James Gunn Raises Questions About Supergirl’s Inclusion in ‘Superman: Legacy’ – “I Never Even Said She Was in the Movie”

James Gunn Raises Questions About Supergirls Inclusion in Superman Legacy I Never Even Said She Was in the Movie

With the release of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ the DCEU concludes its chapter, making way for James Gunn’s DCU to emerge as the next major cinematic universe featuring DC characters. The inaugural project in this new phase is ‘Creature Commandos,’ but both Gunn and Safran have indicated that the true initiation lies with ‘Superman: Legacy.’

Gunn, known for sharing insights into his favorite projects, has been transparent about the positive progress of ‘Superman: Legacy.’ He assures that the development is going smoothly, with sets being constructed, costumes completed, and actors settling into their roles. In response to a fan inquiry about the cast, Gunn revealed that over 90% are confirmed, leaving room for speculation about the remaining characters.

The recent confirmation of Milly Alcock portraying Supergirl added to the anticipation. While details about Supergirl’s role in the movie are scarce, it aligns with the overall focus on Superman’s origin story. Given the upcoming ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’ movie, it suggests Milly’s enduring presence in the DCU.

Responding to a fan’s question about Milly Alcock’s screen time in ‘Superman: Legacy,’ Gunn maintained a vague stance, neither confirming nor denying Supergirl’s appearance in the movie.

Screenshot 2024 01 31 at 15 41 08 James Gunn @jamesgunn on Threads

Gunn appears to be intentionally preserving the mystery around the film, but it seems probable that Supergirl will have some presence, even if minimal. The swift casting of the actress, without a writer, script, or storyline for her standalone movie, suggests a strategic decision. In any event, all uncertainties will be addressed upon the full release of the movie.


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Scheduled for release on July 11th, 2025, ‘Superman: Legacy,’ helmed by James Gunn and produced by Peter Safran, prompts speculation: Will Supergirl make an appearance in the film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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