Jujutsu Kaisen: How Big Was Sukuna’s Full Form & Why Does He Have 4 Arms?

Jujutsu Kaisen: How Big Was Sukuna’s Full Form & Why Does He Have 4 Arms?

Sukuna is, alongside Kenjaku, the biggest villain in Jujutsu Kaisen and the most dangerous one; we’re certain he is more powerful than Kenjaku. Now, due to his immense importance, Sukuna has, despite being a villain, collected a solid amount of fans, and it is in light of that fact we are going to write this article, which will be related to a scene from Chapter 237. In this article, you will find out what Sukuna’s full form looks like and why he has four arms.

Sukuna was initially a jujutsu sorcerer, but he is now a cursed spirit, which explains why he is so much bigger than a regular human and has four arms and two faces. Sadly, Sukuna’s past has not been explored yet, so we don’t actually know how Sukuna came to be or how he became such a monster, both in the literal and metaphorical sense of the word. Thanks to his Incarnation ability, Sukuna can – but only once – revive his original form, which he has done in the aftermath of his apparent victory over Satoru Gojo in Chapter 236.

The rest of the article will be dedicated solely to Ryomen Sukuna and his appearance in Jujutsu Kaisen. Sukuna’s past is quite enigmatic, and since we’ve only seen him in his host bodies (Yuji’s and Megumi’s), it is natural that fans actually want to know what he looks like, which inspired this article. Ryomen Sukuna is an extremely important character, and his appearance is a topic that is certainly of interest to fans. Although the article will not be filled with spoilers, we must warn you that some details might be revealed in that aspect, so be careful how you approach certain parts of the article.

Sukuna’s full form, seen in Chapter 237, is truly inhuman

Before we actually get to the descriptive part, allow us to recap what happened in Chapter 237, as that will explain why the topic we are discussing is even important.

So, in Chapter 236, Sukuna seemingly defeated Gojo by cutting him in half, which is when Kashimo entered the battle. Just as that happened, Uraume appeared on a large block of ice, and before being trapped in Hakari’s domain, they managed to deliver Yorozu’s Cursed Object, Kamutoke, to Sukuna. Kamutoke proved to be powerful, but since Kashimo was completely immune to electric attacks, Sukuna’s attack backfired. He took some heavy damage before going all out and activating his trump card.

The severely injured Sukuna then decided to use Incarnation, a special ability of his similar to Reverse Cursed that grants Sukuna the ability to resurrect his original body, i.e., to manifest his full form. The catch here is that while Sukuna actually activates his full form, he can use Incarnation only once, which means that this is it for him – he will either win in his full form, meaning that the villains have won, or he will die in this form either by Akutami resurrecting Gojo and having him prove he is the strongest or by another ridiculous asspull that will see a character (or a group of them) obviously weaker than Sukuna win against the powerful curse.


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And that is a general overview of the narrative that is the basis for understanding this question. As we’ve said, Sukuna is now in his original mode, wholly resurrected and incarnated, which means that he has drained the power of his fingers and concentrated it on bringing back the original four-armed Sukuna. He doesn’t look human anymore, but seeing how he is really a curse, it makes sense that his appearance is so grotesque. Let us discuss this.

It is known that in the present, Sukuna – as he is not fully resurrected but lives through his vessel – takes on a humanoid appearance that is similar to that of his host. Yuji Itadori, who became Sukuna’s host after eating his finger, actually introduced the character in the present timeline and mostly succeeded in keeping Sukuna under control and preventing him from entirely taking over his body. Sukuna’s original body and Yuji’s body would combine while he was in control of Yuji’s body, changing it.

When he would take over Yuji’s body, Sukuna would look more or less like him, except for his hair, which stood up, while Yuji’s original hairdo was normal. Also, when he takes over the body, the young boy’s body is covered in all of his tattoos, ostensibly with a few small changes from the ink from his former existence. He also possesses a second set of eyeballs below his primary eyes. Because Sukuna once had four arms and preferred open sleeves, he is more likely to wear a more feminine kimono while in control.

But because Yuji Itadori posed a real challenge to Sukuna because he was powerless to permanently thwart Yuji’s will, he searched for another host. He discovered Megumi Fushiguro to be the ideal candidate. Megumi was not only simpler to break and control because of his tragic past, but he also possessed a specific set of abilities that the Sukuna desired to use, which is why, later in the story, he abandoned Itadori and took over Megumi’s body. But, even when he had another vessel, Sukuna still retained the same pattern regarding his hybrid physical appearance.

He still has a second set of eyes and the same body art that he had on Yuji when he controlled her. He has switched to a more formal look, donning a black haori over a white yukata, a black high-neck top, white stockings and socks, and black sandals.

But, as you can assume, this has nothing to do with Sukuna’s original appearance. And while we don’t know what Sukuna looked like when he was a human, we actually do know what he looked like when he was a cursed spirit, i.e., before he was defeated and his power split into 20 of his fingers. This description was initially provided by Gojo early on in the series. Still, Chapter 237 actually brought us this Sukuna, and we finally got to see that Gojo was right in his description.


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Gojo described Sukuna as a four-armed, two-faced demon, which was actually the best and most precise description of his former appearance. Based on our current images, he also seems to have had a second mouth below the stomach. Gojo’s description proved to be very precise, as this is the Sukuna that appeared in front of Kashimo once he Incarnated himself using this special ability. He also becomes taller in this form.

As we’ve said, Sukuna is now a cursed spirit, and this is why he looks so grotesque; he retains a more or less humanoid appearance, but he is a cursed spirit, and that is why he has four arms, two faces, and several other additional organs scattered around his body.

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