Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s How Yuji Stole Sukuna’s Technique!

‘Jujutsu Kaisen’: Here’s How Yuji Stole Sukuna’s Technique!

The relationship between Sukuna and Yuji Itadori, the series’ protagonist, is a very interesting one in Jujutsu Kaisen. And while we have discussed it on several occasions in the past, there is still more to tell, and that is what we will do in this article. In it, we are going to refer to the final panel of Chapter 238 of Jujutsu Kaisen, which seemingly saw Itadori getting Sukuna’s powers, so we are going to explain that scene to you so you can prepare yourselves for what’s coming in Chapter 239, after the break.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The final panel of Chapter 238 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga shows Itadori having a demonic hand resembling the hand that Sukuna “sported” when he was in control of Yuji’s body.
  • Since the chapter ended on a cliffhanger, it is unknown what it means.
  • Theoretically, it could be that Itadori finally accustomed himself to Sukuna’s powers (or what is left of them in his body), meaning that he somehow has his powers now.

Itadori seemingly has Sukuna’s hand now, but the way Akutami is writing this, anything is possible

And while we all knew that Gojo’s death would cause a major issue, no one expected it to be this bad. Up until Chapter 236, the story seemed to make sense. The fight between Sukuna and Gojo was, albeit too complex to follow at times, exceptional, and then Gojo died. It seems like Akutami simply abandoned all logic and structure, writing chapters like he simply wants to get it over with.

After apparently killing Gojo, Akutami completely forgot about him. He also suddenly gave Sukuna yet another power-up, making him completely unbeatable from a logical standpoint. The fight with Kashimo was a let-down that seemed completely unnecessary, and suddenly, we have Yuji and Hiromi Higuruma coming at Sukuna (from the sky?!), and Yuji is suddenly sporting a demonic hand out of nowhere. Why? Well, why not, eh!?

And while we could rant about Akutami saying his farewells to logic and narrative consistency, we are going to stick to the topic now and try to explain what happened, although we have to warn you that no one really knows what is going on and that this is merely a theory based on what we know from the past, when the plot made more sense, because, from this point on, anything can happen in Jujutsu Kaisen so you can also expect Akutami to simply come up with an asspull that has nothing to do with what has been established in the lore so far.


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So, Chapter 238, final panel. Yuji has a demonic hand that looks like Sukuna’s hand. Let us first summarize the relationship that existed between the two of them.

At the beginning of the series, to save his friends from a curse, Itadori swallowed one of Sukuna’s fingers. Since then, Yuji and Sukuna have developed a bond. Even though he only originally ingested one of Sukuna’s 20 fingers, this was enough to awaken the strong cursed spirit, who took control of Yuji’s body right away, believing he had been resurrected. But soon after that, Yuji started to struggle with him, and before long, he was once again in control of his own body, shocking not only Sukuna but also Gojo and Megumi, who were also present.

Yuji and Sukuna have been battling for possession of his body ever since. Sukuna grew stronger as he drank more of his fingers, but despite murdering Yuji once during the course of the series (he later came back to life, of course), he could never fully dominate his body. This is because Yuji became a “cage” instead of a “vessel”; this means that he was simply too powerful for Sukuna to control, so he actually imprisoned Sukuna inside himself rather than allowing him to become free. This is why Sukuna constantly looked for a way to escape Itadori.

And he found it in Megumi Fushiguro. At one point, he simply possessed Megumi. Then he proceeded to break his soul to such a degree that Megumi became so weak that he couldn’t resist Sukuna, and in that body, and with Megumi’s powers, he is currently battling the series’ heroes. Long story short – Sukuna was resurrected thanks to Itadori, but he never managed to control Yuji, so he possessed Megumi instead.

Now, during the course of the story, we find out that Itadori would probably never have awakened his latent powers had he not consumed Sukuna’s fingers. In light of that fact, we can say that Sukuna “created” him while Gojo trained him to use his powers and abilities. So far, Yuji has shown some solid skills but nothing overly impressive, so his sporting Sukuna’s hand now seems odd. How did it happen?

Well, the easier theory is that he consumed Sukuna’s final finger and that he can now use a portion of his powers. This doesn’t make sense from a narrative standpoint, but it does account for his current state. How and when this appeared out of nowhere and how Yuji can manifest Sukuna’s powers – seemingly willingly at that – while Sukuna is not inside him is the main question, but we suppose that Akutami will try to provide us with an explanation, even if it is a crappy one.

The more complex theory goes back to something Gojo said to Yuji: that he will, with time, get accustomed to Sukuna’s powers. We have no clue if Gojo really meant this or if Akutami had this in mind when that particular scene was written, but it seems like a fair explanation, although it is an asspull as well. It could be that Itadori was exposed to Sukuna’s cursed energy long enough that he can now use his abilities, much like Yuta can use other characters’ techniques, which would explain the arm and possibly give us a way to end this battle.

Be that as it may, we don’t really know, and it wouldn’t surprise us if Akutami simply came up with something completely new that destroys the narrative structure even more, so we’ll just have to wait and see. But we’re sorry to say that whichever solution appears correct it will seem like an asspull.


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Can Yuji Itadori beat Sukuna now?

This is also a major question that has arisen after Chapter 238, and we don’t really know. Seeing how Akutami is killing off his characters one by one, it could also be Sukuna’s time. This would give Akutami a way out of the battle, allow Yuji to avenge his mentor, and allow the story to progress further, with Yuta probably killing Kenjaku then.

We don’t know what the demonic hand is, so we don’t know if it will help Itadori win against Sukuna, but we cannot rule out anything at this point. Here’s hoping Chapter 239 will provide some additional answers and help explain this better.

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