loves speculating and putting labels on just about any character that is remotely queer looking or gives of ”that vibe”. I’m guilty of it myself. Whether Ruby Cruz is part of the community is irrelevant. The fans want to know mostly because they’re tired of seeing gay characters played by characters that aren’t gay in real life.

In the case of Erin Kellyman, the actress that plays Jade, it is confirmed that the actress is indeed a lesbian in real life. She is certainly not shy about it and has been open about it ever since the start of her career, attending a 2019 pride parade with her girlfriend, who she is still with to this day. The gay panic arose in 2021 when she starred in Marvel’s Captain America and The Falcon, and she even addressed the matter by saying that it took the fans so long to notice.

We can only hope that the same holds for Ruby Cruz. Until then, you can catch her on-screen as Kit, a supposedly non-binary queer character in Willow. The first two episodes premiered on the 30th of November. A total of 8 episodes will air, the last six being released weekly, every Wednesday until the 23rd of January 2023, when the last episode will air. year